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A Dream in Flames: Part 1 Old Friends

Started by MaxxRocker
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The crackling of a dying fire was a morbidly pleasant sound. At least that is what the old dunmer and his argonian friend had always thought. In the embers each of them could see a piece of themselves flash before them just like the passing age they had been a part of. Yes like the ones before it this age to was passing and with it and so many fade with not but a whisper left of their name or deeds.

They become history, and then legend, and then myth, and someday they are all, but forgotten fading into the void with all the others before them. Kaaos and Droxun'Jal were the names of these men and many deeds they had done some good and some bad, but none without affect or purpose. The years had passed and though some were unkind they both sat now seeing these flashes and sparks blink in and out of existence and it was sobering to think that for a moment they and the spark were really not so different.

Kaaos stood up slowly and looked for some dry logs to toss on the fire trying to bring it back to life so this cold would not on this morning star night get the better of them. As he put the logs down he snapped his fingers and they burst into flames. They danced and in them they both began to see A dream of the life they had lived play before them and with smiles coming across their face and soon they found themselves helpless to resit the temptation of reminiscing on the days of their youth. It brought a sense of happiness that helped them avoid the inevitable truth that they were a dying breed. A dunmer war hero and follower of the old ways and a true argonian shaman of the deep marshes. The world was moving on and as it did it was forgetting them, but for this night they had time to spend trying to hold on to the memories.

Kaaos looked to Droxun'Jal and laughed a little before he began to speak.
"It's been quite some time hasn't it? All the adventures we've had can you believe how old we are now sitting by a fire just fighting the cold?" Kaaos finished and laughed at himself and as he heard that familiar hiss like laughter come from Droxun he couldn't help but begin to laugh louder.

After they shared a moment of laughter they turned back to the topics at hand.

Kaaos sighed heavily and said with a longing tone "I remember back during those days in my prime when I was running around and wonder how I got here."

Droxun nodded and laughed he could only imagine it. He spoke in an amused tone "Can you believe we are here all cause you tried to kill me once? Years have gone by now we sit here old as the dirt laughing and it all started with a failed shot."

Kaaos looked to him and smiled "I never really knew what I was doing back then to be honest still had the same fire the same passion, but no direction." Both of the men sighed heavily as they looked into the fire seeing that night so long ago in the depths blackmarsh near black rose.

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