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A Mountain Wanderer, Kagrenzel

Started by Elric Greywolf
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Today, scaling the peaks of Eastmarch in search of fox pelts and venison, I came upon a dwarven structure. Not expecting to find anything so profitable this high in the wilderness, I naturally entered the ruin, noting the impressive stonework embossing the outer walls. As I passed through the gates I could make out some script above the door: Kagrenzel, it read. I had never heard of this particular city, and I later learned why.

I entered quietly (sometimes bears or other, less natural creatures make their abode in such a location), and a glow appeared over a pedestal in the centre of the room. By its light, I could make out the bodies of two dead bandits. While the clothes of one were rather tattered, the other had very fine stitching, and impressive embroidery on his cuffs. My first guess was a falling out between the two; since I possess some scant medical knowledge, I examined the bodies before proceeding further. I could discover no mark or mar on their flesh, and no broken glass to indicate a phial of poison, which led me to suspect the magical light had something to do with their deaths.

Being the adventurous type, I touched the floating orb. With a harsh clang I was suddenly surrounded by metal grilles, and a faint chime and thick smoke emitted from the walls around me. I hastily raised my scarf, soaked in a variety of extracts and potions for just such an occasion.

After a short time the fog dissipated, but before I could think any further, the floor fell out from beneath me. I plummeted hundreds of feet, past mystical carvings and glowing fungi to land, after what felt like minutes of falling, in a deep subterranean pool. I had sprained an ankle, but suffered no worse injury. As I floated in the lake, wondering whether the ripples I saw were from my landing or some more sinister presence lurking in the water, I heard the unmistakable, croaking chuckle of a falmer.

I knew I was in trouble.
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