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About Me:

Name: Te Lowe Wulfe 
Class: Templar 
Race: Dunmer 
Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion 
Role: Hybrid Dps and Healer
Nickname:G, The Cannibal (Obtained from The Order)
Affiliations: Assassin, Vampire
Common Title: Silencer, Bane of the Gold Coast
Responsibilities: Blood Crest Leader, Immortal Misfits Inforcer
Age: 425
Vampiric Strain/Bloodline: Nox Sanguivoria Dun-Card
Personality Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical: Standing on the tall side of average with long midnight black crest hair swept back, bone, and shell weaved in, A swallowtail goatee same color, Eyes so red you would swear blood pooled in them, Skin that is only described as void of color, Shadows veil his eyes and blood vessels that show through the skin when in the sun light.
The Elder Scrolls Online: Character Profile
Character Name: (coming soon) Faction (Race): Dunmer

(coming soon)
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