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Australian / Oceanic Servers?

Started by Morph
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This is my biggest wish for the game, so many online games do not have Australian servers which leaves us down here with 200+ ping and is really frustrating.

This combat system seems like ping would matter more than something like WoW for example because of the timing for blocking etc.

Who is with me?
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Nope. Pretty sure they'll just have EU an NA servers, sorry.
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Sorry to hear... Should wish we make better internet connection between the world.. I know TESO shall test Mega server, so i am sure they will look all players from world to test how internet connection to Mega Server...As Closed Beta.

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Yes let's hope that the Beta Test brings this all to light and it is corrected for our Southern Hemisphere friends.

My oldest TES friend is from New Zealand - I am sooooo looking forward to playing TESO with him after all the talking online about Tamriel we've done over more than a decade. If it's at all possible between Florida & NZ.

Funny, I feel like he is one of my best friends, but I only know him by picture and posting on countless forums and MSN.

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"Va Khaj Dar - Khajiity's united? M'aiq will join!" M'aiq the Liar
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(November 15th 2012 04:04 PM)CedarLilly Wrote:  Funny, I feel like he is one of my best friends, but I only know him by picture and posting on countless forums and MSN.

That's what happens, haha. I have some really good pals that I've never met face-to-face before.

As for the topic at hand: I'm unsure if they will be providing servers for Oceania. Unsure

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EA has tried Oceanic servers with WAR and SWTOR. There just doesn't seem to be enough people interested to keep them going in the long term.
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