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A Drunken Beggar

Started by Nehemia
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Llaren Andas, a young male Dunmer (Or was it a Nord?) set his mind, onward to a quest to find his true self. Mister Andas has no profession, other than spending his hard earned coin to booze and brothels. People most commonly refer to him as a drunken beggar, although his appearance is distinguishable, and vastly different from a regular beggar in rags. A walking cane that seemingly belonged to a noble man, apparently though, the gem from the end of the cane is long gone. Which is quite understandable, one consumes too much spirits and the next thing he does is passing out in the ditch. That cat on skooma stole it, for sure. And its time for the skooma cat to pay for such treachery.

Mister Andas possessed two sets of clothing, real fancy ones to say. However, its a mystery how he gained possession of such clothing, the man is neither rich nor does he possess a heritage to wealth. The problem is, he didn't like the coloring, so he met up his mind. He went to a tailor, who he knew from the gambling circles, and used his hard earned winnings to split the sets of clothing into two, and mixing them up. Now, he had a two-colored sets of clothing, much more comfortable, according to his own words.

Even though the clothes were comfortable, there was little comfort in Mister Andas's heart. He knew that the skooma cat was tricksy, and there is no way than in a fair fight he could defeat such a magnificent creature. So he came up with a plan, a real nasty plan, suffice to say.

So began Llaren Andas's search for this cat, on his travels he met a Khajiit who spoke of a real confusing Khajiit. It had to be him, obviously that certain cat on skooma is the most confusing cat in all the Nirn.

It did not take long for Mister Andas to find this certain cat in the outskirts of Cyrodil, which had already turned into a warzone. The cat agreed to a gamble to get the gem back, the gem versus the life of Mister Andas. Such stakes were sufficient for the skooma cat.

The game was simple, they sat down in the woods nearby to a round table, with two chairs made of wood. Unlike Mister Andas's clothes, the chairs weren't comfortable.

The gamble was easy, on the both sides of the table, there were eight sweetrolls, the one to consume the eight sweetrolls the quickest wins.
Suffice to say, the skooma cat devoured the sweetrolls in record time, and rose from the table victorious. Mister Andas handed him the knife, and just as the confusing Khajiit was about to strike the knife into the heart of Mister Andas, the Khajiit fell down. The Dunmers masterplan worked! The poison crippled the Khajiit, and the cat fell paralyzed to the ground.

It was time for Mister Andas's revenge, he searched the Khajiit, but the gem wasn't there. In fury, the Dunmer skinned the Khajiit alive, and as he happened to be good at tailoring, against all odds, he made the cat into a hat. More precisely, a skooma cat hat.

Bugger though, he forgot he should have made the Khajiit title himself, which he forgot to do. So now the title isn't passed on to him. Well, guess one can wait for another chance to come up. I mean, its a family title, gets passed on from Mister Andas to himself every few thousand years. (Every one knows a man is worth nothing without a proper title.)

The most unfortunate twist of the story, is indeed the fact that the skooma cat hat didn't properly match Mister Andas's clothing. So he put the hat in a bag. And everyone knows that cats HATE bags.
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Cats hate bags indeed, haha ;) Nice read, Nehemia :D

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