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A Stray Hunter II

Started by Idriar
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A Stray Hunter

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Idriar never considered himself as an adventurer. He simply travelled the land... for which reason? Well, mostly because his father sent him away, just like his four brothers and six sisters. To procect them, for he was a wanted man. Sometimes Idriar wondered whether Divn was still existing, or if the Dragon cultists his father fled from already attacked it... one day he would return. Now he had other problems...

Blocking the sword strike of the guard with his two handed, Idriar couldn´t block the man´s shield blow. He nearly lost his balance and his sword.

"Hah! It seems like that sword is too big for you, poacher!"

Idriar stomped both feet into the snow to have a certain stand. He swung his weapon over his head, aiming for his enemies shield.

"I don´t want to fight! I have no problem with you!"

His opponent was pushed back as the claymore hit his shield.

"I see! You ain´t even trying!"

The guard made a large step towards him, raising his shield high to fent off another blow from above, while his sword was aimed low at Idriar´s poorly covered waist. But before he was stabbed, Idriar swang his sword under the guard´s shield, hitting his helmet with the hilt of his two handed sword. His opponent sighed and fell forwards, as Idriar dodged the blade, only missing his waist by a palm.

Face first the male guard fell into the snow beside the camp fire.

Idriar looked up to the female Nord guard and the male Dunmer guard.

"Now? Have I proved that I can wield my weapon? Am I still a poacher?"

The Dunmer chuckled in a rough and smokey voice as the Nord woman drew her war ax, an impressive piece of carved Nord steel.

"What have you done with Ulrik?"

Angrily the woman walked towards him, her weapon moving up and down with every step.

Shor´s bones! Idriar had no lucky hand with women. He started walking backwards, a few meters away from the fire.

"I... I just knocked him out. See! He´s moving..."

Actually the guard was picking himself up, holding his probably hurting head.

"... Argh! Get that man, Skraja!"

With a battle scream only true Nord women could produce, the woman charged at Idriar, her ax high above her head. Quickly the Nord jumped out of the bushes, onto the street, grasping his claymore tightly, awaiting the woman´s blow.

Finally the woman reached him, trying to crush him down with a single strike. Idriar, again jumped back.

"Listen! I don´t even..."

The woman was in front him, the ax high. Idriar raised his arms high, the right hand at the hilt, the hurting left hand around the blade at a high point of the sword. The axe crashed down onto the claymore, making Idriar groan. His arms trembled and for a moment it felt like his sword was bend by the force that was inflicted onto it in the middle, giving way for the ax head to break his skull.

Idriar could hardly hold his arms up as the woman drove her ax with all might onto him a second time. It seemed like this woman was stronger than him and also a more trained fighter than the other guard, cheering the woman on.

"Yes! That´s how ot´s done! Another one!"

Shor! Idriar wouldn´t stand another one. What to do, what to do? Just as the ax went down again, Idriar let himself fall backwards, unhanding his claymore. The sword was hit by the ax and thrown to the ground. But before he or his weapon touched the snowy street, Idriar raised his hands towards the woman.

A blast of frost went up from Idriar´s palms, covering the woman´s helmet and armor. Staggering back, the woman grabbed for her head, shouting:


What a luck, Idriar learned one spell in his life. Frostbite had saved his life several times. No one expects the Nord to be a wizard. Well, he wasn´t. He just knew one spell, that he learned on ocassion in Winterhold.

Unfortunately now he had no weapon, and the guard already recovered from surprise, just about raise the ax again.

In that moment, Idriar could hear a rough and smokey voice.

"That´s enough!"

The Dunmer. He walked to the woman, standing between her and Idriar.

"What are you doing, dark Elf? Are you mad?"

The woman tried to push the Elf aside, but the man, even smaller than her, would stand against.

"There´s no reason to attack this adventurer. And if there was ever any doubt that he is an adventurer, now it´s gone."

Lowering her weapon the woman seemed to listen to the Dunmer.

"See, usual poachers have neither heavy weaponry nor cast magic. And they are not brewing alchemical mixtures in... deer hides."

Alchemical... the Dunmer must have seen the Dragon´s Tongues in his stew. Or atleast smelt them.


Tried Idriar.

"I am an adventurer! That was what I wanted to tell you the whole time!"

Well, that worked out quite well. Just as he thought that, the male Nord guard broke through the bushes.

"What? Do you want to tell me we let that man go off as simple as that? He attacked me!"

The Nord woman put her ax away.

"No, he did not! Shut up, Ulrik!"

She turned to Idriar.

"Sorry, kins man. Sometimes I´m bit shortsighted when it comes to my man. I just got angry that you knocked him down like that..."

She offered a hand and helped him up.

Angrily the male guard waved off.

"That was nothing but luck!"

The Dunmer harrumphed.

"Well? I don´t think that there is still a reason to arrest this man, or? We should continue our patrol now."

The Nords nodded and climbed on their horses, the man not without throwing an angry last glance at Idriar.

"You know, you seem to be a man of many talents, adventurer."

Idriar looked at the Dunmer.

"Oh? Well, I do what I can..."

"Well, well. Why don´t you join the Pakt? We could need more man like you. What do you think?"

Idriar thougth a moment. He hadn´t much interest in becoming a guards man.

"No. I don´t want to patrol and things like that..."

The Dunmer laughed.

"Haha! Not everyone in the Pakt is a guard, like us three. Actually we are just the hold guards from Windhelm. There are many different positions in the ranks of the Pakt. Warriors, hunters, mages... let me simply explain you the way to Windhelm..."
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Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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Haha, typical misunderstandings can get a little violent! Very well written and funny

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Very good remindes me of that quest in markarth "the forsworn conspiracy" from skyrim.

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Updated and part of the "stray hunter" now

Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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