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A diamond in the rough (rp)

Started by Roflwaffleauthoritah
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Ebonheart Pact
In the dark swamps of Argonia there is an inn, a tavern. It is a beacon of hope to all explorers, adventurers and lost souls in the unforgiving and deadly swamps. It is called "the dirty diamond" and is a place un touched by the war. However it is in the clutches of something much more sinister... Wilderness. Miles and miles of unrelenting wilderness that threatens to torture you at every chance it gets. That is, if the "inhabitants" don't get you first. To reach the dirty diamond is an amazing feat, one that young adventurers try to complete. It is a proving ground of sorts. Few attempt the journey and even fewer survive it. However, they are often to compelled with conquering such a brutal gauntlet that the plan of getting back doesn't cross their minds...

The tavern is beautifully well lit and is housing a local tribe of argonians, legend has it that the tribe captures innocent people and tortures them for days on end before savagely sacrificing them- but that's just a legend... The bar is being manned by one grizzly looking argonian that has scars across his face and burns on his arms. He seems content with his situation. The tables and chairs are all randomly placed around the room with barely enough space to get past them. Those tables have heard a lot of tales of how adventurers triumphed against the swamps and got to the tavern and you will carry on that tradition. You will arrive at the tavern and tell the tale of your travels, banter, bar fights and all out drunkenness may follow...

Death to Queen Ayrenn!
Down with the covenant!
Glory to the pact!

Xhuvara - Argonian guerrilla fighter and leader of the shadow fangs

Azhir - Redguard knight dedicated to the art of war
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