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A new adventurer! (Suggestions are welcomed (needed))

Started by Nicklas
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Sorry for the long text, but I hope you enjoy! Feel free to add to it, it will be appreciated!

Firstname –

Surname –

Title -

The archeologist

Sex –

Race –
What do you guess!

Age –

Occupation –

Faction –
Mage’s Guild

Appearance –
He is a relatively young Breton, tall but frail with short brown hair and eyes. He has a somewhat elongated face and flat nose. His eleven ancestries could be seen by looking at his ears that kept a slightly pointed shape and his hands. His frail build combined with his thrill for exploration make him wore light to medium clothes/armor.

Social Background/Backstory –
Nicklas grew up in a pretty common and normal Breton family. His father was working at the jarl’s court and despite having deep respect from him, he didn’t seen him has a true father figure. Often absent, he was not involved much in day to day life of the household. He was brining enough money so they could have a pretty decent living, but did not care much about anyone else feelings than his. Loving being the center of attention, he liked going to the jarl’s court doing business with important leaders and being seen has an important being. Being educated, Nicklas could have fitted well in this universe, but he was lacking the ambition to strive in this kind of job. On the other hand, his mother was a teacher. Strict but caring, she was very protective but encourage his independence has he grew older, seeing he was more the book type than the sword. Often complaining about the past, never seeming to be truly happy in the present. His one year younger brother, after an adolescence hanging with common thugs, started running on gold has a merchant. Often having some illegal activities on the side, probably more for the thrill than the need has he been a hard worked and never running out of money. Nicklas never had the strong build of his brother, neither the arrogance nor the need for danger. His smaller build and less attractive look always made him more of a loner. He had few friends but those he considered as such were very important in his heart. Bad at physical prowess and aim, at school he wasn’t much accepted by others who were enjoying sports and combat. He was simply way more proficient with is head than his hands. He couldn’t be further apart from his brother. Contrarily to him, he did not quit school at a young age to do hand work. He stayed in school, doing small jobs on the side to get enough money to live. His mother highly caring about education supported him for a while, giving him money to pay academic fees. But he did envy his younger brother, always more popular and wealthy. Physically strong and appealing, no girls were resisting long to him. He often thought that if he had tried harder to be physically fit he could have become like his younger brother. He was never has bold has him, always more fearful than him. He wished he was one of these adventurers that never shy away and get praised for their exploits. In fact, every relationship he had, he searched for that. He had a white knight syndrome, always trying to finding lady in distress that needed his help. He was often giving money to girls in needs or trying to help woman in any possible ways he could. He was always looking to find a desperate one, so he could help her. He enjoyed being the savior, being praised for helping her. He was searching the popularity feeling he seen his father and brother gets from others.

Still, he chose to pursue higher studies far from home. Cutting somewhat the bonds with his family, feeling his place was elsewhere. He still visits them often, each time he has enough money for the trip back. He enjoyed the scholar life, always learning, always discovering. He could never shy away from a good mystery. Loving books and ancient history, Snow elves and Dwemer were naturally of high interest for him. He had a huge collection of books on the subject and other stories about Daedric princes and magic. His favorite books were "Notes on racial phylogeny" by the imperial university, also obviously the famous "On Oblivion" and "The doors of Oblivion". He loved most of his class in academia. He started by wanting to become an archeologist, a great explorer finding mysteries in Dwemer ruins or ancient tombs filled with precious artifacts. But the heroes of legends and books were appealing to him; he did not think that he could be a successful career for him. Everything seemed to already have been discovered. Not much tombs and precious artifacts were still to be uncovered he thought. Perhaps if he had step foot further in the wild he might had been proven wrong, but his sense of adventure was never strong enough to just leave and see. Despite his sense that in this world everything was already discovered and few places were still unheard of, on the other hand, human life itself was the biggest unknown yet to be discovered. There was such mystery still hiding there. Restoring life, healing was such poorly known and most people weren’t caring much. Only seeking a healer when sick and never really wondering how life itself was actually working. Healing was very appealing to him and satisfying his humongous need to help others. His research was much appreciated in academia, even if most scholars thought that it was useless, they did not see any harm in amelioration of restoration and healing knowledge. But the limit of life is eventually death, and to better understand life, you must understand death. He wasn’t talking necromantic. He did not enjoy dead bodies, neither was he trying to get immortal or raise an army of servants to bend his will, but he knew that the better understanding of life needed to learn from what necromancers already knew. But he never did go as far has studying necromancy itself. It was immoral in his eyes and was way too afraid of the consequences if he was discovered. Still, he deeply knew that healers could benefits from necromancy knowledge. But he sure kept that opinion for himself.

Shortly after he had finished his studies, he was going back to his home city, wondering what he was going to do next with his seemingly pathetic life. Thinking that he might do quests for wealthier men to gain enough to start a career in something… quite frankly, he did not know what he wanted to do. Perhaps simply doing some research at the university with other scholar colleagues… or becoming a healer… he simply hadn’t any clues. He was sitting at the back of the carriage with the other passengers, looking at the stars that were starting to shine, a copy of "2920, v05, Second seed" on his knees. He barely had time to notice the torches coming out of the forest, the first thing he knew, he was on the ground like the others, a men pressing on his back. They were quickly taken into a seemingly old structure underground. The room was made of stones, many of them crackled or missing, leaving the view of the ground behind. They were thieves, asking for money and who figures out that if these people could afford a carriage probably their family would give something to get them back. Nicklas quickly figured out that they were in for a very rough time. Some of the bandits were already saying that even if they did get some ransom, getting rid of the witness might be safer. He would have never dared facing one of them hand to hand. They were clearly brutes of greater power than him, but they did not realize he knew magic and so they had bound his hand in front of him. Has they were further, only checking on their victims with quick glances, talking on their next move, Nicklas cast a fury spell in their direction, before quickly rolling in a safer darker spot. Two bandits got affected and went enraged by the spell, attacking each other’s and anything they could see. They killed two passengers in their rage. Nicklas knew there were more of them and when they would be back, they were no better than dead if they could not escape. With the help of the two remaining passenger, they unbound themselves quickly. The front door was not safe has they did not know how many enemies were still left. They decided to go into the tunnel that was opening at the back of the room, hoping it would lead to a secondary exit. Has the tunnel been becoming darker; they finally ended near an open sky gigantic pit. Inside, the moon was reflecting on massive doors of a Dwemer structure. They climbed up the ledge to get back to the surface and quickly took direction of the nearest city, not even speaking of what just happened. The two other were actually looking at him with disdain, probably for the death of the other two passengers. They did not even think of thanking him for probably having saved their lives. From there, they all took different path,

Nicklas came back home has he was supposed to do. But one the visit was done; he geared up and went back to the pit. He had to know what was behind these doors. At that very moment, he knew what kind of life he wanted. Raising his nose from the book and getting his hands dirty with adventures. He knew he was more able than he ever thought. A new life was coming.

Best Memory –
The sight of the Dwemer ruins shining under the moon light. The thrill of discovering and adventures he felt at this single moment. The feeling that his life was changing and that the next step was the beginning of a great adventure.

Worst Memory –
The reject he was feeling from his comrades in school for being different.

Skills -

Light or medium armor, one handed, magic

Challenges for the Character -

He has a white knight syndrome, always needing to save woman in distress. He often gets carried away and so is easily influenced. He wants to discover hidden places and mystery, he wants to be a great adventurer, but he is somewhat frail and a poor fighter, unable to wear heavy armor or two handed weapons. He is a bit skittish, but has courage inside that he doesn’t suspect.

Birthsign –

Religious Views –
He worship Hermaeus Mora
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A pretty good (first?) character, well developed and lore abiding. However, I'd maybe loosen the associations with 'school', since there's little evidence of that kind of education for youth in Tamriel and it feels kind of out of place. But he could certainly have been educated by tutors, his father seems wealthy enough.

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Good point! I don't know when it actually begins in Tamariel. They should have some systehm thus since they can't simply went from zero to arcane university...
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