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A Chance Encounter - Part II: A Gift

Started by Solduiran Long-Finger
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The carriage clunked along the path. Skyrim didn't look much different than Cyrodiil or Hammerfell. Soldurian sat with his head in one hand. "You've been awful quite back there lad. You doin' alright?" Otgar leaned over looking concerned.

"He's been pretty broken up over that Redguard girl sense she left at Elinhir," Ymia said with an almost motherly tone. She wasn't teasing, not like she did most of the time. There was something in her voice that implied that she genuinely felt for him.

"Her name is Tari." He said rather plainly.

Garrus looked up. He had been enjoying some particularly strong Yokundan wine and quite possibly enjoyed more then he should have as spoke, "hey, I know what will help you kid, back in Cyrodiil I know few girls who for the right amount will be your friend for a night." He laughed and looked around at the others who didn't seem amused. "Tough crowd."

The trees seemed to seamlessly change from the short bushes and the those with low hanging branches perfect for climbing to tall towering trees that seemed to touch the sky itself. Solduiran couldn't help but to look up. Ria had her mouth hanging open as if it something new and that she had never seen and not just trees. He thought it was rather funny, she had seen Daedra summoned before her eyes but trees made her stare dumbfounded.

Abjörnen was slowing horse to a stop. The two kids snapped out of the trance. The town that Solduiran assumed was Falkreath looked to be made completely made of wood. Grabbing his bag from the carriage then he hoped down so he could help Ria down. Otgar and Ymia were whispering to each other. Solduiran walked up to thank them when they smiled and beat him to the punch, "Look lad we've got something for you." Ymia said this while Otgar went digging through a bag on the carriage.

"We want to one of Otgar's old pieces of armor. Skyrim is no walk in the park. And we have a feeling you'll be needing it," she said smiling. Otgar walked up holding a steel chest plate. He handed the heavy steel to Solduiran who put the armor on. It felt like he was giving Ria a piggy back ride. This caught him off guard and knocked the wind out of him for a moment.

"Thank you, I don't what to say," he gasped laughing a little.

"You don't have to anything, lad. I know a man here in Falkreath that owes me a favor. I am sure having you stay with him won't be the slightest bit of an inconvenience for him." Following Ymia after saying goodbye to the rest of the travelers, Ria and Solduiran found themselves standing in front of a farm house while Ymia laughed with a small man balding man. Ria made it clear by the look on her face that she wasn't keen on staying at the farm house.

"How long will we be staying?" She whimpered quietly to Solduiran. This girl hasn't done work a day in her life and the thought of that changing must be worrying her. That thought made Solduiran shake his head in pity for his naive sister.

"As long as we to until we can afford to get you to Winterhold," the vague answer didn't satisfy Ria as she folded her arms pouting. Ymia was motioning them over to where and the man stood. Upon closer inspection Solduiran that man was older that Ymia by several years.

Groughly he smiled and shook Solduiran's hand, introducing himself as Fulthor. As Fulthor and Ymia explained how the rooming would happen and the duties now expected of each Ria's tan face began to whiten to where she look more Solduiran. She looked like she was going to be sick.

Ymia then hugged the two kids and said farewell to all three. She made Ria promise to write if she ever needed anything. As she left, she gave Solduiran something. It was a small silver whistle. "The Redguard girl gave this to me and Otgar as payment for passage, I thought you might find this more valuable than I ever will." That caught Solduiran off guard and he didn't have time think or say thank you before Ymia had walked away. Still a little dumbfounded, he walked back to the house were Fulthor was still standing.

"I know it's not perfect, but it's comfy and keeps the ran off ya," he said showing Solduiran into the house.

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I like how the time is taken to show the relationship Solduiran has with those he meets on his journey. It's a nice thought to consider the many people that come and go in life.

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