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A Chance Encounter - Part III: A Bird's Eye View

Started by Solduiran Long-Finger
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The two months to follow were grueling for Solduiran. As a part of the agreement, he and Fulthor would cut lumber in the woods while Ria would stay and help his wife Agri and son Fjor on the farm. Ria quickly became excited about working after meeting Fjor, who was a handsome roughed boy around her age. Being that he was half-Breton, he shared some slight natural skill in magic, though growing up with a mother who was Nord it was never encouraged.

This would be where Ria would found her little niche with Fjor. With reluctance his mother would allow him to learn some magic. Allow though only fifteen years of age Ria could talk her way out of almost any situation, much like brother. She was a surprisingly good teacher for age. Fjor on the other hand didn't seem to interested at first but once he saw what he could do his enthusiasm skyrocketed.

The two were quick friends and it was obvious they liked one another. Solduiran hated this. He wanted Tari with him so much so that anything the two did made almost sick. We should Ria find love and rub it in his face? What kind of sister was she?

Most days were the same, by routine. Get up, eat, go to the woods, chop trees, eat, chop trees, haul what you could to the mill, eat, and sleep. Today, however, was a little different. Fulthor was back at the farm. He had hurt himself the day before when a big branch caught his leg. Fulthor would have been right back out here with Solduiran if Ria hadn't insisted on him staying, as she was trying to teach Fjor the art of healing, which was something that his mother actually was happy with. "Skyrim could always use more healers," she had said more than once.

Today, Solduiran was by himself. He wore his steel armor Otgar and Ymia had given him. His body had slowly gotten used to it after two months and hardly noticed it was there. With him he brought an axe, a small one handed woodcutters axe, and a hunting bow and iron arrows in case anything tried to interrupt work.

Solduiran was rather happy that he was alone today. Planned on burning off steam from being angry after catching Ria and Fjor kissing last night. Neither of Fjor's parents were home, and Solduiran had gone for a walk only to return a short while later. She was sitting on Fjor's lap and they were both in front of the fire.

Work was tough just like always. After getting into a rhythm Solduiran found it a little easier but not much. The sun was high in the air and made everything hot as Skyrim's summer was close to reaching its peak. He buried the axe head deep in the wood with one final hard swing. Sitting on a near by stump Solduiran panted sitting forward. Straightening a little, he felt a little something make a tiny thud against his chest, Tari's Whistle!

After a little while sitting just looking at it, feeling it from small opening facing him to the rounded clear glass end, he lifted it to his lips. Blowing a little at first, he noticed it made no sound, so he blew a little harder this time. Nothing, this frustrated Solduiran 'why would Tari keep something that didn't work?' He thought. He blew on the whistle one last time as hard as he could but this time he noticed a soft blue light hum from the little glass end. This confused him further but before he had anytime to think the flapping of wings in front of him caught his attention.

Looking up, Solduiran watched as two Eagles landed in front of him. One was much smaller than the other and seemed much younger. Rising Solduiran approached slowly giving in to curiosity. The Eagles did not move. They seemed to have collars. There was a small clear orb dangling from each collar matching in size and shape to the one attached to the whistle.

The smaller of the two had a piece of paper tied around its left leg. This bird had particularly long claws on its feet, making the larger eagle's claws look small. Carefully Solduiran untied the note and unrolled it. It read:

"Dear Solduiran,

If you read this then know that I am safe in Hammerfell. My father raises these courier eagles and I wanted you to have a way to contact me if you needed me. The bigger of the two is named Thane, he is strong and reliable, like you. The Carrier of the this note is named Talon. He might be small now but he will grow, give him time. He is also rather affectionate. Don't send for me unless you absolutely need me. I wish I could write more.


"Talon," Solduiran murmured softly. At the sound of his Talon hopped over to Solduiran and looked into his face. Solduiran smiled at the bird. On cue it nuzzled its head into Solduiran's leg. Looking up Solduiran said, "Thank you Tari."

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