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Seraphia age 6

It was mid afternoon our folks were away fighting some battle for Skald the Elder and have been gone for over a fortnight leaving my brother to take care of me, He was mad at first not being able to join the fight but Father told him he could in another 2 years when he turned 15 winters, And that He needed him to stay here to protect and watch over me. I didn’t think i needed watching, it wasn’t like i got into any mischief… not really… Wasn’t my fault some boy tried to kiss me so i shoved him into the near frozen pond… How was i to know he couldn’t swim? Or the time [/color][/size][/font]I accidentally shot my brother in the ass with a blunt arrow when our father was teaching us to shoot, I didn’t know what I was doing it was my first time with the small bow our father crafted for me and my finger slipped, wasn’t like I meant to do it.

Anyways where was I? Oh yes. It was mid afternoon a fortnight after our folks left and my brother 7 winters older then my 6 was Attempting to cook (Men shouldn’t be Allowed near the hearth) when we heard horses approaching our hut. I was told to stay inside as he stepped out to talk to the riders. I heard voices although i couldn’t make out what was said besides my brothers firm “NO”!!! Then a scuffle. I wanted to go see what was going on, but my feet wouldn’t seem to move. soon my brother opened the door and came to kneel down in front of me his eyes red with unshed tears and tells me ”Sera i must go, our folks either missing or dead so im going off to train so I may avenge them. Skald Jarl of Dawnstar will watch over you now. be good listen to what he says and do what you must.” Confused i stared at Him for what felt like forever but was no more than a few moments before he got up and walked out the door before i could ask a single question. Skald Jarl having walked in looked down at me and i wish i could have hid. He towered over me and made me feel smaller then I already was. I started to ask Him the question running through my mind but with His sharp glare and a shake of his head He said to me “Not now lil one.” With tears silently running down my face and a small bag I was sent to pack before we left.

I spoke as little as I could as the Jarl told me what would be expected of me during my time in his home he wasn’t cruel but neither was he overly friendly or comforting as I look out at the world that was so vast feeling so alone. I learned never to question Him or His word for it was law and not my place. I was to learn how to cook, how to find the herbs and such that could be used in cooking as well as what could be used as poison on your arrow. I was also to continue to learn Archery and stealth.

Seraphia Age 20 . 14 years have passed since she was taken into Skalds jarl’s care and she has learned all that He told her she would, and learned it well. Her build is slender and well toned she stands at about 6’1 with strawberry blond hair that falls softly around her shoulders. Her cobalt eyes shine like a polished stones, her steps light and soundless, and her aim with a bow is always true. Her personality is meek and perhaps a bit timid for a nord however theirs an impish streak that runs through her veins as well once she gets to know you and a fire the burns behind her eyes. She has had no formal training in the art of war or with blades but she is always eager to sneak off watch others train. Part of her wish’s to Ask Skald for such training.

The Jarl she muses to herself the crabby old man never really took her in as a part of his family but she knew she was never treated as just another servant girl. Her favorite past time is sitting by a fire reading when their wasn’t any choirs that must be tended to. She also enjoys cooking as well as going out to gather much needed supplies and materials mostly because then she gets a chance to sneak off and explore away from the hall and town for a while.

Perhaps it’s time to leave, make her own way in the world. She’s handy with a bow she could take care of herself…probably… Theirs Rangers as well as other groups out their always needing more folks to help with the war maybe one of them would be willing to take her on. She cringes with the thought of joining the wars. She has already lost her family to them whether they live or died she never found out. She never heard from her brother since the day he rode off and her questions always went unanswered until she quit asking them. Answers that she might be able to find if she did in fact join up with some group. Someone somewhere is bound to know something. With that thought she returned to her room and started making plans and gathering the things she would need.
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