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Terminus Zaire
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About Me:

I started back with Oblivion on the Elder Scrolls campaign, about 2 months after the release of Skyrim. (Yes, I chose to play Oblivion over Skyrim, because one of my friends suggested it to me and let me borrow his copy of the game). In between the 2 games I've logged thousands of hours of gameplay, and have become somewhat of a Master of the Elder Scrolls. Some might say that's not possible without having played completely through Morrowind, but I digress.

One of my greatest talents that I plan to use during the release of TESO is the ability to see what others do not. I listen to every word, watch every video and look for minor details that can dramatically influence our understanding of the Elder Scrolls and what we will see in the game.

In TESO I plan to be a Bosmeri Archer, who knows how to use a sword when he needs to. I use my abilities listed above to pick out my target, take aim, and fire with maximum precision when the moment is right.

For those of you curious about my avatar, it is the national flag of Zaire, a country that used to exist in the South of Africa. It has many symbolic meanings based on a story that I once read, and it's much too long to explain here and now. One thing that differs, however, is that rather than the orange flame of Power, I wield the white flame of Truth.

My Signature:
Stealth Archery like you've never experienced before!
The Elder Scrolls Online: Character Profile
Character Name: (coming soon) Faction (Race): Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)

(coming soon)
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Balkoth (March 15th 2013 at 09:57 AM)
You have me eager to see the next article now man. :)

Btw, im workin on the project we discussed still. If you hadnt noticed, I posted a "help" topic in the Off Topic section. I knew it was gonna be hard to find screen shots, but damn... heh

Najla (February 16th 2013 at 09:28 PM)
[Image: tumblr_m6p676aUEG1ru8yx4o1_500.gif]

Terminus on Skype

Najla (January 19th 2013 at 09:31 AM)
Welcome Terminus Zaire! Was just reading your profile, I too started with Oblivion :) Though at the moment I a playing a bit of Morrowind when I can before TESO is out. I really enjoyed your post on the two cities, hope to see you around now that you've joined the forum.

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