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About Me:

Gorguzkhal Deathskull

Raid Lord of the Irontusks

Overview and facts

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Orientation: Open
Birthplace: Gorgorthruk Khazel stronghold within the Wrothgar mountains
Mother: Morg-Gro-Khazel
Father: Gorgraith-Gro-Khazel
Body type: Extremely muscular. Bodybuilder.
Height: 6'8
Weight: 380 LBS
Occupation: Leader of the Irontusk Dread raider mercenary clan
Nicknames: Gor,The black orc

Personality/ demeanor

Gorguzkhal's attitude is generally that of a 'No nonsense' get things done right manner within his role as Clan leader and Raid lord. He takes himself and his clan very serious and that of their prowess on the battlefield.
It is not uncommon for Gorguzkhal to quell any in-clan squabbling and animosity by simply hacking the head's of both participants off at the neck with his battleaxe. An effective method that has not had to been over used thanks to the results of the few incidents.

Outside of this role he still holds himself in a very serious manner.. Even so, the Black orc has a very Black sense of humor and a hungering taste for good grog and good food. Mostly good food. Fill his belly with either of these and that very well be the most effective way of easing the normally ill tempered, twitchy beast.

Loyalty, respect, honor, courage and strength are the virtues Gorguzkhal holds in the highest regards above all else. That and the traditional code of Malacath. He does not tolerate trickery, lies or being deceived. Those that do try and lead the Black orc astray may find themselves at the wrong end of his axe..and fast.

While Gorguzkhal is stubborn and does things his own way or not at all most of the time..there are exceptions of course where for whatever reason he may either need to use cunning over brute strength. Or perhaps open his mind to new possibilities.

A short insight into the history of Gorguzkhal

Gorguzkhal was born and raised within a small but resilient strong-hold within the Wrothgarian mountains that remained mostly unknown to those outside of Wrothgar and had little contact with Orsinium itself.

On the day of his birthing, Gorguzkhal proved to be a problematic child for his mother Morg-Gro-Khazel. Resulting in ultimately with her death. She had bled out after given birth to the chieftains new son.. A deep internal wound that the strongholds wise-woman could not heal.

Gorgraith-Gro-Khazel heart was stricken with sorrow and grief at her death and while he did not abandon nor blame Gorguzkhal for her end he did question Malacath's motives. This event also resulted with Gorguzkhal receiving an nontraditional name "Gorguzkhal Deathskull" he would name his son..."Deathskull" in memory of his cursed birth.

This event is also the reason Gorguzkhal wears warpaint over his face and body at all times, depicting a skull and the bones of his body. In honor of his fathers wishes.

Gorgorthruk Khazel was razed to the ground and it's people all but Gorguzkhal himself where slaughtered at his age of sixteen years.

By this age Gorguzkhal had already grown to an enormous size..even for an Orsimer. Big enough to defend himself and mangled a few of the invading attackers..but not enough strength to save his people or his farther after being severally injured in the fighting. His father commanded him to flee from the stronghold so that their seed would live on in the world. As always Gorguzkhal honored his fathers wishes and did just that.

Seven years passed by. Gorguzkhal continued to grow bigger, stronger..hungrier for battle.. He was raised in violence. He lives for it.
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