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My name is Ryan but most know me as Garbrac. I am no innocent bystander I am a Warrior, a Healer, a Spiritmaster. My name has been shouted in vain in many different languages.

I do what I am commanded to do, I do what I need to do to survive. I have killed many people throughout my journey, I did not know the people I have slain, they invaded my homeland or I invaded theirs, I feel no remorse for them nor should they for me.

I fought for Midgard, I have defended the Alliance against the blood thirty Horde, I have protected the Galaxy from the Sith Empire, I am a guardian for Tyria. These are but a few of my accomplishments.

I stand here on now with the White Gold Tower in the distance, Queen Ayrenn seeking retribution from the Imperial Army wanting to reclaim what is rightfully hers.
Molag Bal trying to rip Tamriel from itself, this adventure will be like no other I will face enemies that will fight with untold strength and determination but when the dust of battle clears I will be standing for even death itself will not come for me
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Najla (March 23rd 2013 at 11:35 PM)
Thanks for the informative streams! Looking forward to many more.

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