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About Me:

Gamer all my life. Started with civilization as a kid and steadily grew into RPG's. I never get tired of playing old favorites - Morrowind, Dragon Age, KOTOR...etc.

Meanwhile I'm a data analyst by day and and like carpentry in my spare time. When it comes to the Elder Scrolls, I've played them all, and still do. I can tell you how to make pretty much any potion or poison (in game, of course, though in real life, just a teaspoon of [CENSORED] can give your lemonade that extra kick). I know that you could find all that info on the internet, but back in the stone age, when I played these games offline, I would experiment and record the recipes and effects in old notebooks. Yeah, it's nerdy, and life is more fun that way.

Eh, who the heck am I kidding. There's no such thing as spare time. I work full-time, I'm pursuing a Masters Degree, I'm a youth leader at my church, and I'm getting married in June. I make time for RPG's and MMO's, but can really only focus on one at a time. As of right now, I'm replaying DA:Origins (Because someone pointed out to me that my online subscription to SW:TOR could be better spend if I put it in my wedding account).

And yeah, it's syndactl (SIN-DAK-TUL), that's an L, not an I.

My Signature:
War is hell.
I'm the brimstone.

All hail Queen Ayrenn
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Character Name: (coming soon) Faction (Race): Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)

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