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A Cunning Plan Volume I

Started by Iogairn
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“Ah, go on,” Iogairn urged. “Tell us what’s in that box!”

Audene Laurel shook his head with a smile.

“I’m afraid my employers would have my guts for garters if word got out what was in that box. Besides, I don’t even know you!”

Iogairn threw his arms in the air with a cheerful laugh.

“Well, that’s a great travesty on your part. But we both know how to rectify that problem. Barkeep, another bottle of your finest Colovian wine!”

The Breton official raised his hand to stop the order.

“I’m afraid I must attend my business. Well, my lad, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you. I don’t hear many people interested in my job as a tax collector.”

Iogairn’s face was the very picture of dismay.

“Well, if you really must go, take this pendant. It’ll keep you safe from pickpockets and thieves. Divines know that you’ll need it in this crime-ridden city.”

Audene beamed and lifted his jacket to place to place the gem in his pocket. Underneath the folds, Iogairn saw the gleam of what looked like a very important key.

“Why thank you, my boy! I had no idea that there were such charitable people in these times. It is such a travesty that you are leaving this very night!”
Iogairn grimaced.

“Aye, well, that is the life of the performer. Always on the move. Yes, even just before night. We have a nocturnal performance in Waye, and we need the lack of light to make our performance even more dramatic.”

In the corner of his sight he saw Iusepus trying to make eye-contact.

“...and since you obviously know what you’re talking about-“

“I’m sorry, but my boss seems to wish to speak to me. And I shouldn’t stop such an important figure attending his duties for much longer.”

Iogairn smiled to show he meant no offence with the interruption. Audene nodded and continued with the praise until Iogairn reminded him again of his duties. When the tax-collector had left the inn, Iogairn strode over to Iusepus and rested his arm on the wall.

“Hey, there. I saw you were making the eyes at me. How about I get you a drink and we see how we go from there?”

Iusepus raised an eyebrow.

“I’m sorry, I was interested in the piece of wall behind you. The paint is drying, and that’s what took my fascination.” He sniffed. “Besides, you’re not my type. I like my men more manly.”

Iogairn stepped back and placed his hand on his heart, wincing in mock pain. Then his eyes lit up in mischievousness.

“And from what I remember, you also like your women that way.”

Iusepus groaned. “You’re never going to forget that are you? Divines’ sake Iogairn, it was one night!”

Iogairn’s smile grew even wider.

“One night’s embarrassment, a whole lifetime of mocking!”

Iusepus thought about replying and then decided against it. It just lent more ammunition to the Reachman. Besides, they had a job to do.

“What did you get from him? What is he carrying in that box?”

Iogairn’s face grew more serious immediately. “I don’t know. But it’s in his room and his key is in his right pocket, underneath the golden buckle with the image of Julianos.

Iusepus thought for a moment.

“So the usual pick pocketing method then?”

Iogairn nodded.

“I gave him that gem. It’ll lighten up the jacket like a firework meaning it’ll be easy for Raeduil to get find it. The river below should provide a good dropping point to get the key. Just have Darion in position to catch it.”

Iusepus smiled. Whatever was in that box, was going to come out very soon...

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

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