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Rameses the Black

Started by Rameses
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Rameses the Black

[Image: Desert-Sand-Dunes-HD-Wallpapers-1-1-300x...cad5b8.jpg]

"Me? I'm but a humble thief. With every day I venture out and earn my living, I roll the dice...

I've chosen a short life, but a grand one. I do not expect to outlive the reputation I've earned myself, but rather revel in spiraling, slippery, debauchery-filled slope to damnation.

My name is Rameses, and by the time you've heard of me, 'twill be far too late."

First Name: Rameses

Surname: N/A

Title: "The Black"

Race: Khajiit

Age: Thirty-three, or thereabouts

Occupation: Thief

Faction: Independent, Thieves Guild

Personality: To understand Rameses is to understand a very integral part of the Khajiit race. Like the duality of the two moons that command the ebb and flow of Khajiit society, many Khajiit have startling, somewhat troublesome dual personalities. Rameses is colorful, charismatic, witful, and charming. A teller of stories and a hedonist, Rameses revels in a good night at a tavern. Under his guise of friendliness and cordiality though, simply put, he's a devil. His sole motivation is that of lining his pockets. No matter how well he plays you, no matter how convincingly he takes a liking to you, he'd rob you blind and leave you for dead if it suited his fancy. He has a constant, insatiable need for change, following most every whim - which has often taken him far across Tamriel's reaches. He's partial to wandering across the land, stopping in a town for the night to chat up locals and have a good drink; by daylight, residents find most everything valuable in the town gone, and Rameses with it.

Social Background/History: Rameses was born in the port town of Alabaster, on Elswyer's most Eastern shore. The bastard son of a kingpin skooma trafficker and a prostitute, Rameses was not blessed with a privileged upbringing. By the time he was nine years of age, he was fending for himself on the streets of Alabaster. Rameses took to an underhanded way of life - conning people out of money, lifting food from food stalls, and eluding arrest. As he grew a bit older, he picked up a few slight of hand illusion tricks. He put them to practice, "preforming" in the streets as a front for collecting coin purses.

One summer's evening, Rameses was gliding about the market place sniffing out marks when he happened upon a gypsy caravan making its way into the market for supplies. Striking up a conversation with the caravan's leader, Rameses was thoroughly intrigued by the prospect of roaming from town to town. More people, more suckers. After flashing a few minor illusion spells, Rameses managed to impress one of the gypsies, a Khajiit mystic by the name of Ja'Yani. On the first light of morning, Rameses set out with the nomadic caravaneers as a hired hand.

Rameses spent several years venturing across the sands of northern Elsweyr, even dipping up into southern Cyrodiil. While traveling with the bohemian ramblers, Rameses felt he belonged. They shared his same sentiments about thievery, and turned a blind eye when he ventured out of a town with pounds more than he went in with. During his time with the caravan, Rameses apprenticed under Ja'Yani, learning a great deal about the illusion magics and subtlety. Further, Ja'Yani provided Rameses access to a trove of collected works and tomes. In the years to come, Rameses would find much solace in the rich literary tradition of the Khajiit, reading of the great exploits of the famed Rahjin. Raendithil, a bosmer who'd joined up with the caravan as protection, schooled Rameses in the use of a bow. By the time Rameses had parted way with the gypsies, he'd honed many of his skills, and had used his time with the ramblers as a chance to perfect his craft.

When some years later the caravan stopped through the port town of Senchal, Rameses said his goodbyes. From there, he spent a number of months in Senchal, contracting with various smugglers and thieves to earn his keep. Earning his stripes, he began to tire of petty thievery. A merchant's lockbox or a piece of jewelry would no longer suffice; no, Rameses envisioned the big job. In his eyes, he was far above the lowbrow pickpocketing that passed for thievery.

Lazing about a tavern one night, Rameses and a few of his kin exchanged their ideas about a high-risk, high-reward kind of job. Two hours and several rounds later, a plan was born. Rameses laid in wait in the port of Senchal for several days, monitoring the comings and goings of harbor life - waiting for the choicest opportunity. When a Aldmeri ship made the graven mistake of anchoring in Senchal, Rameses set his plan into motion. Slipping aboard the sloop in the dead of night, Rameses and his counterparts killed, maimed, and otherwise dispatched all of the crew remaining aboard that night. They kept the captain alive, tying him to the mast.

After spending the next few days rallying many of his associates in Senchal, Rameses managed to secure a crew. From there, Rameses set sail to the Summerset Isles. Rameses linked up with one of his associates in the Summerset Shadows, docking a few miles down the coast from the Aldmeri city of White Guard. Well after nightfall that evening, Rameses and three of his men made their way into the town. Going from house to house and estate to estate, the four felines amassed a wealth of loot like none of them had ever laid eyes on. Returning to the ship, a week-long celebration of wild magnitude went on aboard their stolen ship. This ended when the ship was burnt down in entirety shortly after making anchorage in Senchal. Upon return, Rameses was hailed as a prince among thieves, some even going so far as to call him the very incarnation of Baan Dar.

Yet, even in the wake of this tremendous success, Rameses longed for more. Rameses would spend the next several years rambling across Tamriel. As his fortune grew, so to did his reputation as the elusive, nye uncatchable Rameses the Black. He would soon come to strike a friendship with the Thieves Guild, becoming an indispensable asset. As the tensions between the Dominion, Ebonheart Pact, and Daggerfall Covenant become tense, Rameses has set his sights on Cyrodiil - a land flowing with wine and coin, all ripe for the taking.

Skills: Deceptive, witful, and cunning, Rameses is snake. With a shining charisma and a silver tongue, Rameses can talk his way out of almost anything. When it comes to a fight, his talents with a knife, bow, and illusion make him a slippery combatant. And when all else fails, agility that would make a wood elf blush usually paves the way to his clean escape.

Appearance: Rameses is a hair shorter than most of his kin, bearing a slender, agile build. With a coat of fur pure black like the night sky, eyes golden as Elsweyr's sun, and a grin that would send a shiver down a Nord's spine, Rameses is a sleek looking creature. Donning supple leathers and a hood, Rameses dresses to blend into a crowd. Armed with an assortment of daggers, a Khajiit-forged scimitar, and a short bow, Rameses is an improvisational, quick-on-his-feet fighter.

Challenges with this character: Rameses is eternally conflicted. He is amiable, and loves to mingle and get to know people. Yet, his constant drive for coin and for change make maintaining any sort of relationship a difficult task. His kleptomania and deceitful nature often drive away the few friends he manages to make.

Birthsign: The Thief

Religious Views: Rameses considers the Khajiit deity Rajhin to be his patron god, often wearing an amulet bearing his likeness.

If you read this whole thing, you're a saint. I appreciate feedback and constructive criticism, so comment with your thoughts. Thanks for reading!
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Took an arrow in the knee
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
This is a very good bio and I very much enjoyed it. There's just one or two things that could be improved a little.

First off the name Rameses, while being a very awesome name in my opinion, isn't very Khajiiti. While I'm aware that not all Khajiit have a prefix (though most do) Rameses sounds more Redguard or Imperial in my opinion, I would suggest using the prefix Dar (meaning thief or someone with quick hands and is clever) and something like Rahzes maybe for a name.

Secondly I believe you gave too much "credit" or fame to him for the thefts in Summerset, such burglaries probably wouldn't amount to as much as you said it did. Perhaps performing a heist on some caravan/convoy or a vault.

One other thing to note would be that you made reference to the Summerset Shadows, the Summerset Shadows were formed two thousand years after ESO time, I would suggest perhaps a division of the thieves guilds in the Isles.

The Kynaran Order
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Fair points; all to be taken into consideration. Thanks for the feedback.
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