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A Stray Hunter I

Started by Idriar
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A Stray Hunter

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Idriar diced the juicy venison and threw the meat into the deer´s own hide, which was formed into a bag and hang over the camp fire. The bottom was already carred but also solid and sturdy. He would be able to use his cover pot to cook the whole stag over the next week while traveling. Drawing closer to he fire, Idriar looked out to the street. Through the slowly falling flakes he hardly could see farer than to the street. And the snow sucked every sound approuching bandits would cause. Grabbing for his two handed sword he ensured himself that it still was there.

He didn´t fear bandits. Or wild animals. He didn´t even fear the undead. No matter what, bear, frostbite spider, ice wrath... aslong he had his bow and claymore, he could face it. But one couldn´t be careful enough... creepy beast lurked everywhere... unnatural beings, not having Kyne´s breath in them... vampires... Falmer... Werewolfs... Especially now with the weird rumors from the south.

Considering himself lucky to have left Cyrodiil before the things got... creepy, Idriar tried his stew and threw a few leafs of frost Mirriam, a crumb of garlic and a dragon´s tongue into it. That was better. He had collected the yellow flowers in the badlands of Eastmarch, a land of bitter water and sulphur in the air. Still, the land was full of life. A place sacred to Kyne. While visiting Eldergleam Idriar had the great idea to collect dragon´s tongue and sell it as alchemical ingrident in settlements on his path. Unfortunately some other hunters told him that the flower was neither rare enough nor valueble enough to make money of it. He could still throw it into his stew, couldn´t he?

Suddenly Idriar heard horses on the street. By Shor, they were close! Too close to extinguish the flames, tattetelling his position, in a few snow covered bushes beside the road. He could count three raiders, but were they friend or foe? One didn´t meet many friends these days, so Idriar grabbed his sword, standing vigilant at the fire.

The riders stopped, having spotted him. Damn, why they couldn´t simply pass him by, minding their own business? Idriar meant harm to nobody!

"Oi! What do we have here?"

"Another poacher?"

A male and a female voice. Nords, as Idriar could tell. The third person remained silent. They all jumped off their horses and made it to the bushes.

Now Idriar could see their armors. Black and red with plates of iron and steel. Helmets covering the entire face. The crest on t heir chest showed a black dragon on red ground, a symbol Idriar had seen before, in Riftheim. So, they were wearing uniforms. Idriar lowered his weapon. He had no problem with the guards, and he should have expected to meet them patroling the street.

Two of the guards were tall beings, Nords, a man and a woman. The man had a shield and a sword, the woman a war ax on her back. Idriar took a short look at the third person. Male, but short. For sure no Nord. Especially as he never had seen a Nord with nothing but little foreign daggers at the belt.

"Kyne for greetings! What can I do for you, guards men?"

The male Nord took a step towards him, pulling his sword.

"Don´t you come bold! I have no time for your jokes, poacher!"

Poacher? Idriar was an honourable hunts man!

"What! I am no poacher!"


The woman took a step forwards, grabbing the man´s arm, lowering the sword. She pointed at the fire.

"And what´s that?"


"Oh, venison... And where is your permission to hunt in these lands, kins man?"

Idriar looked at the male guard. Then at the female guard.

"Permission? Kyne gave us the game so that it could be hunted, what kind of permission do you need?"

"Maybe the Jarl´s permission?"

Idriar made a long face. He didn´t know that one needed the Jarl´s permission to hunt, which he of course did not have.

"I... haven´t met your Jarl yet. Maybe... if I could travel to him and ask his forgiveness? I´m pretty sure we can settle..."

The two guards burst into laughter while the third one remained silent.

"Haha! Do you think that Skald King Jorunn, High King of the Nords and Jarl of Eastmarsh has the time to talk to every law breaking hunter? Now you´re playing stupid..."

"I did not know... I did not break the law!"

Idiar took a step back. On all of his yourney, even the times he had no money, he tried to avoid any crimes. Problems with the guards were problems he didn´t need to have and he could also decide to not have. But this time...

"Listen, I´m a simple traveler and I was hungry and so..."

"Spare your breath, I don´t want to hear your stories! Simply surrender and hand us your weapons. In the dungeons of Windhelm you won´t be hungry, too."

Idriar took another step back.

"Now listen, hunter. We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way. And poachers like you are nothing three Ebonheart guards couldn´t handle..."

"Maybe he is no hunter."

Finally the third man, too short too be a Nord and having these foreign daggers, spoke. He grabbed his helmet and took it of, revealing grey hair of the colour of steel, dark, nearly black, wrinkled skin and glowing red eyes in deep, dark eyesockets.

It wasn´t the first Dunmer Idriar met. Actually he had spent several weeks with a little Dunmera, onehundred fifty years older than him, but still a young girl for her folk. Until that bitch cheated on him with that Argonian...

Well, but he hadn´t expected a Dunmer to be part of the guard.

The dark Elf continued.

"Maybe is an adventurer."

The male Nord looked over his shoulder.

"What do you mean, Ashley?"

Ignoring his colleague's remark the Dunmer continued.

"The law allows adventurers to hunt down what ever they need, for they help to hold up order by dealing with bandits, witches and other dangers to the people of the Pact. Beside, it´s too dangerous and we guards are too few to deal with every warlock or bear on rampage."

The female guard nodded.

"Well... how many poachers carry claymores? But his armor... it´s only random rags and stripes of leather. I doubt that..."

"Hey! I crafted this armor myself!"

Who was that woman to judge his crafting skill? Idriar was very proud of crafting his own armors, as it made him more independent from the settlements.

The male Nord on the other hand shook his head. With his sword already drawn he walked towards Idriar.

"Hah! Now he admits! He hunted down this deer and is a peltmonger! This sword he probably just found somewhere. Out of my way, Skraja! I will arrest this poacher now..."
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Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Updated and part of the "stray hunter" now

Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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