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A New Chapter

Started by Grape Drank
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This is a story I have been working on for a while. I thought it would be kind of cool to incorporate some of the game's events in with my old rp character. For all intents and purposes he is not like the vestige, but rather just someone who lived through the events of ESO.


Much has changed since the start of the alliance war. The Mane has thrown the destiny of Elsweyr into the hands of elves. Many who hailed from Elsweyr were understandably upset with this, but there was little choice in the matter. Tamriel was about to erupt in warfare, and the Khajiit could not stand alone. What was the Mane to do? Join forces with the Ebonheart Pact, home to the Argonians who were believed to unleash the Khanaten Flu that devastated Elsweyr and the Dunmeri slavers who often raided Khajiit settlements, or join with the Aldmeri Dominion who helped repel the disease and restore order to the Khajiiti homeland? The elves may have been long time enemies but they never stooped to such dishonorable acts as the Argonian and Dunmer did. Former enemies must become allies in the face of greater dangers, or so one Khajiit soldier thought.

Do’Shanji had a long hatred for elves. He was there at the battle over Dune when the city was besieged by them. Many Khajiit were slain during the conflict, many whom Do’Shanji knew personally. He fought tooth and claw helping to push the elves back and win a victory for the Khajiit, but the cost was great to Elsweyr, who was due to contend with the devastating plague shortly after. Perhaps he could never forgive what happened there on the bloody sands surrounding Dune that day, but what choice was there now but to work side by side with those he held such disdain for? Elsweyr was not a powerful province that could hold their own in a war of alliances. To save his homeland, Do’Shanji had to join forces with those whom he once locked blades with.

As one of Elsweyr’s most veteran soldiers, Do’Shanji had been sent to Vulkhel Guard as part of a Khajiit delegation to attend the coronation of Queen Aryenn on the Mane’s behalf. The Cathay-Raht was understandably not overly thrilled with this assignment. The last thing Do’Shanji wanted to be a part of was the fancy traditions of the High Elves, however his duty to the Mane took precedent over his own prejudices and he arrived in Auridon with the rest of the Khajiiti delegation in time for the ceremony. Do’Shanji found many of the elves in Vulkhel Guard to be very friendly towards his people, though there were certainly a few who displayed a certain level of distrust to the Khajiit. They did not matter to him though, Do’Shanji was focused on things beyond the realm of Auridon. Reaper’s March was under pressure from the Imperials, and Do’Shanji was anxious to return to Elsweyr to help bolster the defenses of the region. To the decorated veteran of Elsweyr, this was merely a formality that would hopefully not delay him very long from returning to the battlefield.

As it were that would not be the case…

In the days leading up to the ceremony, Do’Shanji had prepared his finest armor for the event. This particular set of armor was granted to him by the Mane himself and Do’Shanji had proudly worn it into battle many times. The tell signs of warfare certainly showed on the armor with subtle nicks and dents, it was a functional suit of armor after all not something destined to collect dust. Furnished with such exotic armor, Do’Shanji collected many wild stares as the gear was rarely seen outside of Elsweyr. Many eyes were on him, but Do’Shanji noticed eyes behind the scenes as well, the eyes of the queen he presumed. Do’Shanji had heard much about these agents, but did not know any of them. They worked behind the scenes, but Do’Shanji always had an eye for details. They seemed to be in a state of near alarm, trying to resolve something, but the Khajiit didn’t put much thought into it. Many in all of Auridon, even across the Dominion itself, were trying to resolve matters before the coronation.

Do’Shanji watched the sun rise from the shores of Auridon. Today was the day that Queen Ayrenn was supposed to undergo her coronation, and the Khajiit needed an escape to enjoy a few moments of silence before the big event. As the sun filled the sky Do’Shanji thought of home and how beautiful the sunrises were there. He sat there against a large rock that was partly buried in the sandy beach. Not saying anything but taking in the sounds and smells of the new day. Birds were already quite active and the salty ocean breeze was quite calming. These moments of peace at the break of the new day were just about the only thing that would go well on this day…

To be continued

Sugar + Water + Purple

Do'Shanji - Khajiit warrior
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