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☆ Blooded Lion Allegiance ☆
☆ Blooded Lion Allegiance ☆

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by Jarif.
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About ☆ Blooded Lion Allegiance ☆
Main Content
Blood Lion of the Oath Knight Alliance!

We are the the knight of the Old! We are an ancient order of Soldiers and Templars that was established hundreds and thousands of years ago. It has been abandoned for Centuries but re - established and founded again for order.

It is a RP focused guild but however if you still want to join than you can. We encourage trading and exploring the lands of Tamriel including warfare for PVP and bringing order and justice to the world by protecting civilians and such also by doing client jobs like the *cough cough* Dark brotherhood except we are a more legal way but contracts can defy the law but rules can be broken or bend but its up to you whether you choose to do so is up to you.

Take up Arms with Sword, Magic or Sneak because you are permitted to follow your instincts and heart but however choosing a dark path like Necromancy will be tolerated under strict rules.

We are Guardians of Tamriel and by the Oath will swear to protect the world from Man or Deadra.

Come If you seek glory and fame or honor like the Companions or Fighters guild as we are their brothers and sisters, we have many connection with many guilds like the Caravaaners of Elswyer who I have to receive a confirmation.

We except Man, Mer and Beast in fact the Order seeks those who are willing even if you are a milk drinker but remember you choose your own reason to join because Tamriel needs you!

We craft items to make money and one can supply them to a side of the alliance or someelse. Everyone can specialize in there own way for example a Smithing can craft a item and sell it to a Enchanter than or a alchemist can make a potion and sell it to a customer. Much like the Caravanners of Elswery except this is done in a more of a military approach.

This is where the guild specializes for their is a reason but only few know about this, we employ Soldiers and warriors to protect the civilians of Tamriel, which you can guard a post than patrol the area. We even do this for other guilds and we also create contracts to perform like collecting a high bounty on someone or retrieving a item for a customer. It is possible to be a bodyguard, their are also roles to be scavenger and collect items, we also have trainers to train someone, we even do raids if we must. We encourage both teamwork and solo players. Their is always a strategic side of things.

We are not biased but however if a member supports the Ebonheart pack than they can do so, we are not indirectly associated with the war but however we supply the war with weapons and armor, we will send soldiers if we must but we are independent so we have our way of war by destroying those who oppose us. We encourage strategic work for example a mage can be in the front lines while archers can support them from the back lines meanwhile a solo player can flank them with soldiers coming from all kinds of positions to destroy the enemy! While a assassin is infiltrating the enemy base.

So join us, we allow all race so take up arms and become the lions knights of Tamriel!
We are happy to have anyone both brothers and sisters. Anyone seeking refuge or shelter can join, we are happy to forge alliances and forge the own bonds of this guilds.
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
would love to join pm me if u wouldent mind me joining thanks!
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