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Cyric Khadi

Started by MaxxRocker
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First Name-Cryric
Surname- Khadi/Mardaei
Title- Lord of The Three Crowns and Captain of The Queen's Wrath
Sex- Male
Age- 25
Height- 5'9
Occupation-Career Criminal (Corsair)
Allegiance- "Oh myself you mean right?"
Birth Sign- The Serpent "Poison is the key."

Appearance- "Well I think I'm quite the catch...tall, dark, and crazy" Cyric is of an average build though seemingly a bit thin considering his height giving him a very agile and almost snake like appearance especially when he moves. He is extremely fit and lean muscle defines his body. It appears as if martial arts and conditioning have been used to refine his body into an instrument. His skin is light for a redguard due to his mixed heritage though his eyes are a golden brown and his hair a deep black showing the other half very prominently. His face is defined and able to exhibit extreme range of looks much like his body his face can act as a contortionist would. His eyes when looked at are vigilant and hyper aware with an almost caustic quality that makes many turn as a sense of fear tingles in their spine and a burning in their soul. His hair changes from time to time in length and how well kept it is depending on what situation he has found himself in. He typically does not grow facial hair though in some occasions he has found it useful for disguises or otherwise been unable to maintain it. His body has quite a few scars though there are three that stick out more than the others. His right arm has a large burn scar at the wrist that goes up his fore arm. The next scar is on his neck and shows signs of an unsuccessful attempt to kill him. It is a very obvious scar and looks like someone plunged a dagger into his neck. The scar is slightly faded and stretched appearing as if it is rather old. The last scar is on his back and traces straight down his spine with some branches coming off of it looking as if he was hit by a massive blast of lighting.

Equipment- Cyric lives in a life of constant change and chaos so many times his gear never stays consistent. The only two items he ever has are his enchanted bow which is made of black wood and his enchanted ebony dagger.

Personality- "Me..oh I'm delightful as a daisy." Cyric is plainly and obviously a mad man. Though charismatic and highly intelligent maybe even genius he is still insane beyond reason. He loves jokes and crude statements. He is loud and boisterous and enjoys antagonizing those he can. He can be cold and make plans methodically when needed though in these states the true terror of what goes on inside his head becomes evident. He is playful and even warm to many though at the same time his detachment and disconcert allows him to use and discard people that he seemingly liked at a moments notice. On the rare occasion he find himself truly...caring for someone he is just as madly devoted to this emotion and more loyal than anyone could imagine to that person or people.

Best Memory- His many acts of debauchery his favorite just happens to be the one that best fits his mood that day..though usually he prefers to only exist in the moment.
Worst Memory- The day he sustained the wound on his neck.

Skills- Cyric is remarkably strong and agile partially due to training in martial arts and physical discipline. His body is a weapon just as much as any sword as he moves and strikes like a snake. He has extensive knowledge in the use of short bladed weapons though he prefers daggers. He has also trained and become a rather talented and sometimes exceptional marksmen with a bow. Magically he is only apt due to heritage and minor training in areas he thought would provide useful. He has a good grasp of destruction and his generally chaotic nature help for his spells to be explosive as he is. He has trained in restoration only enough to keep himself alive and heal wounds of a moderate nature or severe wounds over a long time. Due to his combination of skills he learned a few illusion spells to sometimes help with his already deadly prowess in stealth.

Challenges- Cyric's biggest challenge is merely continuing to exist. With the list of enemies he makes and the lack of friends and almost all his life style decisions just existing the way he does is a challenge. He is a madman and every moment he is plagued or gifted by his madness and he follows it wildly making decisions on a whim. The only thing he truly wants to attain is enlightening others to the joys of chaos and the madness of life. He does sometimes wish to set up his own little dominion a place of his ideology, and captaining a ship has come close enough for the time...He would also love to kill or kidnap some important figure preferably a king...the Queens are for bedding. He does have lucid moments and there is a part of him that is obviously tormented when that inner self surfaces on it's rare occasion it is a struggle for him to go on, but so far he has. His care and devotion or loyalty to the few people he has that feeling for is a dangerous thing due to his complete honesty with them and his naive belief that they are exactly the same in the feeling.

Religious Views- Boethia, Mephala and Sanguine all have a special place within the heart of Cyric as do the dark gods Sithis and Seth or any form of Sep. Cyric loves plots, lies, murder, sex, debauchery in all it's forms and he dreams only to have a life where he can indulge in all vices as he sees fit as such he believes in the gods that support such a life..."Ah only if I could be one."

Political Views- "Ooooh I love the great game who's playing today?" Cyric loves all forms of politics seedy or otherwise democratic or authoritative. He revels in the joy of interfering swaying and mingling with all sorts of people. He loves the lying the assassinations and hopefully they are all orchestrated by him. Politics is like a stage for Cryic. "Who wouldn't want me to preform?"

Background- "Sometimes I remember it one way and other times another. Memory is a tricky little brute so if I have to have a past I prefer it be multiple choice."

(The back story will come sooner or later still trying to iron that out.)
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The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination-Voltaire
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(November 23rd 2013 01:24 PM)MaxxRocker Wrote:  "Sometimes I remember it one way and other times another. Memory is a tricky little brute so if I have to have a past I prefer it be multiple choice."

Is that a Joker reference I see?
Either way, interesting character. I like your take on a "mad" man as a character.

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Yes yes it is a joker reference glad someone caught it I plan on having quite a few allusions to the joker if not direct quotes because he and this character are almost one in the same in many aspects honestly.

This character is a combination of basically greed and hedonistic tendencies with the madness lack of ambition wild nature and much of the thought process of a character such as the joker though I have made my own variations and added a few elements to ground him a little more.

The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination-Voltaire
GM Vlos Hithern actively recruiting EP Guild Check us out!
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