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TESOF Contest: Win some awesome prizes!
by Tecca, Administrator — Category: News, Updates, & Contests
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    Here at TESOF, we believe that a successful community is built around its people. A community is carried by the strengths of its members and is measured by how it overcomes its weaknesses. The individuals that are admired for their contributions, the ideals that are followed, and the many small deeds accomplished every day are what help communities flourish. A community has a feeling of togetherness... a group identity.

    Our dedication to The Elder Scrolls Online and TES gives all of us a banner to gather under. We pride ourselves on being equal among equals, and are overjoyed to have gathered with you under this premise.

    To further express our unity and community driven force, we turn back to you for something special...

    Therefore, we are happy to announce:

TESOFs Mascot Logo Contest!
    TESOF is looking for a unique mascot to represent this excellent community - in the form of a beautiful, eye-catching logo.

    Not only that, it could be yours to proudly wear on your chest, as we offer a custom imprinted hoody to the creator of the winning design as a prize! Choose your size, color and show off your hard work to the public!

    [Image: DsGd7.png]
    See, we need help!

    Prizes will be awarded to 3 individuals: the winner, runner-up, and second runner-up.

    The winner of TESOFs Mascot Contest will receive:
    • One (1) Hoody with the winning logo/mascot imprinted on it and your choice of size
    • One (1) Large Elder Scrolls Online t-shirt

    The runner-up of TESOFs Mascot Contest will receive:
    • One (1) ZeniMax Online Studios hat
    • One (1) Elder Scrolls Online poster

    The second runner-up of TESOFs Mascot Contest will receive:
    • One (1) Elder Scrolls Online poster

    *Note that ZeniMax Online Studios is not officially affiliated with this contest.*
How to Enter
  • State in the comments below of your intention to participate. DO NOT POST your designs!
  • Send your works to: OR PM Tecca. The logo or mascot should be in PNG, JPG, GIF, or vector format. Be sure to state your TESOF username if you do this via e-mail.

Rules & Participation:
  • The mascot/logo must be unique and created by the participant.
  • Mascot should relate to TES/TES: Online
  • It is recommended that the mascot incorporates the feeling of "community".
  • The mascot must be viable for imprinting on textile. Whether it is a large image that can be re-sized or a vector graphic is up to the participant.
  • Each participant may submit more than one (1) entry, but no more than three (3). You may revise your entries at any time before the END date of this contest.

Who is/is not Eligible To Enter
  • Any registered member at may enter, if age is 18+.
  • TESOF team members may enter [Writers, Contributors].
  • TESOF staff members may not enter [Administrators, Moderators].
  • Entry is void if national laws apply.

How To Win!
  • After the 30th of November, 2012, all mascots will be put into a poll for members of TESOF to vote on. The poll will be open from the 1st to the 7th of December, 2012. The TWO mascots with the highest votes will then be taken to be voted on internally by staff members. We will then announce the winner on Sunday, December 9th.
  • The winner, runner-up, and second runner-up will be contacted for mailing information and the prizes will be sent to them as soon as possible after we have received the information.
  • If your entries are both winner AND runner-up, please note that runner-up is then given to the person with the second highest amount of votes received from his mascot in the polling. This also applies to second runner-up.

You have 1 month from today to complete your awesome submission to have a chance at winning some Elder Scrolls Online swag! Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below. Good luck to all participants!

*The winning submission will be fully owned by and may be used on the website, as well as for various other reasons.
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Comments on TESOF Contest: Win some awesome prizes!
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Not Set

And I intend to participate. :)
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Not Set
This looks like its going to be a lot of fun :) I can't enter, but I can't wait to see everyone's entries.
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Post #5070

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Daggerfall Covenant
Oh this will be amazing! I can't participate but I'm eager to see what TESOF-folk come up with :D
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Not Set
I'd love to participate!
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Daggerfall Covenant
Great, we're very eager to see what the community can come up with! The poll next month should be interesting.
Post #5094

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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
I intention to participate.

This should be fun.
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YES! Please count me IN! I did Merch for a metal band before.This would be pretty dang awesome just for the fun of it.
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
I fully intend to participate!
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Yah! Do it!

I will be gladly if our proud members to do this!

Do proud for TESOF!
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