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A biography of Do'Ciuin

Started by Do'Ciuin
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Firstname - Do'Ciuin
Surname - Unknown
title - None yet (a fresh adventurer)
Sex - Female
Race - Khajiit
Age - Unknown
Occupation - Warrior-for-hire
Faction - Aldmeri Dominion
Appearance - White Tiger in appearance, braided hair as white as the snow pulled back like a ponytail to stay out of her face during a skirmish. Green eyes that shine like the morning sun. Build is semi muscular but retains some thin aspects due to her heritage as a Khajiit.
Personality - Loyal to her friends, can appear rude to others due to her blunt attitude, a quiet and noble Warrior.

Social Background/Backstory - Do'Ciuin doesn't remember much from her past other than her first name. All she remembers is that she was raised by a merchant Khajiit apart of a caravan that made a habit of never staying in the same place for long. From the moment he found her he taught her how to fight in the hopes of training her to be a caravan guard someday and to always move forward, looking forward to the future was the best thing because then you have no regrets thinking about what could have been.

Once she was old enough she was sent to pick up armor for herself to prep for her new job as a Caravan Guard. After picking it up she found an Altmer under attack by bandits and set out to quickly diffuse the situation, by force if necessary. After the encounter the Altmer gratefully thanked her and rewarded her with money to buy potions and see a healer, for she was wounded in the skirmish. Feeling good she returned to the caravan.

The caravan master was oddly displeased, stating it's none of their business if someone gets robbed. Why? It felt good to help someone in need plus she was rewarded for her hard work. Chuckling he patted her on her head, saying she was more like her mother than he thought.

What did that mean? Was he related somehow? An Uncle perhaps? He did not say, his only words after that were to take her time, but it was best if she set out on her own, making her own way in life and making her own choices, it was clear her path wasn't with him, making headstrong choices like saving that Elf.

Thinking back she still did not know who he was, how he knew her mother. The only thing she knew was that the past is the past and it's time to move on. Time to look forward to the future rather than what could have been.

Best Memory - Her caravan father giving her candy after a good day of sales.
Worst Memory - Failure of a job, she failed to protect a family from a gang. The one thing she can't get past and always regrets.
Skills - Skilled with the sword, has knowledge in healing arts.
Challenges for the Character - more of a loner, has trouble with teamwork.
Birthsign - The Steed
Religious Views - worships neither but respects the beliefs of others unless extremely dangerous.
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