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A Chance Encounter - Part I: A Heart as Heavy as a Hammerfell

Started by Solduiran Long-Finger
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Solduiran Long-Finger, a seventeen year-old Nord, along with his younger sister, Ria, were looking for help to travel to Skyrim, the home of their father, after the death of their mother had left them homeless. The Roads weren't safe to walk alone especially for an inexperienced warrior and a young mage's apprentice that couldn't go a day without setting something on fire and more often then not herself.

Loitering about one day in one of the market places of the Imperial City, they over heard a group of Nords who were talking about the different routes into Skyrim. Knowing that this could be their only shot at getting to Skyrim safely, Solduiran approached them. A large man was talking down to a woman who wasn't much shorter than the man and looked to be almost as strong, "I don't care how safe it is or it isn't, we are taking the Pale Pass!"

She clearly wasn't having any of this, "Listen to me, Abjörnen! You know perfectly well that that is a dangerous road, and through mountains no less! The Imperials will bitch and moan about how cold it is and we'll have to go around the mountain!"

"No, Ymia, I will not deal with Redguard politics and it takes far to long..." Solduiran had walked up behind Abjörnen causing him to whirl around, "What!" The frustrated tone had vanished almost immediately as saw the tall lanky Solduiran towering slightly over him. Ymia would step forward to address the two children. But Solduiran started talking before she could.

"I happened to overhear you talking..."

Ymia shot a look at Abjörnen before turning back to Solduiran, "Sorry about that sometimes I have to yell at this one to get him to hear me let alone listen."

This eased the tension making it a little easier for Solduiran to ask the question, "Would it be to much to ask if we could accompany you there? I don't think it would safe for us to venture out alone and we hardly know where we are going."

"Of course you can!" Abjörnen made an exasperated sound at her reply. This only got him punched in the gut. "What do your parents think?" Solduiran would go onto explain what had happened. By the end of his story even Abjörnen was nodding and made no further objections. Ymia was moved to the point of having watery eyes and said, "meet us here tomorrow morning, we will be leaving as soon as we can."

Walking away Solduiran heard Ymia saying, "It's settled then, we go through Elinhir for the safe passage of the children..." He didn't sleep the next that night. Ria would eventually pass out in the alleyway. All his things were accounted for and in his carriers bag, and still he would go back through and count everything at least five more times, before waking Ria.

Going back to the market place, they would find it almost completely empty except for a few guards. Time would seem to creep a long, but before long the market started to populated and the sun was climbing higher. Then he saw familiar faces in the crowd. There were more people going then he had thought. Ymia and Abjörnen were accompanied by two more Nords Otgar and Rona, five Imperials two of which Catus and Garrus were the only ones to introduce themselves, and a pretty Redguard girl who didn't look much older than Solduiran himself.

The girl looked out from under a hood with green eyes that almost seemed to glow even in the light. She had long silky black hair and beautiful light brown skin. There was a small silver ring in her nose. Solduiran's heart skipped a beat.

Solduiran for once in his life didn't know what to say but some how sputtered, "Hi, I am Solduiran Long-Finger..." She looked at him and smiled sweetly.

"I'm Tari."

Upon exiting the City the group became a little more lively, talking more freely. Like normal the Nords sat in the back of the carriage and talked loudly with each other and a few of the Imperials. Ria sat next to Abjörnen who was driving the carriage and listened intently to his stories of Skyrim. Two Imperials walked along side, not talking much. As for Tari and Solduiran they sat on the step on the back of the carriage and talked.

The two of them had an almost immediate connection as they talked about magic. Solduiran was a decent Mage for being a Nord, but felt a little ridiculous after being laughed at by Tari when saying what schools of magic he used, Alteration and Restoration. She on the other hand liked using Destruction and seemed to be fascinated with Enchanting. He quickly had her laughing and smiling as he made a few apples he had in his bag, dance around her.

Most of the time they would walk behind the wagon at night to talk while the others, including Ria, slept in the wagon. The two of them had many intimate conversations in hushed excited whispers. Their feet would hurt and blister but it didn't seem to matter as along the other person was there. During one stop, they fought with sticks and much to his embarrassment Solduiran was quickly bested.

Tari was a far better fighter than Solduiran as she was very athletic naturally. Solduiran was a little jealous and when he told her she laughed and said, "Why? You're smart and can talk a Khajiit into giving you his claws. Don't worry just 'cause you aren't the strongest or fastest doesn't mean you aren't dangerous in your own right."

"Oh, that makes me feel so much better," he would smile and turn his head away. Tari would walk closer to him and place her hand in his and her head on his shoulder.

"You know what I mean." Nuzzling her head into his arm playfully as they walked.

When group had reached the Brena River, which is the border to Cyrodiil and Hammerfell, the leader of the traveling band Arbjören announced that this was to be a their resting place for the night. Excited that they would have the opportunity to clean themselves after several days of walking on dusty roads and riding in the small dirty cart.

Clothes and armor were folded on the bank and washed. A campfire was made and tents pitched around the fire. Quickly the group had dinner cooked and all them were quickly filled. As darkness set in everyone drifted off to sleep except for Solduiran. He walked around and sat by the river and listened to run. Hearing a rustling behind him he turned startled, only to find warm glowing green eyes staring back at him.

"You scared me," he said happily.

"Of course I did, silly milk drinker," she said smiling as she sat down next to him.

"Shut up."

They laid down staring up the stars. Sleep quickly came, though it didn't last long as Solduiran woke to the sound of Abjörnen cursing because the horse had bit him. Tari's body was warm and soft as she was still sleeping beside him. As he woke her he saw the others get up. Abjörnen gave him a little grief but it wasn't serious.

After everyone had packed and had eaten breakfast they were on their way again. Walking behind the cart, Tari looked serious.

"You okay?"

"You know at Elinhir we have to split ways." Her voice wavered.

"Oh, I guess I never gave it much thought."

After a moment of silence, she tried to brighten the mood the best she could, "That's still aways a way. Did I ever tell you how I set my brother's favorite shirt on fire?"

At Elinhir the unfortunate truth of separation was setting in. The group had taken refuge in a small inn at the edge of the town. Solduiran was frantic with dismay. "Will I see yoagain? Come with me! No, could I could never ask that of you, but I lov..."

Tari was quick to cut him off, "Solduiran, we will meet again I promise."

"But when I..."

"I will be in touch, don't fret so much."

"I just..."

"Hush, everything will be okay, I promise." And with that Tari got her tip toes and kissed him on the cheek. She then gave him deep knowing and longing look before turning away to get into a north bound carriage. As it pulled away, Tari waved back to Solduiran until she disappeared around a bend.

He didn't want to move. Solduiran's feet were heavy. The world felt strange and empty all over again. As he felt loneliness set again Ria's voice cut through the fog.
"Solduiran, were going!" Turning he grabbed up his bag, and climbed into the carriage. He sat on the step and watched the bend until he could no longer see it. Skyrim was less than a day away and he began to be excited again. But even then he felt as if a part of him was on its way to Dragonstar.

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Good to see the issue of traveling to distant lands arise here! Tamriel is a large and often hostile place, so it's always an intriguing thought on how you would cover the many leagues to reach your destination.

You've definitely introduced the characters well, and you have clearly depicted a strong connection between Solduiran and Tari! I wonder what the future has in store for those two. I'll be keeping an eye out for Part II!

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