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A Lesson on the River

Started by Ulwe
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By the age of 21 years, Ulwe had gone through enough training to call himself a true Jaqspur. His last few years of training and study had broadened his skills in hunting and tracking. He even now rivaled the skills of his bother Tarandiil, though he was still not quite at his level.

His maturity had also greatly increased. He now understood the importance of his personal learning. The skills and information he could learn would only help him to survive. The weak and the ignorant die easily, and Ulwe was determined to be neither. He was tempted at times to join the Silvenar's Guard, like Tarandiil, but he felt like he had a different calling.

Ulwe decided he needed to travel a bit to learn what he should do. He started with Arenthia, then circled Valenwood, going to Haven, then Southpoint saw all of the major cities. He found joy in learning more about his cousins in other parts of his country, and seeing the beauties Valenwood had to offer. In all his travels he learned of the true beauty of his home in Silvenar. None of the flora or fauna he had seen even compared to the vibrant colors of Silvenar. The natural artwork of the forest--the beauty of the land was his home.

When he came to the last portion of his journey he hired a boat to take him to Falinesti. The boatman's name was Arlas, and there was a small troop of Altmer Soldiers aboard heading to the same place.

One Altmer in particular named Mithron became good friends with Ulwe. He told him about his many adventures before he joined the Summerset Army. He told him of his experiences dealing with bandits as a soldier, and the wonders of Summerset and the Crystal-Like Law. He even marveled at Ulwe's skill with a bow as he asked him to demonstrate on targets around the ship.

"I have never been skilled with a bow. I prefer my sword and my magic," he would say, and then show off is fire magic in his hand.

One night, only a day away from Falinesti, Ulwe awoke to a loud BOOM followed by the whole ship jerking to the port side. He launched to his feet and almost tipped over trying to steady himself. The Altmer soldiers had similar difficulty, but had managed to quickly reach for their weapons and some of their armor, all the while shouting "What in Oblivion?!" or other profanities. Another blast came, this time much closer to their bunk. A wall blew inward littering them with slivers and splinters of wood and fire as the ship rocked once again.

Ulwe fell, grasping at his bow. The soldiers were quick to make sure all were well before jetting through the door and up the ladder to finding what was causing this destruction. When the reached the deck there was no time to think. There was a battle unfolding before them as Imperial bandits poured in from gangways and ropes from small bunkers in the trees.

Swords clashed, spells blasted and arrows flew through the air. Ulwe fired rapidly into the trees knowing where every archer hid. After every arrow he fired, one less arrow came back at them.

This method didn't last long as the footmen began to notice what he was doing. The swords turned on him and the speed at which they came was too fast for him to dodge and fix an arrow to them at the same time. All he could do was retreat with every step. The arrows also started coming at him and he realized that he was done for. There was no way he could handle this many people at such a short distance.

As Ulwe almost embraced his fate Mithron pounced on the Imperials. It was a sight to see, all the weaving of his sword and his taking overwhelming control of the situation. His swordplay was well advanced and beautiful to watch. Ulwe expected nothing less from an Altmer.

Regaining his footing, Ulwe began his firing again into the archers, this time staying close to Mithron. He almost started feeling bad for the Imperials. They clearly didn't know they would be attacking a ship full of soldiers form Alinor. But they seemed to understand soon as they quickly began retreating back into the forest.

There were about 15 dead total, roughly a fourth of them were from Ulwe's side. Among them was the captain, and the others died from the blasts to the ship which obliterated their ship. The took what valuables they could and set up camp on the shore of the river.

"Thank you, Mithron, for.. back there. I thought I was finished."

"No thanks necessary. You are a good soldier," he said, then added "with a little training of course" laughing. "I don't want any of my men to die, and it would be a shame to lose one so young! Really. You are like an infant."

"Ok, I get it!" Ulwe said laughing along. After a while Ulwe asked "How long did it take to master the sword like that?"

Mithron looked at him then said, "Master? Well I have been studying sword-play for nearly three centuries but I would say I am FAR from mastering it. And your bowmanship could use some work too," he smiled.

"MY bowmanship?"

"Sure, you have a lot of natural skill, which is expected for a Bosmer, but I have seen many mer truly devote themselves--and it shows. They surpass what basic talent can provide. Of course, you can too. Imagine your talent coupled with that kind of devotion."

"Hmm, maybe you are right... But it will be difficult for me now. All I want to do is master swordplay now!" he joked.

Mithron was silent for a second then said in a serious tone, "Then why don't you come with us back to Alinor?"

((A much shorter one this time :D ))
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