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Panterra Arius
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About Me:

Hi all, you can call me Pant, or Hokage (long guild story). Im 18, australian beach boy. I have ADHD so im very active and full of energy. Im interested in architecture, parkour/freerunning, history, games, shooting at ranges (guns not bows), sketching, short story writing. What can i say i enjoy a lot of things.

I've been interested in the Elder Scrolls series since Skyrim. I know i know, its just Skyrim was honestly the first one i ever heard about but now im hooked. Other top games for me are the Total War Series, Blur, Assassins creed, CoD series, Halo series. Basically any good game im not console biased.

Personal stuff — I just finished traveling the world. Japan, England, France, Swiss Alps, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, Hong Kong and back home. I've only lived in australia, brisbane for 5 years and one semester of uni, rest i grew up in a small farming town Kingaroy visiting a beach town Woodgate when ever i could because im a big beach boy at heart.

I went to Griffith doing landscape architecture but now am changing to Primary Education majoring in Physical Education with History. Going to be a P.E teacher.

I have been a gamer for my entire life. First game was the first Age of Empires haha those graphics were insanely awesome back then for me. though in my middle years and now i've had sporting as a more often hobby but i still by the best xbox games out etc.

Im always jolly and up for a chat so yeah, add me on here or just send a message :)

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With the guidance of Apollo, Paris struck down the invincible Aristos Achaion. – i shall do my part to guide The BBoA.
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