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24 hour stream w/giveaways

Started by Jarheadd1_TV
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Hey guys i would like to come forward and introduce myself to TESO community first and foremost and its great to join a great forum. Myself in a nutshell, i began streaming at the end of April and have been everyday since. with a great following building up. now, I began streaming with the intentions of streaming TESO when it would come out for console and that time is coming up.

Next, what i'm looking to do when the game releases is host a 24 hour stream to display enough exposure on twitch's highly anticipated TESO channel. Now, this is not a marketing post, but rather a post to learn about what game content TESO viewers like yourself would enjoy watching. Of course i am going to hold incentives to check out the channel as its going to be very competitive on launch such as giveaways.

lastly, what would you look forward into seeing in a TESO channel via twitch? which alliance should I be? What should the name of the guild be for the channels followers? Would you rather see PVE or PVP or both? I would love to hear about what you enjoy about TESO and would look forward to on this 24 hour stream.

Thanks for your involvement in this awesome community and time in this topic!

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