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The second Great war planning, part 1 (the diplomatic part) planning

Started by Archmage Alator
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
The diplomatic part of this RP whom is mostly known as the total war RP will be set in the Imperial city, you will be leaders of a faction, ambassadors or someone in a high place that represent a faction.

Members, and wich factions they are in:

Alator - The Covenant

Iogairn - The Empire

Maxxrocker - Hammerfell

Ragnar - Skyrim

Isilmo - The Dominion

Idriar - The Dominion

Took an Arrow in the knee - The Dominion

Arinlas - The Dominion

SirKenny - High Rock

Malcolm - The Empire

Iamme - The Coaliation of the Reach.

Ulwe - The Valenwood rebels

((I Think that I included everyone now...))

The Factions are ((The info may be changed)):

The Daggerfall Covenant: A newly formed union of High Rock, they are vassals of the Empire, powerful and wealthy. Though they remain the only support of the Empire since the Stormcloak rebellion a few years before. THeir banner is a white lion on a blue field.

The Empire: Cyrodiil is weakened due to the Great war and the Stromcloak rebellion, the only ones that still support them are the The Daggerfall Covenant. The tension between Skyrim and Cyrodiil though has eased since Ulfric got the throne and was crowned High King. They also has a great deal of influence over the Forebears Hammerfell, but not enough to gain their support again, yet. Their banner is a red dragon on a black field.

The Dominion: Despite the Heavy losses taken in the Great war the Dominion are currently the most powerful faction in Tamriel, though they stand without anymore allies than themselves since no-one trusts them after the Great war. Their banner is a white hawk on a golden field.

Argonia: The Argonians have recently been at war with the Dunmer and has taken great parts of Morrowind, they are mostly focused on keeping it and has not bothered too much with the world around them. They are a strong force and excellent defenders.

The Stormcloak Skyrim: Led by Ulfric Stromcloak Skyrim earned their freedom through war a few years ago, despite their weakened state, Skyrim can call in large forces if they have the need, much thanks to that many Nords are capable warriors. Their enmity towards the Empire is gone, their main goal now is to defeat the Dominion. Their banner is a white bear on a blue field.

Hammerfell: They are without allies and weakened at the moment, their hate for the Empire since the Empires "betrayal" in the Great war has slowly been disappearing though they are a bit distrusting towards the Cyrodiil at the moment and has no plans in starting to support it again. But with the benefit of trade and the ancient traditions they still have a lot of influence over the Forebears. Their warriors is the generally best in Tamriel, and they are still a force to be reckoned with. Their banner is two crossed swords in black on a yellow field.

The Wrothgarian Coaliation: This Alliance of Orcs and Reachmen holds the Reach and Markarth, the king of the Covenant recently gave them the city of Jehenna and a Little piece of land at the border of Skyrim were they could live in Peace. Though they are a great defenders and capable fighters they are few in numbers, only the Orc strongholds in the area, the Reachmen and the witchmen of the Wrothgarian mounatins has joined forces with eachother and moved into the alliances territories. The over thirty year long war over the Reach with the Nords has taken its toll on their numbers. The Nords gave up their attempts of regain Markarth a while after they lost it again when realising the growing tensions between the Dominion and the Empire. Their main home in the Drudanach Mountains and Markarth is hard to take, and the Coaliation will not give it up easily if it comes to war. Their banner is a black and green sword on a shield with large goat horns.

The Dunmer rebels: They are main home is on Solstheim, their main goal is to reclaim all that they lost, wich is their lost homeland of Morrowind. Thus since the Argonians are in Control of Morrowind the one who is leading the Dunmer must be ready to fight against Argonians. They are deeply distrustful towards the Dominon and has a Deep hatred towards the Argonians. Their banner is the one of house Redoran.

The Bosmer rebels: Tired of the Thalmor a force of Bosmer led by Faronas Camoran the in a suprising strike siezed Control of Arenthia and has beaten back any attempt of reclaiming the city. They have been sending emissaries to Cyrodiil in hope of gaining their Empires help.

Rules (so far these will be edited due to closing some loopholes but this is the currently ones on the table):

1: No god-moding, like for example in some miracle way winning a battle with a wall of text whe your opponent has gotten you in a tough spot were you would lose or suffer Heavy losses... If you have lost accept the defeat. These battles will focus much on strategies. If you opponent finds a weak spot in your strategies you can try to fix it, but use strategies instead of god-moding.

2: Not making too many moves at once, your opponent need a chance to counter them.

3: Dont move across a continent in a few posts, well not really but you get my Point. More specific info about how long you can move your army in a day will come later.

4: Not taking Control of the other players stuff, they can move their armies for example how they like. Like for example not moving an enemy army into an ambush that you have made without the other players get a chance to avoid it.

5: Not killing the players main Characters, alts may be allowed...

6: What you do will have consequences. If you ((for example)) insult someone they will remember it and you will have problems dealing with that person in the future.

7: Treat your fellow roleplayers with respect, and this is just a game for fun so no need for hard feelings.

8: Making Alliances with the Dominion is a no-no. This may seem like an unfair rule but we did this rule because it is the most logic, no-one trusts them after the Great war and they are by far the most Powerful faction, atleast at start. This is mostly to keep a smooth balance.

This RP will be set in hearthfire 4E 206, the Dragonborn lives in the Mountains in the North with many of the Dragons and will take no part in this conflict.

Post your characters below and I'll add them to here to the character roster.

Character roster:

High King of Alinor, Leader of the 3rd Aldmeri Dominion

Seat of Power: Alinor
Age: 447 years
Height: 2.3 M

Skills: Isilmo is quite skilled in the Destruction school and as all Altmer excels at all magics, he is however particularly skilled in Illusion. He carries a Dagger or concealed blade on him at all times as is common among Altmer nobility, for those moments when Diplomacy and a spell just aren't enough...
He is a good Swordsman and marksman, after all hundreds of years of training get you somewhere.
He is not as good a Field General as a Diplomat but is still a cunning strategist, simply lacking the ability to command the troops on the Battlefield, leaving that to his trusted lieutenants.

Personality: Kind and very Diplomatic, never seems to get angry. He displays few emotions except positive ones. Listens more than talks and has tendency to look intently at people while they are talking. Does not show animosity to his enemies, and only ever feels sorry for them. Arrogant at times but when not out-rightly humble tends not to make people dislike him.

Backstory: In the Days of His youth Isilmo Indrunil was the son of a Artisan couple, leaving him with a large amount of money and part of a high Social class. He was first Embraced into nobility when he became an influential trader between Dusk, Skywatch and Greenheart, When he joined the Thalmor and became a high class Noble with large amounts of goods, money and land. Within 70 years he managed to marry Lady Mirielle Aldmeri and so became part of the Royal Family of Alinor. When the Oblivion Crisis occurred and the Crystal Tower fell, The Thalmor seized control of the Isles and within 7 years overthrew the current High King with full support from the Other Cities of Summerset and Auridion. The now Isilmo Indrunil Aldmeri was the obvious successor to the Crystal Throne and with full support from the Thalmor was made High King of Alinor.

Amril Indrunil
Nephew of the High King Amril is a Competent and intelligent Diplomat and serves as the Head Ambassador For the Aldmeri Dominion.
He is skilled in combat and Illusion Magic, more than capable of defending himself from he threats of Politics.

Jarl Ragnar Ice-Blood XIII (13)

Age 30

Seat: Jarl of Whiterun

Appearance: standing at 7’2 foot with eyes of the deepest grey and with a large horizontal cut upon the right side of his face and his brown hair grown like a lion’s mane make Ragnar a very intimidating sight on any battle. His Nordic steel armour ornamented with ancient lines of power and wielding a huge keen bladed sword along with his ebony reinforced shield. His physical body is tall and powerfully muscled that shows his immense amount of strength and his mind is steeped in the ways of the voice(I know he cant use it in the RP)

Personality: Ragnar is very quiet and caring towards his friends but is cruel and sadistic to his enemy's.

Skills: Ragnar is a master warrior proficient in both 1-handed and 2-handed weapons he is also an expert of illusion.

Backstory: Ragnar is the head of clan shield-breaker who trace their ancient lineage back to the five hundred companions of Ysgrammor. He is Jarl of Whiterun due to his service in the civil war as he and a cadre of shock troops stormed dragons reach and captured the previous jarl and has since become the high king's personal bodyguard and advisor.

Oh I nearly forgot Bjourn!

Bjourn Rock-Fist

Age: 28

Seat/faction: Lieutenant of the Red scars cavalry unit
Appearance: Bjourn's eyes are of the darkest hazel as his short hair is the colour of coal, and with a three large claw marks-a result of a fight with a cathy-raht. Bjourn's is quite slim and lacks the wide shoulders typical of his Nordic heritage however this gives Bjourn an advantage as he command the Red scars his elite unit of heavy cavalry that have staked a claim on many a battlefield.

Personality: lacking the many years of warfare most Nords have has done nothing to dislodge his hatred of the Orcs to which he sees as 'failures to their god'.

Skills: Bjourn is a master of mounted warfare and is proficient in longsword and bow should the need arise.

Backstory: Since losing his farther to the Dominion Bjourn has held a white-hot resentment of all mer and to a degree imperials due to them not being able to shake off the clutches of the thalmor and Dominion.


Sir Kurt F. Russell

Rank: Lord of Camlorn/high ranking noblemen of the Daggerfall covenant
General under the high king of the Covenant. Ambassador for the new DC.

Seat: Camlorn

Hight: 5'10

Age:30 (father recently died Sir Kurt accepted power from his father Sir Clark D. Russell IV)

Skills: Highly skilled in destruction magic and a well rounded swordsman Sir Kurt spent his youth learning from the best teachers, after his schooling was complete Sir Kurt traveled the neighboring provenances of high rock, and learned to use his skills in real life on adventures with his cousin/beloved friend (Maxxrockers Character)

Personality: Humbled by his travels and seeking adventure like his ancestor Sir Kenneth, Sir Kurt is kind hearted but bold, he knows when he's made an error and does everything he can to fix it, now that he's no longer a child or a boy he has found his responsibilitys to be a heavy task and as a General finds confidence on the battlefield. He is Loyal, merciful, and somewhat wise.

Name" Do'shan.

Height: 8'3 (Cathay-Rahts are really tall)

Age: 56.

Appearance: Brown fur the colour of the plains of his land with black leopard-like splotches all over his body. A somewhat long beard of sorts along his jawline and chin and tall ears both of which have gold rings and beads piercing or braided in respectively. his fur is short for the average Khajiit but long for the average Cathay-Raht so about mid length. His attire consists of what looks like a long tunic made of silk and velvet and trimmed with gold and silver, the colours very widely but are always bright and exotic looking but dull enough to match the geography of his kingdom perfectly. He also wears a crown of sorts which is a golden band wrapped around his forehead studded with many different types of gems and a ring on each finger of the same sort.

Relations: Has a Senche-Raht brother that he keeps at his side at all times and will ride as his mount into battle.

Personality: Values family and his ancestors immensely and would die for them any day and would execute anyone who dishonoured or insulted them himself. Ruthless to his enemy's and very friendly to his allies he will treat those he does not know as neutral and judge them on their own merits. He rules with an iron fist of sorts and hates politics above just about anything, he is a warrior not a lax noble who panics at having to do dirty work himself, Do'shan actually prefers doing manual labour himself and tries to rule that way too, taking on all the burdens and refusing any help thus branding him stubborn.

Equipment: In combat he prefers medium armour to his races usual light armour and fights with a full set of Adamantium armour and uses two swords and a spear of the same make.

Skills: In combat he is effective with his medium armour, spear and swords and knows a little Destruction magic. As a commander when he leads an army he will often use flanking and ambush tactics or to attack an enemy faction quickly and without warning. He's also fond of using the "hammer and anvil" tactic.

High Official 414 - OW - RT - 1 -RD (Danotar), Lord of Skywatch, King of Firsthold, Archon of Auridon.

name: Hanzar Myuse
height: 5'10
age: 30

appearence: as a Khajit he is covered in brown fur. He is cloaked in an orange hood and cape around black steel armor. On his side is an enchanted axe that deals frost damage and around his back is a crossbow. He also holds a sheild.

Personality: he is very self interested and prefers to let other people go in first to a dangerous situation however he would not betray his Queen

Skills: he is excellant at fighting using his claws in combination with his sheild. He knows both healing and fire magic.

Name: captain Tom Attor

height: 6 ft. 7

age: 42

race: imperial

personality: he is a very strict man who holds very firm focus and concentration, making him a force to be reckoned with in one on one combat.

gear: he keeps an imperial sword on his side with a dwarven warhammer on his back. His armor is imperial.

skills: he is immensly strong allowing him to easily disbatch small groups of enemies on his own. If he finds himself too outnumbers he falls back on his knowlege of destruction magic; lighting. He is also a cunning strategist who prefers to play it safe to protect his men but understand the costs of war and is ready to sacrifice for a victory.

Keenan 'Wild' Camoran - King of Aldmeri Valenwood

Seat: King of Valenwood

Age: 72

Height: 5,4 feet.

Appearance: Arinlas is a short Bosmer. He has long blonde hair and golden-brown skin. He has a petite nose and grey-silver, hazel shaped eyes. Arinlas is thin like most Bosmer. In his home he wears Bosmeri royal clothes - an emerald circlet, and luxurious fur clothes. He wears a light, leather armour that is green all over while in battle. His hood hides his eyes and the top of his nose. He carries a bow always on his back as well as arrows. His glistening daggers are kept with him at all times. He is serious looking and very proud in his posture.

Skills: He is a skilled archer/rouge. He also has a good sword arm, although not particularly good with magic. He's small, fast and nimble allowing him to be a great fighter. He's a great leader and is known throughout many the provinces of Tamriel.

Personality: He is a proud Bosmer. Ready to defend what he believes with his life. He's a good leader who's words are like iron. He's friendly and caring. His weakness (personality wise) is that he can get quite angry quickly, depending on the situation.

Backstory: He is the descendant of the Camorans, He was crowned King of Valenwood after the death of his father. At first Keenan didn't really want to take the throne but he did it as a promise to his father and to keep his homelands safe. His (brother, uncle, ? - I dunno how I will relate to him yet.) Feronar Camoran has always disliked Aldmeri Rule and is fighting against Keenan and his Aldmeri Valenwood. He's always been one for the Elves as was his father and has been an for the Dominion since his youth. When news broke out of the second great war and the rebel Bosmer took the city of Arenthia Keenan decided that he would have to fight on the Elven side, if his people liked it or not.
High king Uthyn Virane of High Rock, commander of the Imperial loyalist forces.

Seat: Daggerfall.

Age: 37

Height: 6,7 feet.

Appearence: Uthyn is huge man, he is pretty muscular and has a long black beard and hair. He has the blue Eyes of the Viranes.

Skills: He is a spellsword and is very skilled in both blade and magic. He is reknowned as a cunning battlecommander, both feared and respected.

Personality: Proud, gentle towards his friends and hard as stone towards his enemies. He is very intelligent and can be hard to sway from a decision that he has made.

Backstory: He is the head of the noble family of the Viranes, tracing his ancestry back to the time when the Bretons came into Dominion of High Rock, when the old king of Daggerfall died and was without sons whom died in the Great war. He siezed the oppurtunity and married his daughter, thus gaining the Dragon throne. When the corsairs made a suprise attack on Wayrest and plundered it he quickly raised a host and helped the Wayrest troops to drive them out, thus gaining the support of Wayrest. In a short time the rest nobles bent their knees to him and they formed a new Daggerfall Covenant.

Dunard Virane, Uthyn younger brother, the commander of the fleet of the Covenant. A 35 years old sea-bear whom is rumored to have spent most of his Life on the sea.

Edward Virane, Uthyns oldest son, a respected Knight.
Name: Ignatius Moranius
Title: Elected Head of the Elder Council
Age: 35
Race: Imperial

Personality: Whatever he chooses to be, although he usually adopts a light and joking character or, when that fails, a cold anger.

Backstory: Born as a minor noble in Colovia, he used his skill as a rhetorician and his taste for intrigue rise him high in the council of Chorrol, coping with the after effects of the war. Eventually the Elder Council could not help but notice him. They sent a message, saying that he would have a place as a secretary assistant- for free- in the Elder Council. Despite the seemingly modest position, Ignatius took it.
He saw the Elder Council as it was: extremely corrupt. They used any means possible to satisfy their greed and ambition. And he despised it. This was not to say he was not also ambitious. But he was ambitious for Cyrodiil-even Tamriel- as a whole, and he would stoop to any means necessary to make it the power it once was. A power at peace.
After Titus Mede II was assassinated, a power schism took place. And, along with every other member of the Council, he saw it as a time to rise in station. But his eyes were set on the ultimate prize. And so he spoke about his vision of a future Cyrodiil, one at peace and one that wouldn't have to bow down to an Elven Overlord. Many of the Elder Council scoffed but a few supported him. And, as he had become the Head of Secretarial Affairs, he could promote and demote as he pleased. Soon, his supporters were in the higher ranks of the council and those who supported the opposition were finding themselves working as glorified cleaners. Together, with the blend of idealism and ruthlessness, he became one of the most prominent members of the council.
In the year of 4E 204, he had a supporter in every office and his dreams were becoming reality. Despite not having the title, he had the power. The armies of the corrupt lords of Cyrodiil were dissolved, becoming part of the Imperial Legion, who served the Elder Council and Cyrodiil alone. He re-set up the East Empire Trading Company, owned and funded by the Council, which bought many of the failing industries and turned them into profitable entities. By 4E 205, Cyrodiil had emerged from its bankruptcy, its army had been re-organised and tales of the Blades returning to Sky Haven Temple were spreading round. He had been chosen as the young prince's regent and the figurehead of the Elder Council. But the Thalmor had taken notice of him and, after three failed assassination attempts, war clouds were approaching...

Skills: He is a rhetorician and master of intrigue. He has little, to no skill at arms, but he does have knowledge, if not experience at leading a campaign.

Name:Garron Alabane (Ancestor is Noric Alabane)



Skills:Spears/Javelins, Short Swords, Shield, Light Armor, Agility, Speech.

Seat:Military Consultant and Commander for the Empire

Appearance: Short dark brown hair and a short trimmed beard,Green eyes, and multiple small scars left from his childhood.

Equipment: Studded leather chest plate ,greaves ,and Van braces ,a dark red cape with a hood. An engraved spear personally made by a nord blacksmith ,large leather shield ,2foot long silver short sword ,and a dozen throwing knives.

Back Story:Grew up as an only child in Skingrad and only his father to raise him since his mother died during birth.The scars were received scars when some other kids threw stones at him. He then got his revenge by framing the kids kids for stealing a sweat roll from the bakery. Garrons father taught the meaning of hard work and labor by having him get a job at a young age as a craftsman's apprentice while his father worked for the town guards. At the age of twenty he joined the Imperial Legion. During the Great War he was wounded from an arrow piercing his right abdomen. After the battle he learned his father had died during the battle. He then withdrew from the Imperial army not wanting to fight beside the same army that killed his family. And now is returning to the army as a Commander and seeking revenge against the Aldmeri Dominion.
Anam Dorcha
Race: Redguard
Age: 65
Height: 6'1

Appearance- He is a slender man though his body has aged it maintains a rather fit look and a good level of muscle. His skin is of chestnut hue. His eyes are completely black. His hair is black and rest about 3 inches above his shoulder. His hair has one braid on the left side and in the back he has a traditional warriors knot. He has black stubble and sometimes he lets it grow into a beard, but it is always well maintained for some ceremonies he braids it. He wears the clothing fitting of a redguard noble though he tends to play it down using more subdued colors and refraining from any use of jewelry. It can be seen he has traditional warrior tattoos across much of his body even running up on too his neck. He has a few noticeable scares, but for a warrior of his age and experience it seems he has fewer than he should.

Personality and General Information- He is a serious and intelligent man. He seems to be quiet and reserved mostly resorting to inner exploration and thought rather than seeking out others. He is kind though pragmatic and sometimes humorless. He tends to be cautious and careful in his decision making never letting the smallest detail escape him. In his youth it is said and documented to some extent his personality was a much different man in tone and action. He does not speak much about himself though he is open to listen and learn about any who wish to speak with him. He has no children and family and has seemed to find a family of different sorts. Though he is not the most affectionate man he does show loyalty and devotion. He is honorable in every sense of the word beyond most expectations or sometimes even beyond the belief of others. He is brave and values strength and intelligence equally. He unlike many redguards shows no fear or hesitation towards magic and some have rumored that in his latter years he has in fact with his decline in physical condition began to embrace and use it as a new tool and weapon for his own advancement.

Background- He is a man with a storied life and though his mother was from a Forbearer house hold he himself grew up with his father in the Alik'r as a nomad. He was a strong young man and as he came of age he passed every ritual and rite with flying colors even the rite of passage in the desert it self. He with strength, honor, discipline, and endurance survived the waste and came back black of eyes with his new motto surely cemented in his mind. "Only the strong survive." With that he began his life as a mercenary working along side his father and uncles. Time passed and he excelled seeming a bit smarter than the average mercenary and more naturally talented. He was though even for their taste sometimes to cold...his father believed that his eyes changing was a true symbol that something in the desert altered him and who he was...the sweet and innocent young man eager to help was now a cold killer with no purpose other than surviving another day. Anam was so quick to anger and explosive in those days that many left him alone excluding his father who worried and kept trying to find a solution, but most did little more than help for just a moment.

Anam never spoke what happened out their in the desert, but it seemed to weigh heavily on his mind. A fear of conjuration began to rise up and anytime a conjurer was encountered his natural adrenaline began pumping and he would fight ferociously or panic until the threat was gone. Many began to question his stability. He continued on this way for some years, but after directly fighting in conflicts with the Forebearers and Crowns his life took a turn. He had been hired by the Forebearers and it was not to long that they took notice of some of his traits. The color of his skin the look of his face....they suddenly saw it and when his father arrived as the leader of the tribe all was to clear. Tusla's son was alive...and with his father. They were not disgusted, but shocked. Anam did not understand, but at his fathers command he took home with them to learn about his other half to learn who he could be. In time he grew use to managing both sides helping the nomads when he could seeing his father when it fit them and still residing with his mother. There was tension no doubt and he did seem ill at ease being so still and well footed, but it grew on him in time especially his mothers loving touch. He had always thought she died, but in truth she was promised to another and when his father had found out he simply left with the child they had made so that she could still follow the path designed for her.

Anam lived this life for many years eventually ascending to be an adviser and general for the Forebearers participating heavily in the conflicts with the dominion and earning a notable reputation as a battlefield commander that few wanted to face. He was noted as intuitive, adaptable, intelligent, and strong in the face of challenges. He was also noted by enemies and even some men as ruthless, cold, blood thirsty, and other things that gave an air of negativity. Though Hammerfell was free and it could not be denied he had a hand in it and with he became the right hand of the Queen of the Forebearers. She was young and needed someone with age and experience good or bad to guide her through this troubling time and Anam happily accepted. In those years he had finally found his balance and conquered much of his fears becoming the man he is now.

Rumors- The most believed rumor is that once his family had died and he had finally sorted himself out he vowed to refrain from passion and other emotional expressions. He does sometimes show emotion though all can see he recedes very quickly when he does. The rumor is that due to what happened in the desert and many other things that if he lets his emotions go he will become a mad man though many think this claim is unfounded.

It is rumored he is impotent or has some other ailment as he has bedded many women and even getting close to marrying once, yet he has no children or anything of that sort to show for his efforts.

It is rumored that a conjurer stole his soul in his youth and that is why his eyes turned black. It is rumored that he got it back. Both claims are questionable.

Religious Views- Yokudan (Also he pays respect to Shiji Gaiden)

Political- Progressive with some Traditional tendencies

Skills- Once a master swordsmen though age has caught up with him he does not maintain the same level as skill as he did fifteen years ago, but has been credited with still besting many challengers. He has always had an affinity for destruction and with age comes growth he has reached a rather high tier of experience and practice that allow him to easily control and use destruction magic though he still has to truly master all of its elements. He has become adept and versed in using both illusion and alteration magics though he still studies to hope and more of an expert on the subject. He has studied and used restoration though he seems to take little notice of it over all as it does not usually suit his needs and in truth he has known and worked with better healers. He has sworn of conjuration in any manner and will refuse to even look at a book of conjuration calling it "The vile school..." He truly believes the only reason his people and many others fear and hate magic himself included when he was younger is that conjuration is the school of daedra and it has given to many magic users a bad name. He is very mystical and does practice ceremonial mysticism on a regular basis.

Weakness- He is not the most likable man due to his somewhat cold and disconnected nature. He has a long an d storied past with many stories that suit him ill and make him look like little more than a blood thirsty mercenary who got a lucky break and cleaned up. His age is catching up with him and old wounds tend to bother him on a regular basis. He is slower than he use to be physically and though his mind has stayed sharp he still has challengers and admirers who wish to be the man who beat him once and for all and each day it is harder and harder to keep up the charade that age is not slowly beating him. He is pragmatic man and is humorless so he comes off as rude or uncaring many times. He will not speak with nor will he make deals with any who are devoted practitioners of conjuration. He will work with those who know a few spells, but will try to pull them away from using them with advice and counsel which could come off as domineering and offensive.
Name: Mazorn gro-Shamrog

Title: Chief of the Coaliation

Age: 33

Race: Orc

Appearance: Mazorn has dark green skin, three inch tusks protruding from his mouth, three studs lined above each eyebrow and on either side of his forehead, dark brown eyes, and black hair tied back into a ponytail. He stands at 6'2" and is very muscular. He wears orcish armor, because he doesn't trust the petty steel that makes Imperial armor instead of orichalcum that makes orcish, with a white Imperial Legion emblem plainted on the front of back of the breastplate. He has an orcish battleaxe strapped to his back and an orcish sword on the left side of his waist.

Allegiance: The Coaliation.

Personality: Cold, brutal, ruthless, merciless, honorable.

Backstory: Mazorn was born in a Stronghold in Skyrim. As he grew up, conflict between the Nords and Imperials sparked. Eventually the conflicts caught fire and a war broke out between the Imperials and Nords. A few months after the war started Mazorn followed in the footsteps of some of the other orcs in his Stronghold. The others had set out almost immediately to join the war, but Mazorn had to finish with his advanced smith training. When he finished he went and joined the Legion like his fellow brothers. He served as a smith and soldier for some time, but gained fame when his leader died in a battle so he took control of the troop himself. He led his men in a decisive victory, losing a small amount compared to the casualties sustained by their enemy. His courage was valued by the Legate so the Legate promoted him to the permanent leader of the troop. He fought in a fair amount of battles throughout the war, but when the Nords won and drove the Imperials out he went to Cyrodiil with the rest of the army. For a few years, leading up to the present negotiations, he gained even more fame by leading his men on a campaign to rid bandits from the lands of Cyrodiil. Through his efforts the danger level of the countryside decreased a fair amount and he grew to be feared by the lawless of Cyrodiil. Through these efforts and his service in the war with Skyrim he was seen as worthy to be promoted to a Legate. Yet he left the legion a few years ago and instead became an Orc chief by defeating the old one, thus gaining Control of a powerful tribe. He eventually became the leader of the Coaliation of the Reach.

Skills: Advanced two-handed combat, moderate one-handed combat, moderate tactical skills, advanced smithing skills, advanced heavy armor skills, moderate leadership skills, advanced morale raising skills, rage.
Name: Ulwe

Title: General

Age: 247

Race: Boiche

Appearance: Dark Brown hair, pulled back in a Pony-tail. Short Beard. Short (5'5'') but of good build. Darker Skin.

Allegiance: Valenwood Rebels

Personality: Loud and excitable, but can easily turn focused when needed. Great at rallying troops and raising morale. Excellent Tactician. Does what needs to be done for the good of the people (the Bosmer) and is good about seeing past local and immediate needs. He is humble though, and (like most Bosmer) does not like to start conflict. After the war he intends to step down from a leadership position and return to his simple life in Valenwood, as he has done before.

Backstory: Was born In Elden Root and lived a relaxed life style. His life had no real conflict until the Oblivion Crisis. He fought hard in the Valenwood Militia to close the gates in their homeland, and then joined the Imperial Legion for a time while he felt a responsibility to help the rest of Tamriel completely deal with the threat. His time in the Legion was short, and he felt like, though he and the others of the Legion had done all they could, they still failed in keeping the Empire united. He returned to Valenwood and to his relaxed lifestyle.
Decades later, when the Dominion held a coup, Ulwe was caught unaware and ill prepared to fight off the Thalmor troops. Knowing there was no chance if he fought then, he gave in. As time past he was aware of how the new Dominion would over time weaken the empire and ultimately threaten the peace Valenwood had. During the Great War, he again sided with the Empire hoping that that would be the chance to regain control of Valenwood and put down this vile image of the once great Dominion. During the war he gained great experience as a soldier and eventually as a leader of a small army. But the war ended int he Thalmor's favor and he again returned to Valenwood as a failure. As councils began to meet concerning another great war, Ulwe was glad to join, believing his experience would do good against the Dominion. This time, he vowed not to return to Valenwood as a failure, even if it meant the death of him. (strongest conviction he has ever held)

Skills: Master Bowman, but also skilled in Sword combat. Time in the Imperial Legion gave him military experience needed to be a great leader in war.
Name - Wenceslas.

Age - 314.

Height - Average height for an Altmer.

Occupation - Chief commissioner of the Aldmeri Dominion and minister of public enlightenment.

Seat - Alinor (not the king).

Appearance - Wears golden silk robes usually with a large black and red velvet coat over it with intricate gold designs and trimmed with lavish furs. His eyes, hair and skin are all gold in colour like most Altmer and his hair is as fine as silk and about shoulder length and usually tied back in a "ponytail" of sorts. He's of moderate build, fit but not overly muscular. He also wears an amulet made of gold with a very large pink diamond in the centre and other gems studded around the edges with elaborate designs of other precious metals as well as a ring on each finger all made in the same way (without the large diamond of course) merely to show his wealth and stature.

Skills - He's a battlemage so specializes in blade, destruction, restoration and alteration.

Personality - Generally paranoid so he won't often be found directing a battle despite being commissioner of warfare though occasionally he will to keep up appearances. He's generally power-hungry and ambitious stopping at nothing to procure more wealth, power and stature among other things. He does not seek war nor does he try to avoid it as he views both as opportunities for benefit and is no stranger to politics and is not afraid to lie and deceive in order to reap the benefits of them.


More things will be added. I will also try make a wiki thread here in Tesof with the important events in this RP, about the large battles and Alliances made and such when the war itself starts.

An example how a event may look (though this example is probably a bit more detailed than what the others will be):

The battle of the fireleaves: One the Dominions smaller army under commander Ancano met a large Cyrodilic force that were advancng south at the woods Close to the border of Valenwood. The Dominion split their army in two and attacked the Imperials from two directions, the Imperials fought a desperate battle and managed to hold their lines against the Dominion force that arrived first from the east, but the other took them in the rear and the battle turned into a chaotic rout for the Imperials. While the Dminion had their attention on the Imperials large cavalry force from the Covenant came from the west and split up in two groups, one group formed a half circle around the Dominion from the south, their battlemages sent fireballs that lit the woods on fire that closed the Dominions Southern possible escape route. While the other came from the North and with the Dominion chasing the Imperials trough the woods their lines was broken and everyone ran in a chaotic mess, the Cavalry took them by supriseand started cutting through them, the Imperials rallied and followed the cavalry, and the situation became reversed. The Dominion started routing South only to be met by a wall of flames, those who were brave and lucky enough to cross the burning area was met by fresh cavalry and were put to the sword while the others fought a desperate battle against the Empire-loyal forces. Their broken lines did so that their defending grew harder and everyone got involved in a confused battle, but the Empires forces managed to destroy most of their forces until most of them who still were alive threw down their weapons.

Outcome: Imperial victory despite heavy losses, the annihilation of the Dominion forces had left northen Valenwood more lightly defended.

This as I said was more detailed than what I will most likely make but you get the point...


Cities and sieges:

The cities and sieges will play a big part in this, every city has a garrison of a 300-400 hundred men and he capital of each faction will have around a thousand, these garrisons can be taken out from acity leavig it undefended and incredibly easy to take, the garrisons can result in losing a couple of hundred Soldiers if you just decides to storm the walls if you are the besieger, so if you have the time starve out the garrison if you can, though that will take more time. The defender has the advantage in sieges so a larger force than the defender is needed. But beware, if lets say the defender has 6000 men garrisoned in a city and yourself has 10000, taking it by just storming the walls will result in that you will either be defeated or most of your forces will die. Thus starving out the enemy is important, or using an arsenal of siege machines and smart tactics, though they will take a much longer time, is recommended.

The cities do not just offer protection and are places of strategic importance, but your troops will get more recruits here quicker when they have taken losses ((the replenish system will not go fast though, maybe at most a few hundred each real week, I am still figuring out how it will work)) using siege machines is a good way to assault a city that are weakly defended to take it qucik with smaller losses, but things will not be so easy when besiegeing larger cities. And to pass a city without taking it is not smart, since then the garrison in the city can raid and even cut you off from your own lands, thus preventing supplies and such from reaching you, wich is a devastating thing.

As you probably have realised the main location for battles will be in Cyrodiil, since its a very important Place, though should someone completely conquer it they may want to assault someone elses homes, or doing so while in Cyrodiil, but attacking a province that is defended by most of its Power will force you to use most of your troops, and if one of your enemy happens to have a large fleet you can lose your own home while you are gone... wich everyone here probably can get that it isnt a good thing.

More info will come on this later.


Military Power:

This is just here so that you can know how strong your faction are, so that someone dont manage to make enemies whom are much stronger than yourself or soething like that...

The massed Power is how many Soldiers the faction can bring togheter, more Soldiers can be raised after you have taken losses but that willtake some time.

The Covenants massed Power is 32000 soldiers and a fleet of 450 ships.

The Empires massed Power is 17000 soldiers and a fleet of 100 ships.

The Dominions massed Power is 80000 soldiers and 600 ships.

Skyrims massed Power is 18000 men and a fleeet of 95 ships.

Hammerfells massed Power is 16000 men and a fleet of 150 ships.

Argonias massed Power is 25000 Soldiers and a fleet of 200 ships.

The Valenwood rebels massed Power is 5000 Soldiers, they have no ships.

The Dunmer rebels massed Power is 15000 Soldiers and a fleet of 120 ships.

The Coaliations massed Power is 7000 Soldiers with a "fleet" of 10 ships.

Even though you may Think that you have enough Soldiers to send away most of your men... remember if you send away most of your men your own homes will be lightly defended and you can risk to get your homes conquered by someone else while you have been away.

Another smart thing is to split your army into two armies for easier manouvering. Like for examples withtwo armies you can besiege one city at the same time as you hold Another... though if you split your army too many times your armies can get crushed one by one by a larger army. I shall go further in-dept with this when we start planning the war and battles itself.

And also the crews on the ships cant be moved from the ships into your armies, even if it was allowed doing so would not be a smart thing, since having a strong fleet to defend your Coasts is crucial, since if you have a powerful fleet you can stop an invading force from reaching your shores and even send their entire army into the sea!

A thing to note, moving even hundreds of men through the Blackwood is impossible due to that its a marsh. Since you cant move wagons with supplies and such through there.

One ship can carry a hundred Soldiers and its crew. Thus a hundred ships are needed to transport 10000 men for example.

If you lack enough ships you can move men over a river or a shorther distance over a sea by building rafts, they work well to just move men over water but if attacked by warships these rafts do not stand a chance and the men on them will easily be sent into the sea and drown.

Attacking and defending:

A defender has Always the advantage in siege battles, and a siege on a normally large city with oly a few thousand men defending it can result in great losses if not spending a great deal of time in preparing for the siege and using several tactics on it wich can go on for maybe one week in real Life.

One of the first rules of war: Never grow arrogant. Even if you are the attacker with larger forces than the defender NEVER take Everything of your forces to attack, leave atleast a third of half of your forces at home to defend. If you take 80% of your forces to attack one Place, there may even be Another faction in the war that is allied with the one you are invading, that can easily take your own homes from you when you are away and trap you in enemy territory without any homes to return to. Or if things goes like crap for you in the Place were you are invading you may need some reinforcements, wich if you havent left a great deal of men to defend your own provinces is impossible.

And if you do have much forces at your own homes it enables a second chance if your Campaign Went wrong.

((More info will come regarding this.))

The Replenish system: In allied or your own territories your troops will replenish with 1000 men every real week, that resembles the recruits that comes from villages and such to aid you when you has take losses. This only works for armies led by a char though, and if you have an army in an enemy territory, eve if its recently conquered you will have no new troops coming in unless you have stashed away loads of them in your own territories.


The Terrain in this will be important, Woods and mounatinous regions makes ambushes easier, in the deserts an enemy army not near a conquered city will take some losses each day after three Days out in the desert. The same is for snowy regions.

In river battles were on army tries to stop the other one from crossing the defender has the advantage, if the defender also has ships it makes Everything much easier, an army crossing a river can build rafts to move over the water if not wnating to send ships, but if the enemy has warships you can take serious losses doing that... even if you have several times more ships you can still take Heavy losses since the enemy can hit hard in a weakly defended Place and then retreat in the river were the defender knows the Waters wich the enemy does not.



Iogairn and I have decided that movement will work like this: For every real day one can move one "province" with an army, here is tha map currently on the table, what do you Think about it? (ignore the cities they are not placed correctly, I found this map half-finished already and made the provinces more even pretty Quick...)

[Image: 8x5zdh.png]
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Nice work Alator!

My characters I the RP will be
Jarl Ragnar Ice-Blood-stormcloak skyrim
Bjourn Rock-Fist-heavy cavalry lieutenant-stormcloak skyrim(Alt)

(I am not the leader of skyrim by the way)
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion

My Characters are
High King Isilmo of Alinor, Leader of the Aldmeri Dominion
Amril Indrunil A Diplomat to the Empire from the Dominion residing in the Imperial City.

Mer Over Man
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Alright it's posted!

My characters:

Do'shan, Cathay-Raht ruler of Anequina.

Malom gro-Yamog, orcish warlord.

if you want the second char removed or edited then that's fine, Do'shan is my main for this though if you need less people in the Wrothgarien coalition I will remove remove him. Of you need clarification about warlord I mean chieftain of a tribe or a commander of Orsinium's forces. If I'm not allowed to have an alt in a different faction then it's no biggie.

The Kynaran Order
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
My character(s):

Keenan 'Wild' Camoran - Bosmer - King of Valenwood. (Under Aldmeri Rule - oposing Feronas Camoran [how will I tie into him?])
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
It's a little dicey using characters with the same name as you're ESO one in my opinion, I doubt even an elf could live that long, my Orc has the same surname because he's a descendant and the tribe was re-founded sometime but the same first name isn't very logical unless you added V or XII or something like that.

The Kynaran Order
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Yeah Ragnar was my Nords more 'popular' family name as the best smith would be bestowed the name and when they have killed an Ice wraith they are given the title ''Ice-Blood'' thus Ragnar isn't alive during the events of the RP but his descendants are.

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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Good point but then my Skyrim Altmer(Well my main one, I have a few...) is called Isilmo and he would most likely be alive then...
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Changed, I think. I just changed the name, as putting my ESO name is kind of weird, so yeah. :)
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Rasesi Nefemesh - Argonian - Mage
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
My character:

High Official 414 - OW - RT - 1 -RD (Danotar), Lord of Skywatch, King of Firsthold, Archon of Auridon.

He´s pretty conservative, the extinction of men is his top aim, but I will also watch the lore on Aldmeri side. If I (Danotar) think(s) that the Dominion is not strict enough or ignores its duty to follow the path of the god-ancestor, he will rebel and turn against Alinor.

And even the Psijics have an 'outpost' on Auridon, he won´t contact them, for he is distrustful towards them, for they intervened when Ancano was about to claim the Eye of Magnus for the Dominion. Danotar, like the most, doesn´t know about Ancano´s betrayal.
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Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
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Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
is this exclusive to any particular faction or can anyone join with any character?
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
(September 16th 2013 01:46 PM)Arinlas Wild-Heart Wrote:  I will change it! :) Any ideas?

What about Magleas the flesh muncher?

Oh also if you need a higher position on the orcish side of the coalition filled then you can elevate Malom if you want, eg. general or king of Orsinium or something like that.

The Kynaran Order
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
It has been a while since I last rped but I'm going to use a decedent of Zar'karri.

Zar'Kia - He will be part of the stormcloaks. I know it might be odd having a khajiit with a bunch of nords so why not explain. Zar'kia was caught burglarizing a hoise during the great war in Windhelm. Ulfric gave him the option of going to jail or helping in the war. So he chose to join and help the nords. After some time he was given his own small unit of theives like himseelf and wanna be assassins trying to impress the dark brother hood. They were used for mainly information gathering and the occasional ambush.

When Shadows Fall We Will Rise.

Noric Alabane - A Brenton scout who has had a terrible past
Zar'Karri - A wandering khajiit who wants to find his sister
Mira Mournshade - A dunmer assassin who seek revenge for her father
Whispers-With-Trees - An argonian slave who escaped and befriended Mira

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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
(September 16th 2013 05:52 PM)Noric the Oblivious Wrote:  It has been a while since I last rped but I'm going to use a decedent of Zar'karri.

Zar'Kia - He will be part of the stormcloaks. I know it might be odd having a khajiit with a bunch of nords so why not explain. Zar'kia was caught burglarizing a hoise during the great war in Windhelm. Ulfric gave him the option of going to jail or helping in the war. So he chose to join and help the nords. After some time he was given his own small unit of theives like himseelf and wanna be assassins trying to impress the dark brother hood. They were used for mainly information gathering and the occasional ambush.

Khajiit are all considered as thieves and skooma dealers in Skyrim. They are already thought to have a criminal background and therefor can not be trusted. Why the heck Ulfric would give him a second chance? Ulfric. Ulfric. Heck, he´s Ulfric, he does not even give the Dunmer in his misery quarters the chance of a better live. And does not even let the Argonian enter. A Khajiit found inside of the city? Would be killed on sight. And give him the option to go to jail? He would have executed him. And also remember, not even in the Thieves Guild of Riftheim there was a Khajiit. Even thieves distrust Khajiit to the degree of not letting them into their guild halls. Khajiit are not trusted and certainly not given a second chance. Not by Ulfric Oh-your-are-not-Nord-I-kick-your-ass Stormcloak. Only the most open minded organisation, the college of Winterhold, had a Khajiit in their ranks. And ninjas? Please. This is against the Lore.
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Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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If it is alright I would like to take on a neutral faction and take control of the College of Winterhold if that is alright and populate them with many different characters hell maybe even some mercenaries they hire to help on jobs and so on. It is up to you if that is ok, but it is up to you alator, but I would love to join.

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