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A Story by me...

Started by alien138
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Cthulhu Hello all :D I shall tell you one of my Story's.
So I was in my yard, watering my plants, thinking 'bout what book I'm going to read next stuff like that. When the Superbowl walks up to me. Now the superbowl is a large very large bowl, about the size of you in a ball form. So it walks up to me and it says "Now I'm no Bobby Jr. but I want to be like everyone else." And I say "I like that." A little while later, somehow (some think that superbowl did it) all of the bowls disperse into thin air. And the only other bowl left is superbowl, and everyone pays to eat out of Superbowl. This goes on for a while, but then people with Toilets start are having their bowls be repaired, soon all of the bowls are back. A little while after that superbowl shot off into space again; and to this day, legend has it; you can still hear him saying "Hi"
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Long live the Pact, and Death to le Queen
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