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World of Warcraft or the elder scrolls?

Started by lxlx1818
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I was in the summer sophomore year began playing World of Warcraft, basically every year the main game is Warcraft, 2013 years or so I started to play the elder scroll 5, after that I did not played other stand-alone RPG class games. I always want to play the Elder Scrolls 5 with my friends,I was super happy when I see the ol trailer , but then I realize there has been no occupation to play, i think it lost the most representative classic things.

The World of Warcraft for the production team after dark, I really do not play anymore, i played the ol, chose the dark elf wizard, I found that the occupation is similar to a person's talent, or how you want to play on how to play, the Elder Scrolls 5 where I chose the dark elf Lord called pair to ol, you can actually learn the wizard call dual output (unfortunately not call death at present with slavery, this kid like smelly things, obviously CG has died of slavery, fraud). And i went to buy eso gold and equipment at a store that sells ESO gold (called SSEGOLD i think), and my skills are improving very quickly.

Well, I was playing a bit disappointed later found that in addition to the picture, very satisfied with the other play, and advance the world background, people are very love (by the way on a game every time a new hero, a hero of the background can be modified to go)

Well, now I am very curious we love playing World of Warcraft or the Elder Scrolls ol, after all, I like Warcraft diehard powder that World of Warcraft really old, and the Elder Scrolls ol only 3 years, very young, most now is 60s World of Warcraft MC or NAXX generation.

What do you think? Come and give me a comment
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