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A Brief History of Necromancy (II)

Started by Idriar
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On the Undead

The War of Mages

But what sparked this confrontation was another momentous and formidable - in both senses - magical discovery of Mannimarco: He ended his own life, turning himself into an undying Lich, a lifeless person, an avatar of undeath, outside of the circle of Arkay, whose existance can no longer be ended by age, decay of disease. Only by violence. Like necromancy feel free to think about this deed whatever you wish. Whether Mannimarco really found the immortality, Nu-Mantia, all Altmer crave, is a highly disputed question. Actually all Altmer I asked answered no or not all.(I have to admit, only few High Elves were ready to explain Nu-Mantia to me, and it was little I understood)

Surely, Galerion raged with wroth as he learnt about the deathlessness Mannimarco achieved. Some say, the Archmage was this angry because the King of Worm violated the very laws of life (Violating the laws of life and physic is what Altmer are actually very fond of); Others say, because Mannimarco ventured into fields of arcane knowledge where Galerion could not follow. Beside the magical discovery and might, the Worm King achieved also undying fame – or infamy – and he would also live on long after Galerion was already dead and long forgotten. At this moment the Mages Guild accused the Order of the Black Worm to have crafted artefacts of mass destruction. Galerion himself ushered in a crusade against Mannimarco´s head quarter. Interestingly enough, not a single source denies Galerion's aggression and his eager will to steal Mannimarco's knowledge and artefacts. Still, he is portrayed as a hero, not an aggressor. The 'Archmage' gathered his inner circle, the Order of the Lamp, to kill the 'King of Worms' and to put an end to the Order of the Black Worm.

What happened during this confrontation remains unknown. There exist so called accounts of survivors, not very trustworthy and hardly credible. The truth appears to be, not a single soul survived the battle – save for the ones already dead – the location of Mannimarco´s head quarter was knocked from any map and the Worm Cult was shattered and blown into all three corners of Tamriel. Some became free necromancers, little cults or single persons with students, hidden or open, which exist in every city, in every hidden forest. The Worm Cult itself was long time leaderless and ununited, just one of many religious organization focusing on necromancy. Other parts of the Order of the Black Worm were consumed by the growing Mages Guild, which added the arts of necromancy to the School of Conjuration, serving the Mages Guild original and official purpose, to gather and spread knowledge.

After the Ene of the Worm King

Under Potentate Versidue-Shaie nearly any magical and religious organisation was tolerated, until martial law was proclaimed. Being no standing army, the Order of the Black Worm was treated like the Temple of Agamanus, orcish Strongholds, the countless witch circles in the pagan High Rock and the Reach or like the entirety of Black Marsh and Summerset. They were ignored. On one hand they did not enjoy any protection of law and legion, on the other hand they were not persecuted. For Versidue-Shaie wielding the last standing army of Tamriel, it was easy to keep peace. Single necromancers though, like any other lawful citizen, were able to gain respect and stature, eventually performing their art in public and for the sake of the second Empire.

During the last three hundred years necromancy fell to a state of stagnation. Necromancers come and go, the Witchhunters have blood work without end in the wild and without actually achieving anything. And like in any other school of magic, true new discoveries were and are not made.

However, as we recently learned, Mannimarco survived Galerion's assault. The same time Emperor Varen of Cyrodiil disappears. The ground shakes with the arcane. And the skies above the Imperial city have opened and the gashes spill unholy chains from Oblivion over all the lands. Rumour is, that Mannimarco is behind this all. And what else could drive Mannimarco but vengeance? And who summoned this spirit upon the later born? No one but the aggressor of yore, Archmage Vanus Galerion.

But this wouldn´t be the first impostor, an Altmer disguising himself as the King of Worms. A pretty easy task, as they all look the same. Time will prove me right, we do have nothing to fear from this "Mannimarco".

Howsoever, under Empress Regent Clivia Tharn the Order of the Black worm was recently officially granted the rights of a guild, the Arcane University being their new headquarter. Already before this, necromancers of the Order were assigned important positions within the new Imperial government, as numerous free necromancers have joined the legion. After the famous Imperial Battlemages and the omnipresent healers, like me, the necromancers are the third largest group of magic users in the legion. This can only chance the perception of necromancy for the better among the simple people.

Dacesco Fodiari
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Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

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