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About Me:

Welcome, this is a page dedicated to info on or related to G_Telowe. Below you will find: crafting info, event details, and toon bios. Possibly even more, if there are any questions or comments feel free. Thank you and enjoy.

The following is what my crafter can currently make:
Bow: 7 trait
Shield: 7 trait
Staff [collective]: 7 trait
1h [collective]: 5 trait and below
2h [collective]: 5 trait and below
Armor [collective]-
Heavy: 6-8 trait
Medium: 5-7 trait
Light: 6-8 trait
*Armors exclude head and shoulders, these could be fewer traits due to use of monster sets.
*Have a large random collection of styles and will continue to collect more.
Full style sets:
Can also craft a decent amount of furniture. Ask for specifics.

-Can cook the following [+ much more]:
Psijic Ambrosia
Double Bloody Mara
Witchmothers Potent Brew
Witchmothers party punch
Lusty Argonian Maid Mazte
The Emperor's Venison Fricassee
Longfin Pasty w/ Melon Sauce
Orzorga's red frothgar
Orzorga's triple trifle pocket
Orzorga's blood price pie
Ghastly eye bowl
-Master Alchemist.
-Skeleton target dummy, Alchemy, Provisioning, Enchanting and dye stations available at my house which is open to guildies 24/7.

Werewolf and Vampire bite available upon request.

Here is the info for my Dueling Tournament for Dark-Star Covenant:

Hey everyone. I, G Telowe will be hosting a weekly duel tournament. There will be 3 classes available to enter [when enough people]. First is the Max Class- max cp limited class, second Prospect Class- is the under max cp limited class, and third is the Open class which anyone can enter. The first two classes will have a small entry fee and the winner will take home gold [based upon total pot amount]. The full open class is just for fun with no prizes or entry fees. I will be holding these every Saturday. I hope to see everyone come out and show their support.

All entry fees will be put in a tournament pot which the winner will win 45% of, second place will get 5%, 5% goes to hosting funds and supplies, and 45% goes to the guild to help us ensure a guild trader weekly.
Once you enter a tournament you must finish it. Anyone who abandons a tournament will be banned from the following 1 tournament.
The Max class will start events followed by the Prospect class then the Open class last.
If you are on a character under level 50 you will be classed based upon your cp level when applicable.
All/any food, drinks, potions, gear, abilities, are allowed in these tournaments.
The tournaments will be refereed by me, G Telowe.

Bios for my three toons below:

Name: Telowe Wulfe
Race: Altmer
Class: Spellblade
Alliance: Daggerfall Covenant
Role: Dps
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Primary Motivators: Chaos, Competition
Personality: Direct, Trustworthy.
Profession: Mercenary, Opportunist.
Responsibilities: Pack Laporum Council Member.
Appearance: I can either look like a normal, slightly tall and thin Altmer. Or I can show my natural form: skin hard as stone cracking open with lava flowing out and eye sockets filled with flames. It depends on which form I choose to obtain which is only possible bc of my mixed blood. In Altmer form I have brown hair and green eyes.

 I am a Demi-Prince, spawn of Hermaeus Mora. As such I have been both gifted and cursed in ways most mortals can never know. Born in Bangkori to an Altmer woman who was on the run for her life. My father a Khajiit that was simply used as a vessel for Hermaeus's seed. He had been enchanted into sleeping with my mother and died by his own blade shortly after my birth. I spent my childhood hiding from The Righteous, who wanted me n my mother dead because of our connection to a Daedric Prince. At seventeen years of age I awoke one night, my body was changing, I was in horrible pain. That is when my "father" appeared to me for the first time. He told me that it was time for me to come to Oblivion and learn what I was and how to control it. I spent the next who-knows how many years in Apocrypha learning to control my powers. I could watch the realm of Nirn from a viewing pool and spent most of my free time watching my mother, until I watched her be murdered. Hermaeus would not open a way for me to reach her and I was helpless to stop it. That is when I started reading, I was surrounded by books of forbidden knowledge, surely they would show me how to save my mother. Looking back I believe that is what Hermaeus wanted all along. It took me a long time to read all of the books, but one day I went to get a new book n realized that there were no more. In all of the knowledge that I had gained and power obtained, there was still no way to bring my mother back. Not as herself anyway. I did however learn how to get myself out of Oblivion. As I created a portal Hermaeus appeared again, "You have absorbed all that I can give you, now go. Go and obtain more secrets for me." This was all he said to me before fading away. So I stepped through the portal and was back in Tamriel. Although I had the ability to hide my true form and appear as a simple elf I did not. I think at some level I enjoyed the fear. I roam wherever I chose with skin of stone and lava, eyes that show the flames of my rage, and either a human jaw bone and hood or a half-mask of a snarling Senche and/or Khajiit that I wear as tribute to my flesh father. I wear minimal armor, appearing barbaric and crazed. I can summon many creatures as mounts or companions, but typically I ride a Nocturnal Sabre Cat and have a Doom Wulf Pup following me around. Alternatively I'll use a Skelton Bear mount and one of many pets.
Some of my unique abilities include: invisibility, appearance-morphing, the ability to control and create shadows, such as creating shade clones or portals to and from Oblivion/my personal realms, and the ability to call forth creatures of the dark such as crows and skeletons to use as scouts.

Name: Te Lowe Wulfe 
Class: Templar 
Race: Dunmer 
Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion 
Role: Primary Dungeon and Trials Healer
Nickname:G, The Cannibal (Obtained from The Order)
Affiliations: Assassin, Vampire
Common Title: Silencer, Bane of the Gold Coast
Responsibilities: Pack Laporum Council Memberouncil Member
Age: 425
Vampiric Strain/Bloodline: Nox Sanguivoria Dun-Card
Personality Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical: Standing on the tall side of average with long midnight black crest hair swept back, bone, and shell weaved in, A swallowtail goatee same color, Eyes so red you would swear blood pooled in them, Skin that is only described as void of color, Shadows veil his eyes and blood vessels that show through the skin when in the sun light.

First Name: G
Surname: Telowe
Spirit Name: Bearblood
Sex: Male
Race: Nord
Age: unknown
Occupation: Mercenary
Faction: Ebonhart Pact
Role: EP PvP
Associations: Thieves guild, Dark Brotherhood, Dirty Dozen, Pack Laporum.
Affiliations: Compounded Daedric Curse.
Personality: Chaotic Neutral
Appearance: A fairly average size build, standing on the slightly tall side yet lean, when compared to most Nords. Skin with hues of blue, purple, black, and even red, that is rock hard. Short dark brown, almost black hair and beard with battle bars, and eyes that glow an intense purple and have no pupils.

I do not remember my childhood, my mother or father, all I can ever remember is the darkness. Let's go back aways and maybe this can give you some insight into me. Quite some time ago the Daedric Princes got into a power struggle making pairs or small groups to fight each other, each thinking that they knew exactly how to win. Molag Bal created vampires, and gargoyles made of stone to protect them during the day. Hircine created Lycanthropes, and gave them instincts to live in packs. Malacath however had no creature to send into combat as his representative. Running out of time he stole slivers of skin and blood from each of the three new creations, alone with less notable creations of other Princes. Then he stole slivers from the three tribunals. Malacath then mixed them together using a spell with the intention of making the next Demi-Primal being. What I became was, well, not what he had invisioned. Skin as hard and dark as Ebony and Granite when in the form of a man, and bound to shift regularly, being partially were-bear. I also had the ability to use a mixture of some strange new magic to conjuer up the strengths of animals allowing me to create metaphysical limbs or power. But none of that changes the fact that I am ageless, soulless, the only creature of my kind. After a thousand years Immortal isn't what it was in the beginning.....
The Elder Scrolls Online: Character Profile
Character Name: (coming soon) Faction (Race): Altmer

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