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A simple backstory to my Argonian

Started by Avidus
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
I have not yet created a character bio but it shouldn't be too hard to imagine.
Please feel free to correct anything that doesn't make sense.
And note before reading, my ability to write a story is appalling but I gave it a shot.
Character is a Male Argonian, no name specified yet.

It all started when his parents were taken by slave traders.
Born in captivity, soon after sold to Nord bandits, his duty to his slavers was to carry stolen loot.
Or to guard it when they went out plundering for more, despite leaving a guard to make sure he didnt try to flee with their loot.
During the frequent raids left only with one bandit, who would never be pleased about guard duty, vicious beatings were only
predictable, and justified by lies of his attempts to escape.

Thats how that whole ordeal came to in the beginning.

Aside from those excruciating experiences his early childhood was spent in the company of the less than educated bandits,
the luxury of learning to read was all but a myth, instead the lessons he learned were taken from listening in on raiding
strategies and who to steal from.
But listening in was never good, only abuse followed when they had found out, being the only Argonian he had ever known of
it was common practise to treat him as a monster, a beast.
It is from these unintelligent verbal thrashings he developed a theory, that he was some form of lycanthropic miscreation.
The only one of this kind, and to his understanding of Hircine, believed he was a subject to be hunted.

After years of physical and mental torment came his late childhood, young enough to be naive, but old enough to possess strength.
His duty had changed, he was now to intiate all raiding attacks, after all, who could link Nordic bandits to a wild Argonian.
During his first few combat experiences his owners saw no need to provide him with armor or weaponry, he would only damage it after all,
in fear for his life he quickly adapted to become fast, agile and very sure footed, and made great use of his claws, effective enough
to create a bloody mess, in which the bandits would seize the opporunity to clean up the injured survivors.

Wounds sustained had nearly cost him his life.
It is at this point the leader ofthe bandits saw to equip him with broken scraps of whatever armor they could find, so long as
he restored them himself to a usable condition, and of course the use of blunt, rusty and bent weaponry.

But his lifestyle did not change.

Into this early adult years, he had become so adept and so fierce that he was able to plunder groups of traders travelling together.
Knowing what he was doing was wrong, it was only done to survive... But more importantly to practise for when he was the target to be hunted,
in one of Hircines twisted games.
The solo missions he was now forced to do granted him an opporunity he couldnt pass up.
Taking loot for himself, something that would go unnoticed.
Despite his inability to read he collected books, studied them and grasped his own understanding.
His ability to read never fully developed.

He was discovered taking loot for himself and his captors would not have any of that behaviour.
Soon would come the greatest beating of his life, or so he thought.
As the nords came forth to discipline him, he decided that he would not make it out alive.

So he took up arms against them.
If not for his constant practise refining his combat skills, and the rusty skills of the nords who thought to let him do the fighting
to preserve themselves, he would have surely perished.
It didnt take long, he had defeated the entire gang of bandits, and had taken his freedom.

The only thing he could think to do next, was find somewhere he could belong, somewhere peaceful.
Using the loot the bandits had obtained over the many years he bought his way onto a broke Khajiit's caravan.
After a lengthy adventure with the dodgy trader, he had found his way to the Black Marsh, to discover he was not the only one
of his kind.

He could finally find peace...

But this could not last...
For all he knows is war.
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
I like your story. The way he was treated and how he slowly gained the strength to break free from all is his years of forced survival fighting was cool. There's only 2 things I didn't like and would personally change but that's me.

1- He should've discovered that he wasn't the only one of his kind way before he reached the Black Marsh. I'd write that either the dodgy trader he was with told him about it or that he found other Argonians in his travel and they told him that not only his he not alone, but they have their own area. Then they would give him a map showing the way to the Black Marsh. 2- He shouldn't have been sent to do missions alone since he's not trusted and I wouldn't have him looting books for himself. Instead, I would write that during one mission, he slipped away from is captors for a moment after seeing a book. In that moment he ripped off a few pages from the books and hid them in his crappy armor. he would only read them at night by moonlight when everyone was sleeping.

Can't wait to see your fleshed out your bio. cheers
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
Thank you for your suggestions, I agree completely what you are saying.
Im thinking when I wrote up this idea I may have rushed certain things such as these

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