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Training stuff/ levelling up on ps4

Started by Da Nutz
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I'm newish to game (lev 16 at mo) and trying to level up ASAP but v hard when grinding on your own.
I'm trying to level up blacksmith 1st but have been struggling to find stuff to research and then build with to equip when grinding.
I've found a good spot to farm weapons so happy to email stuff for you to break down for ip and will pay whatever I can if that is what you want.
If an experienced Player is feeling generous that would be appreciated :-)
I will return any favours as soon as I can.
Da nutz
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Hey man just saw this post. I am to lvling on my own pretty much. I own a clan of only like 5 players but im happy to help you however I can. I am pretty active and can help you get some good gear. Im lvl 220 champion atm. Let me know. Thanks
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