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About Me:

I’m a senior at WVU pursuing a B.S. in chemical engineering. I swim competitively and also enjoy skiing, reading, and video games (of course). MMORPGs I’ve played in the past include FFXI, LOTRO, Aion, SWTOR, WOW, Tera, and GW2. I prefer to play caster classes in DD, healing, or support roles because of the fantasy, power, and control aspects they tend to offer. Some other key things I’ve kept constant through my many MMORPG experiences are thoroughness in quest completion, punctuality/planned time management, and preparedness for complex events. I’m really looking forward to TESO and can’t wait to see what the game has to offer!

P.S. I’m passively looking for a solid group of people to play TESO with upon release. I want to play hardcore PvE dungeons/raiding and be active in PvP as well. Let me know if you think there’s a place for me in your guild or even if you’d be interested in starting one with me!

Also, while I am guilty of it at times - don't feed trolls.
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