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As a gamer that might be growing out his beard, you might be wondering "what could I possibly do on a Beard Board?" Well, plenty! For some of the same reasons we can talk about TESO and other video games all day.

If you're a guy that can grow a beard, you'll love some of the tips on how to grow a thick beard. If you're a guy that can't grow a beard — don't fret, we've got you covered too. Bearded or not, check out the Guide to Growing Your Beard with Minoxidil, which will set you on the path of ultimate genetic [beard] potential.

Over on the beard boards, you can take part in discussions ranging from beard tips, like using a derma roller to produce extra collagen for beard growth, to what your favorite music is. We're a tight-knit community filled with awesome guys with even more awesome beards. The entire website is very accessible and even has social features like status updates!

As the beard trend returns and is in full-force in 2016, Beard Profile has dubbed this year the "Year of the Beard." Actually, they'll probably dub it the year of the beard every year henceforth, who knows. Beards are here to stay.

Beard onward, friends. Beard onward.

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