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A Mother's Love (Part 1)

Started by Madalynn
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"Grip the bow a bit tighter this time. That's it now steady your arm. Hold it right there. Breathe in...and...release." I let go of the string of my bow and watch as the arrow flies gracefully straight at the practice target. I smile as the wind catches the fletching, turns the arrow a bit to the right like i was expecting, and sinks directly into the center of the target.

"Excellent!" My mother, Aziera, claps her hands together in delight. "You have a gift my sweet Madalynn." She gleams down at me. "And at 10 years old, too. I'm so proud."

I smile and lean into her side, hugging her around the waist. I look up at her face and think of how I hope to look like her one day. One day I want to be that beautiful. Everyone says we look alike but I don't think so.

"Come on now, time for supper." I pick up my bow and a few scattered arrows and run back to the house.

Dinner is fresh venison from this morning when my mother went hunting and baked potatoes from out in our garden. I help my mother prepare the meat and harvest the potatoes. She cooks while I run our clothes out to the stream to be washed. After we eat and settle down for bed I decide to ask her what I have been thinking about all day.

I walk out to the front room. "Moma?"

"Hhmm?" She continues to read her book by the fireplace.

"I was thinking. Tomorrow is my birthday and I think I know what I want this year." She looks up from her book and I give her a little smile. "Well I'm getting real good at the bow and I was wondering if I could come hunting with you tomorrow morning. Just to try it out. I want to learn how to do it like you." I wait, eager for her response.

"I'm not sure Mady. I don't think your going to like it once you're out there. I want you to learn but maybe next year."

"Moma please! I won't be no trouble and I'll wake up real early and I'll even carry your bow and quiver for you!" I run up to her and sit at her feet. "Please?"

"Mady you do know hunting means killing animals. Deer doesn't come already skinned and cut up for you." she says concerned.

"I know but I can do it! I can do it just like you." I rest my hands on her lap and look right into her eyes. "I promise."

She sighs and thinks for a moment. "Well I suppose you're going to have to hunt soon enough. Make sure your bow is ready. We will have to leave before the sun rises." She smiles and looks down at me. You can still see a bit of worry in her eyes.

I jump up and give her a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She laughs and I run to get my things ready for tomorrow morning. Afterwards, I flop into my bed and look out my window. I won't be able to sleep tonight, that's for sure. My mother has taught me how to cook, garden, even fashion leather into armor and clothing. The only thing I have yet to learn is hunt.
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I really like this =] You really captured the character of mother and daughter really well. I could hear the little girls voice and the concern of the mother in the writing.

Very well written and please continue writing more.

Andremada Fellhammer Pruzaanmar of the Bromlokiir

"He is happy whom circumstances suit his temper; but he is more excellent who suits his temper to any circumstance."
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Really nice, a touching story :)

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