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Fitness, health, and self-growth are fairly solid, important aspects in life. Without them, you remain stagnant and, well... you don't grow as a person.

You can easily improve your circumstances by simply going after your goals. While "simple," it doesn't mean that it's not daunting. That's what Androgrow has been created for; to help the average, or elite, individual learn more about how to do fitness and health the right way — through science, practice, and passion.

There are an abundance of websites on the internet with information you think you want to learn about, but it's hard to find reliable fitness and health information backed by scientific studies. Don't always believe information that isn't sourced. Heck, don't always believe it even if it is sourced.

That's where the fitness community forums come in: discuss, dissect, and spread knowledge to like-minded individuals. Grow as a community and come together to dispel myths that are still abundant from the 20th century.

Let's get started today, not tomorrow. Not next week. Today.
Join Androgrow.

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