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Expansions.. how will they work?

Started by Ceydro
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
(January 20th 2013 02:06 AM)Panterra Arius Wrote:  One thing i always found interesting in WoW was the introduction of new races.. TES lore won't be able to do that and i feel though everything it has that may become boring, its just one of my worries. New WoW races always gave more information/people to play/cinematics etc. It is always interesting when you see the trailer for a new race, i hope TESO expansions are worthwhile.

I don't think this will be a problem. There is always the Daedra worlds, and the continents that haven't been in any ES game. They could also leave out some races out of the game and intend to bring them in with future expansions. Unless you are talking about playable races. In that case it may happen but i am unsure. If i remember correctly there are other intelligent races, but none are playable. And again they could go to a new never before seen content (which is all of the others). This could work because there is almost no lore concerning these contents.

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I hope eventually we'll be able to expand on the game through SANDBOX features such as:
-ADVENTURE FORGE: Players create adventures for other players to play and rate
-Building homes, castles, guild structures, etc.
-Building and sailing ships

Those features could keep the community very busy as well as allow the community to actually build their own small villages/towns.

As far as the developers go... content is king. If the core game play and loop are already solid, all they have to worry about is adding new great features and content for us to enjoy. With an ADVENTURE FORGE as mentioned above, content shortage would not be a problem. Even if only a small percentage of the player-base creates top quality adventures, there would still be a steady stream of new content which the developers would only have to test/tweak and pass rather than have to build.

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Aldmeri Dominion
I know guys, thanks for all the replies, but with invasions how will they work it into territory, alliances? With people like snow elves and maybe Imga we really don't have many territory native races. Also i know there are more add ons that just races but honestly races are the most fun, or they were for me, i didn't even play WoW but i loved watching new race cinematics, reading up on them, and learning how they fit in with the world, different or new terrain was.. nice.. but the focus was on the races.

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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
I imagine they'll start by adding in areas that aren't there to begin with (e.g. Winterhold) then start adding other areas outside of Tamriel maybe (like planes of Oblivion or maybe another continent)
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Not sure if this has been touched upon yet, but they stated some places would be left out for new content later down the road. Can't recall what video I watched it on, but I know they referenced Skyrim and not being able to visit every place for that reason.

As far as alliances coming together, I'm not to sure. They might have a system where you can become neutral to friendly, with said faction or factions, and possibly trade and enter their cities. But in doing so, you would not be allowed to kill or harm them in any manner which would hurt your reputation? Also, this would allow say, an Ebonheart turning to the Aldmeri side :P
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