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A Game of Chance Volume IV

Started by Iogairn
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Chapter 4

Vultus opened the door and sighed.
“You again?” he asked despairingly.
“Lovely to see you too.” Iogairn smiled and proceeded before Vultus could object “Listen, do you have the ...something.?” he asked. Vultus looked puzzled. “What something?”
Iogairn just waved his hands around in front of him, as if trying to mould the potion out of the air.
“You know. The ...something. The thing. The whatitsname.” After seeing none of these words brought comprehension he said. “The thing I... Iusepus broke.”
Vultus raised a clipped eyebrow.
“Oh that. A mixture of vampire dust and...”
Iogairn shook his head hastily. “No time. Could you get... YOU MADE ME DRINK VAMPIRE DUST!!!” he shrieked.
Vultus shrugged, not seeing the problem. “Yes, you see, a skilled alchemist can use its properties...”
“YOU PUT A DEAD VAMPIRE IN MY MOUTH! THATS A DEAD... DEAD PERSON!” he shuddered and counted to ten. “Doesn't matter... just... can you get it for me?”
Vultus crossed his arms. “Well, there's usually a price.”
Iogairn eyed him. “I have have just discovered that dead vampires have been in my mouth. I think I have suffered enough.”
Not seeing Vultus budge he sighed and fumbled in his pocket for his coin-purse and took out a septim. Vultus raised an eyebrow. Five more appeared. Vultus smiled a thin smile and took out the ...something. “Pleasure doing business with you.”
Iogairn glared at him and walked away muttering “Bloody vampire dust... the nerve”.
Vultus shook his head and turned around to see the inn-keep standing behind him.
“Just came up to see what the noise was. You didn't tell them about the vampire dust again did you.”
Vultus sighed exasperatedly. “It has alchemical properties used for medicine. Just because the untrained mind...”
The inn-keep just nodded wearily “I know Vultus, I know...”

Iogairn paid the guard with the money he just stole from a passer-by, having used up all his money to pay for the something, to let him into the prison. Then he paid some more to keep quiet. Having entered the prison unescorted he looked around at the establishment.
Not the worst I've seen, he thought. The group had taken up most of the cells so there was a lot of sharing. Confusingly there were a lot of whispers of “Traitor!”. Accusing eyes stared back at him as he searched for Iusepus. He found him sitting in a cell with a Khajiit named Qa'dara. He walked over.
“Iusepus!” he called. Iusepus stood up with a smile on his face.
“What in Oblivion are you doing here? You're normally on the other side of the bars.”
Iogairn grinned back. “Rescuing a fair maiden of course. Well... maiden.” After sniggering for a few seconds he asked “Why is everyone accusing me of being a traitor?”
Iusepus looked uncomfortable. “ had just gone into town when we were attacked. It made sense.”
“Despite the fact that slimy, good-for-nowt bastard Trope wasn't there either.” Iogairn spat. Iusepus winced.
“I never liked him but...”
“No-one did. That's why he's a slimy, good-for-nowt bastard.” Iogairn rolled his eyes. “Anyway, I've thought of a plan to help you escape.”
He pulled out the ...something. “Remember this.”
Iusepus grimaced in acknowledgment of their old foe.
“Right, I'm going to put this in the guards drinks just before the execution. You see, after drinking it, my limbs weren't able to move; it's a tranquiliser. The guards won't be able to lift their swords to stop us. I'll buy enough horses to take us far away from here.”
Iusepus thought for a moment then grinned and said. “The people always like a show.”
Iogairn rolled his eyes. “You never stop having a love for dramatics do you? Right well I'll...”
“He's in there!” Sod it, the guard must have told. He hid behind the wall leading up to the stairs. When the guards came down he pushed past him and ran straight into the next one.
"Stop! You have violated the 'mmph!" As Iogairn's fist connected with his jaw. He hurried out, turned left, and ran into a group of guards. This always happens to me doesn't it, he thought.
“Stop! You have violated the...”
In the manner of the Imperial before he shrieked, “What the hell do you think you're doing! There is a criminal on the loose and you're stopping me!”
The guard looked confused then mumbled
“Sorry sir. There's been a misunderstanding.” Iogairn smiled inwardly but shrieked at them again.
“Well don't just stand there! GO!”
They hurried off behind him. As they were safely behind him he shouted “And don't do it again!”
He managed to get out of town comparably easily, as most of the guards were trying to figure out who this visiting noble was. He didn't go back to the camp as he didn't like the idea of sleeping with dead bodies around. Instead he curled up by a tree and hoped for peaceful dreams. His hopes were dashed...

“So My Lord, it was just a misunderstanding. I didn't know that man. Doubtless he was just some drunk.” It wasn't as elaborate lie as Iogairn's, but he thought it would do. The Count of Chorrol on the other hand thought differently.
“Custos, fetch the witness.” The guard went away and brought back with him Alec Trope, smiling that oh-so-mocking smile of his.
“My Lord, I saw Iogairn come in here with a bottle. No doubt he would wish to use it to escape.”
Iusepus snarled at him. “Traitor!” he spat. He never insulted, always paid his bills. He didn't want to kill people. He just wanted an acting troupe. He didn't hate anybody. But Trope wasn't even worthy of being called a person. Trope just sneered.
“My Lord, if you want my humble opinion...”
“Which I don't particularly.” The count muttered. He wasn't a cruel man. He just wanted to keep the law.
“Yes my Lord, but you might want to consider not having a public execution. That might lead to a chance of escape.”
It took a few seconds for Iusepus to comprehend what he was suggesting. “You're going to kill” he choked.
The count frowned. “Why should it matter to you where and when you die?” he asked.
Iusepus thought for a suitable answer. “ lord... I am... an acting master. I desire an audience. I need a crowd when I die, so that I might be remembered as the evil villain. You could even use me in a fairy tale as the horrible ogre who steals your money when you're sleeping.”
The Count muttered something under his breath,
“Fine." He turned to the guards." Just search him before you do anything. And bring the executions forward an hour. Then you still get a crowd and no chance of your friend showing up, eh?” Trope still looked uncomfortable but agreed to it. They walked out, leaving Iusepus in the darkness.

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congrats on your "the tamrial Chronicle" spotlight Iogairn
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