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A Knight, his sword and a song.

Started by melapibus
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Ebonheart Pact
A brave Knight, after winning a great battle, was overtaken with grief and sadness. Whilst others returned home to their wives and children, the Knight took a mysterious path, leading to a great ancient tree. There lied a rock, upon where Knight sat. Aching and weary of war, he begun his lamentation:

Once a blade has
Touched the blood
Of an enemy,
It no longer
Reflects the splendor
Of innocence.

That is the burden
I carry;
This unsheathed instrument
Of pain;
This metal, this thing
Which knows no life.

How I long for days
When I roamed fields
Of brown wheat
And green woods,
The corolla of my life.

How sweet the face
Of my love,
Laughing at the sound of
Strings and flute,
The music that I once heard
And played.

That life
Is no more,
For I have chosen to
Lay down song
For a sword.

Armor and shield:
I wear them proudly on my breast
And arms.
These limbs, once weak,
Are made strong in might.

The path I had chosen
Was to walk alongside those
Brave men who knew only
Iron, blood and smoke.

I too learned
To smell the evil
Concoction that is
Blood with earth,
Water with bitter taste.

I too mingled
With beasts and
Crawling snakes
Full of venom and malice,
Wolves in dark woods.

The fear of darkness
Like the fiendish visions
That diminished in the fog.

Fear, traded with hate;
Hate, strengthened by arms;
Arms, united in collective
Stupor and desire of death.

My soul grows dark
And diminished,
While my strength and honor
Increases with the many
Heads I have won.

I am become the
Darkness I was battling.
I am become the Evil Lord
Which overtook my land.
I know not who I am.

The last victory
Was my demise.
Sword, armor, shield!
Let them all fall down like cold corpses!

I now stand naked,
Weak and powerless.
I am overcome with madness
And a sudden sickness,
Of bloody origins.

What has taken my mind?
Do I sense sorcery?
Who hides in the midst
Of the fog ahead of me?

“I am no sorcerer, brave knight”
“I am an angel, and not a spell”
“I am a visitor, and not a vision”
“I am the one with a quest”

My life is an unfinished
And failed quest, spirit.
I have taken
A vow to battle
All evil in all corners of the world.

And yet I fear I have become this evil.
I am not worthy of another quest,
Unless that is the final mission
Of my death.

“I am no spirit, brave knight”
“I am the one with a quest”
“Your shield, sword and armor”
“Gather them at once!”

And this quest
I am to take,
This new adventure
I am to learn,
What lies in the end?

“I am no seer, brave knight”
“I am the one with a quest”
“Go to the East, and find the Lake”
“There lies a love and a song”
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