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3 bios of TES characters

Started by Nicklas
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These were my Skyrim characters bio. If you want to comment them, feel free!! Might give me ideas for new characters!

Nirz Gro-Bes:
Nirz Gro-Bes grew up in a pretty common stronghold. Third child of a fourth wife. He was the unlucky one. Of smaller build, he was quite bad at physical prowess and smithing. He simply was way more proficient with is head than his hands. He couldn’t be further apart from the rest of the clan. Pariah among the pariah. Everyone simply thought he was a shame and dishonoring the clan with is weak skills.  A young male named Yag even asked for a "blood price" from Nirz for being such a disgrace to them all. Normally such request wouldn’t have been acknowledge, but no one in the stronghold thought it was worth opposing the demand.  So Yag showed up, in full heavy armor wielding a massive warhammer.  Ready to seek retribution for what he thought was legitimate. Nirz was simply in his normal clothes, wielding a hide shield and a bag of something.  Yag eyes were staring at him with disdain. Without blinking, he charged, lifting his warhammer as easily has if it was made of wood. Nirz simply thrown the bag at Yag’s face. In a swift movement Yag blow up the bag with his weapon. The slimy substance inside splattered all over him, not even blinking or stopping, the orc was still on track. While protecting his face with the shield, Nirz simply sent a flame spell at Yag, setting him on fire. He then started dancing around, shield-bashing Yag from every angles. The young orc was trying to extinguish the flames, inflicting himself as much damages with is heavy gauntlets has the fire itself. With a pretty strong bash, Nirz sent his opponent on the ground.  In a swift movement, he drew a dagger hidden inside his boot and impaling Yag’s ponytail in the ground. Nirz got back up and with a mean look on his face simply went home to pack his things. A few hours later he was far away, to never be heard of again from them. The world was waiting for him and he was ready for some adventures…

Besmond grew up in a pretty common Breton family. Father was a merchant and is mother was a teacher. His brother was a carpenter who was running on gold by building houses. His smaller build and less attractive look always made him more of a loner. Bad at physical prowess, aim and crafting skills he was way more proficient with is head than his hands. He couldn’t be further apart from his brother.  Coming from such "normal" family, it would have been surprising to see how mixed Besmond soul was. Extremely generous, compassionate and loving men he had all the qualities of the average "good guy".  Still, a part of his soul was dark as coal. Sometimes intransigent in is opinions, he could be able of the worst atrocities, only his consciousness forbidden him from all the dark things that could cross his mind. He could show huge amount of pity for someone asking for his help but never have the slightest regrets for the guilty ones.
Loving books and ancient history, Snow elves and Dwemer were of high interest for him. He had a huge collection of books on the subject and other stories about Daedric princes or magic. He had few friends but those he considered as such were very important in his heart. Loving to help and reasonably good at medical things, he would have loved to become a healer. With a good note book he could make decent potions. Despite being intelligent, he did not have enough memory for deeper study as a medical healer for the empire. Since he did not meet the imperial standards for medical study, his love of learning and natural magical predisposition lead him to seek a field of magical study he would love. Searching for a place to learn, he turned his eyes toward the college of Winterhold. This is why he was crossing skyrim border.
The mage guild and the Psijic order were not meant for him. He wanted more freedom and he knew that this freedom in study was available in Skyrim. He knew the college was free from political influence and open-minded towards unusual research. And thus not knowing anybody there was of much interest for him since there would be nobody he knew to judge him there. Allowing him to push is research in fields that would have been more closed otherwise. After all, learning to control forces of life and death, as well as the mysteries of the mind and other dimensions was is main motivation.
He was crossing Skyrim border by foot because he loved to walk, collecting plants and other ingredients, a remnant of is learning in alchemy. He always knew how to make the most profitable potions and he thought that it was the simplest way to gather money needed for his project. In reality, the main reason was in fact that he wasn’t fan of horses. He was way too afraid when riding them to do this entire long road bouncing on one. So the road was long and he tried to cut short from the common path. This was his mistake as he came across Stormcloaks who were also crossing Skyrim-Cyrodiil frontier. He tried to move away but was still caught in the imperial ambush. Taken to execution, he was thrown with the Stormcloaks.
Despite not being on the list, general Tullius men’s did not have any other choice to make him face the executioner, not knowing if they would be releasing or not a dangerous rebel.  Hadvar shown sympathy and this is why he chose to follow him in Helgen’s Keep. Not wanting to be associated again with those rebels who almost got him killed was another reason. He did enjoy seeing those stormcloak burns before his eyes while Hadvar was slicing through their ranks. He did have to slow him down. Hadvar was going quickly trough the dungeon. Besmond always south things till the end. He wasn’t going to let any corners unchecked. He was too much of a curious nature to simply "pass by". Once free, his only goal was to head to Winterhold. But since he had a debt towards Hadvar, he agreed to help him by going to Whiterun to acknowledge Jarl Balgruuf the Greater of the dragon attack on Helgen prior to go to the college.
Given that Bleak Falls Barrow was on the way and bandits who had stolen Lucan Valerius golden claw were heading this way, he agreed to help Faendal get it back while going to Wihterun. This way, he would not get lost and it was a great way to learn more about Skyrim. Faendal was so pleased to go with him in this task. First, retrieving this claw for the Valerius was a good way to be in high esteem for both Lucian and Camilla. Secondly, After all, Besmond had just helped him against that stupid bard who asked the first one he saw to deliver a fake letter to Faendal’s love Camilla.  It was in fact a pleasure for both as Besmond found bards to be such annoying persons and he hated liars and thieves so it hadn’t been a hard decision for him. On a dark side road, murder ideas would have been much higher towards that arrogant musician.
So they both took quickly the path to the Barrow. In spite of normally preferring to be alone, Bleak Falls was wide and Faendal’s help much appreciated since his aim with bow helped to take out the bandits quickly. Besmond poor archery skills wouldn’t have been of much help to do that, so Faendal’s deadly aim was quickly included in their tactics. Besmond could have tried to sneak and kill more subtly these bandits, but sneaking was not much is strong point. Not patient enough perhaps, or simply not skilled enough to avoid detection. He soon found out that it was easier  for him to not waste too much time trying to get close undetected as often it was way too difficult for its actual effectiveness. Besmond actually also enjoyed using the new spell he just learn for the book Lucian sold him. He had just enough money to buy it, but that "bound sword" spell was of such use. Invoking that blade to fight was in his eyes way more convenient than carrying one. But the one thing he could really think off while traveling inside this ruin was how glad that he did not have to cross any perilous ledge.  He was a bit afraid of heights actually, at least when not rock-climbing. Crossing ledges would have frightened him and he certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed showing it in front of his companion. Especially with armor, he was slightly clumsier than in normal clothes. Wearing mages robes would have been better for his magic, but going against bandits and monsters in simple clothes was simply unthinkable for him. He did not have enough money either to purchase them and despite is light interest in necromancy, he wasn’t into necrophilia, so taking clothes from the dead mage’s body in Helgen’s Keep hadn’t cross his mind. So, light armor was perfect. Imperial light armor was a bit too noticeable for him, but until he could change for something better, it will have to do. It gave him enough protection against enemies and wasn’t too heavy so he could still move easily. That was the essential for the moment. Carrying a shield would have been another solution, but he found that having so much weight in one hand was destabilizing him too much for such exploration. He preferred the quickness of an attack without having to compensate for having a shield in the other hand.
Killing the bandits wasn’t of much trouble for him and when he faced Draugs, he was more curious than afraid of them. Despite being more prone to help everybody and healing the wounded, inside those ruins, the lives of these thieves and creature couldn’t matter less. Killing them was as easy as breathing with the bound weapon he summoned. Showing power over guilty men or mer, treating them cruelly and with impunity was like a second nature for him. For victims, he was always ready to help and could show great deals of compassion. But criminals, he loved being the harbinger of their demise, he couldn’t care less about their fate. He simply hoped they would end up in some Daedric prince’s dark realm.
Trying some resurrection spells on those bodies could have been tempting, but Faendal’s presence did not allow him to do so. Perhaps another time in some dungeon where nobody would be there to see him…
It was of the upmost surprise to Besmond that the strange stone tablet he found deep into the barrow was an ancient artifact linked with the dragons. Once Faendal was dismissed, Besmond continued his way towards Whiterun before heading to Winterhold. He straight away thought to bring the tablet to Winterhold so the scholars there could study it, but Farengar the court wizard in Witherun shown an immediate interest towards it and asked that it was given to him. Without time to argument, the dragon whereabouts was reported and Besmond joined the guards to help them fight the beast.
Once the mighty dragon was put to eternal rest, the jarls suggest that Besmond would seek advices from the Greybeards. It was enough of helping strangers; he had to continue his own way. Perhaps his path would lead him there eventually, but for now he had other priorities. And so, he went to Winterhold. Hireing a carriage this time was his preference. This allowed him to take some rest and lest that new "fury" spell he just bought from the court wizard. He certainly could put that one to good use.
So, Winterhold … this is where everything really started for him.

Dunmer priests of Hermaeus Mora of the higher ranks knew of the prophecy speaking of Alduin’s return. For centuries, they secretly tried to provide Tamriel with a new breed of dragonborn to fight the impending doom. Something no one had ever seen before. Furtively capturing and experimenting with remnants of dragon blood on Argonian eggs in hope of creating in secret a viable dragon hybrid. Most offspring died before hatching and those who did hatch were unspeakable abomination that were unsuitable for life among mortals. Killed almost on the spot. But one day, one egg hatched like no others before. The child looked like an Argonian, green skin, little horns and fierce eyes. Beside its exterior look, the priests knew immediately that this one was above everything they ever seen. The raw energy he had was above normal, stamina like no others. They began taking care of the child, rapidly finding him a quick learner, proficient speaker and magically talented. He could get a grasp of any spell in an instant. Like if magic was flowing in his veins instead of blood. They were only starting to get a glimpse of his powers when the temple was raided by Argonians. Everyone was slaughtered and the child thought to be a captive from the priests released and brought back to Black Marsh. Placed in a "normal" Argonian family, he quickly started to hate his new home. The swamps were nothing like the clean temple and nice foods he was used to. He simply couldn’t live in so much dirt. His new family was common burglars, so far from the sophisticated priests he used to be with. Since his name that was way too Dunmer for his new parents, after a few months they decided to take their new child to the naming ceremony to give him a more suitable name. Since its arrival in Black Marsh the young boy seemed to be prone to kill every beast he found, they decided that Bes-Soul-Taker would be a suitable name for him. He thought that for once they were right. Especially since a few days later he did take their souls and left what they were calling home, without a look back. He thought of going back to Morrowind and so began heading north. At least he thought it was north. He ended up in Cyrodiil. For the next few years, he simply wandered from town to town, getting simple jobs to keep alive and never staying anywhere for too long. He simply couldn’t feel at home anywhere. So, when an area was too affected by the Great War, he simply went to another city or province. Avoiding conflicts as much as possible. The only trip he made in Morrowind shown him that even there wasn’t his place any more. He craved the feeling of being respected, loved and acknowledge. He was simply not able to figure why nowhere was like his beloved temple. But nothing could feel like it. This led him to eventually try to cross Skyrim border… And the rest is history.
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I really like it, but I would love to see them in separate bio's with more detail! If you haven't seen it already there is a bi template at the top of the character bio and I think they could really be improved if you used that to add more detail, (political views, looks, religion, etc.) You don't have to, but I think it would be really good if you did! Anyway, I really like it and well done, really thought out backstories, well done!

Vlos Hithern

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I have to agree with all that said

Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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