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A Stray Hunter III

Started by Idriar
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A Stray Hunter

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Like a little black stone on the sandy ground around a little pond in a forest, the dark city of Windhelm lied close to the snow-capped mountains in a sheltered manner, as if it was covering from the neverending snowfall, here in the icey north of the Eastmarsh.

"Kyne! Even Shor would freeze his ears off!"

Idriar pulled the fur mantle closer up while he walked down the mountain trail, joining the much travelled street below. Soon he would have some warm mead, a good meal in an inn, and a warm bed. Sometimes it was nice to leave the woods and wilds behind, taking a stay at a city. If only Idriar wasn´t so bad with money, spending it all in a few days, being forced to see the pawnbroker, working weeks just get his bow and sword back... Idriar pushed these thoughts away and marshed faster.

The closer he came to the city the more people walked beside him. Traveling traders, townsfolk and strangers like him... well, not all of them were like him. In all the time he had travelled Skyrim the Nord had never seen so many Dunmer from the east and lizard people from the southermost lands in one place. If it was true what was told in isolated inns for stray wanderers like him, everyone was fighting for their freedom. And against outlander nations and some creepy deadric undead guys in the south. Well, freedom was something worth fighting for. Some Dunmer, some Argonians and some Nords had allied and called themselves the Ebonheart Pact. Windhelm was a city loyal to this Pact, probably because this Jorunn guy came from here. Jarl or king or something.

As he crossed the black bridge over the Jorgrim river, Idriar looked up to the grey, nearly black walls of Windhelm, dragon heads of stone all over. The Nord could tell it. It looked different from his last visit. Yes, the attack of the ice camels from Akavir. All he knew was that these guys took a long way from their isle just to come to Skyrim and the Dunmer and Argonian´s land, trying to take over. There had been a larger battle right here in this place. Well, probably in the city he would find many newbuilt houses, maybe the streets would run different ways. It didn´t matter. In cities he lost magically any sense of orientation.

Finally coming to the gates, the guards there, all clad in red and black, the colours of the Pact, like the guards he had met back in the wilds, who pointed him to travel here, were looking angrily at the people entering and leaving Windhelm. For a moment Idriar thought to hear a "Halt!" directed at him, but he passed the gates without any problem. And why should he get any problems? He wasn´t a swindler or blackguard or something. He was just a loose hunter with a claymore on the back.

Smiling he looked around the city. An inn! Idriar could tell it by the wooden sign that hang on chains over the door. Not that he could read the sign, but all inns had something like that. All red and black, probably all leal to the Pact. Opening the door carefully to not provoke any local, drunken thug he entered the inn. A medium seized room without tables but with benches to the side. And only few, very few guests. And none had something to drink nor to eat! Idriar looked around nervously. Something was not right. Still he went down the few steps and nodded to the other guest. One was an Argonian with grey, green scales, a male and a female Dunmer, a Nord clad in full iron armor, grimly holding the knob of the hilt of his sword. The most curious was Idriar about some young men and woman, which seemed too young to be met in an inn, drunken in no way, but with eyes full of zest, as if they were about to go into a battle. The man in the armor nodded briefly, the other guests took littlest notice as Idriar sat down on the bench to one side of the room, patting the snow out of his mantle and placing it next to him on the bench, waiting for the service.

In the other end of the room a door was opened. Out came a wildly tattooed Nord mage, Dunmer with strange cloaks and strange armors, and some Argonians clad heavily in fur. They quickly walked through the room, taking their leave. Idriar stared after them as they left. They, too, seemed not drunk.

"... Kyne, where did I end up this time?"

He said quietly and tried to stand up inconspicuously in order to leave, too.

"Alright, I call this a day!"

Quickly Idriar looked around, not even standing. A huge Nord stood in the door all those people came out from. He was clad in Nordic steel, a bear pelt over his shoulders, the head of the beast over his chest. His one grey eye looked appraisingly over the guest, before the warrior smiled. His left eye was hidden under an eye-patch. In his scarred arms he held several birchbark scrolls.

"Listen, I know y'all are keen to fight and serve, so I won´t annoy ye with any talking or testing."

The warrior started walking down the room, handing to everyone a scroll, except the young men and women.

"Hey, what about us?"

A grim look at them ended their protest. The warrior smiled.

"Maybe next winter, youngster!"

When he came to the iron clad Nord, the man looked angrily up to the warrior.

"What? I came here to prove my worth with my sword arm!"

The iron clad man stood up, even towering the steel clad Nord. But the warrior did not seem nervous. He laughed and patted the iron clad man on the shoulder so that both men´s armor rattled loudly.

"Haha! Y'want a test to prove your worth? Fine then! Let´s see whether y'are manly enough to buy me a drink!"

The iron clad man stared dumbly at the warrior, before he bursted into laughter.

"Very well! I want to know what you guys from the army can take! I wouldn´t want to join a bunch of milkdrinkers!"

The both men walked out arm in arm and laughing. When the warrior came to Idriar he threw one scroll carelessly into the hunter´s lap.

"Wait, I..."

"No, no. Is alright son!"

With that the warrior was gone and Idriar stared puzzled after him. Then he turned his head and looked at the scroll. What the hell was this again? Taking the birchbark he opened the scroll and took a look at it.


Indeed, he could not read it. How could it have been else? The only thing he could tell was a little dragon head in one corner of the scroll, the symbol of the Pact as far he knew. While he was looking at the scroll the other 'guest' started leaving. All his hopes that this was an inn were gone by now. So he started to leave, too. But the scroll... it worried him. Letters and written texts... they could mean everything. They could hold magic and spells in them, like the Thu'um his father wielded, just like the dragon tongue. Maybe he carried some... black magic curse with him now?

Idriar looked up and turned to the Dunmer woman, who did not yet leave.

"Excuse me?"

The woman in her robe of strange colours turned to him, her red glowing eyes looked sadly, but curiously at him.

"Yes? May I help you?"

Idriar held up the scroll and blushed slightly.

"Can you... read it for me?"

The Dunmera raised an eyebrow.

"Why... you... are you an analphabet?"

The Dunmera took the scroll from Idriar´s hands, while he looked with big eyes at her.

"That means you are someone who can not read. Or write. That was no insult. Anyway... this scroll says the same as any other scroll that was just handed out..."

Idriar did frown a little. Certainly he could not hear the scroll talk. Unlike dragon shrines which shouted their stories into the wind, as if they had a voice of themselves.

"'I, ...' and here you would insert your name if you could write..."

The Dunmera pointed at an empty line right at the top of the text. Then she started again.

"'I, ... , pledge allegiance to the Ebonheart Pact. I shall serve High King Jorunn, Almalexia of mercy, and the tribal speakers alike. I will respect the Gods, the Tribunal and the Hist alike. I shall serve the people of Eastmarsh, of Rift, of the districts of Velothis, Narsis, Deshaan and Mournhold and the northern plain tribes.

The power of my voice, the strenght of my arms and the keenness of my mind I will dedicate to our common goal, freedom at any cost, even if it takes my life. I swear to not give up and not to give in.

I swear to serve either in the army, following any order given to me, or to wander the lands loyal to the Pact, helping and serving where ever help is needed. And I swear to fight our enemies, the enemies of our new freedom, where ever I meet them.

Hereby I, ... , have pledged allegiance to the Ebonheart Pact.'"
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