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A tale..

Started by Beowulf
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Entry 1: Connections

Deep in the bowels of the Imperial City dungeons, where only the worst of the worst are discarded like vermin, rested a Bosmer. She could not remember why she was thrown in the cold stone prison. “Perhaps I was traumatized to where I contracted amnesia.” She wondered softly, shivering slightly. All she had to keep her warm was the unbelievably itchy sack outfit given to every prisoner.

This Wood Elf was very different from the rest of her brethren, she was short for an elf of any species, barely five foot two. She still held the petite qualities of her race. Her skin was pale as lotus leaves. Her hair blonde as soft wheat. And her eyes were a soft caramel color. Her name is Mariil.

She tugged at the cold irons shackled to her thin wrists. ‘I guess I am to be in this hole forever.’ she thought, standing up and walking to the small window. It killed her, being in this cell. She could hear the sounds of the forest, wind sweeping through the young leaves of mighty trees. Soft babbles of streams. The singing of birds reached her expert ears. Soft sunlight poured in through the window. A Wood Elf should not be caged, they are children of Kynareth herself, and practice her ways daily.

“Well, well, what have we here?” a mocking voice called out. Mariil turned her attention to where the voice came from. It was a man in the cell across from her. As she slowly approached the barred door, she noticed the man was a Dunmer, a Dark Elf. They were characterized mostly as the evil Mers. From what Mariil gathered, this man had been here for years, his hair gray and skin wrinkled.

“Look at what we have here, a pretty little Wood Elf. You’re a little far from the forest aren’t you? It seems as though your days of frolicking through the woods are over. Nothing but dirty light for the rest of your life. But don’t worry, it will all be over soon.” the Wood Elf gave the man a look of confusion at his last statement. “Oh! Didn’t you know? You’re going to die in here little Bosmer!” Mariil just walked away from the bars and sat down on the battered stool and sipped some lukewarm water. It tasted dingy.

Soon, she heard multiple footsteps coming towards the cell. “The guards are coming to kill you, Bosmer.” she heard the male Dunmer chortle. “All my sons…dead.” she heard an old yet somehow powerful voice sigh. “The reports said they were only attacked.” a middle aged male voice responded, almost trying to consol the older man. Soon, a group of four people were at her cell door. “What’s this prisoner doing here?!” a stern female voice demanded with unknown authority. “The usual mix up with the guard…”

“Prisoner! Stand by the window and do NOT move! We won’t hesitate to kill you if you get in our way!” the woman commanded. Afraid to brought the warrior woman’s wrath, Mariil got far back in the corner, her back against the cold stone wall. Three members of the group were some type of warriors and the elder man looked of noble lineage. A large yet breathtakingly gorgeous amulet rested around his neck.

Mariil was broken out her trance when she heard the man’s voice directed at her. “I’ve seen you before.” the man then approached the unusually tiny Wood Elf. “Its you. The one I’ve seen in my dreams. Then the stars are right, and today is the day. Gods give me strength.” Mariil, confused by this elegantly dressed man, asked who he was. “I am your emperor, Uriel Septim. You may come with us, our destinies have intertwined.”

After the Emperor spoke, the female captain, named Renault pushed in a stone on the wall, opening a secret passage. The group, with Mariil following behind made its way down to the lower levels of the prison. Beautiful ivory stone walls seemed almost Ayleid in architecture.

Right as the group rounded the corner, three people, garbed in vermillion red mage’s robes attacked, summoning powerful weapons and armor. ‘Why are they attacking us?!’ Mariil panicked, having to use her fists to hold off the assaulters. Something told her to protect the emperor. Mariil killed one attacker. But, the captain died. Mariil examined her body, the men heading for the grated gate.

Mariil noticed the captain’s blade, an Akaviri katana. “If I am correct, these are only issued to Blades members.” she whispered, in awe at the beauty of the blade. A strong voice caught her attention. “Stay here prisoner, don’t even try following us.” she picked up the blade and rushed to where the gate was, but she was too late. “How am I going to get out of this?” she wondered out loud. A loud crumble was heard behind her. The Bosmer turned her attention to the area and saw that a large portion of the wall had crumbled.

Mariil, using the fallen Captain’s sword, sliced through whatever she met. Goblins and rats and one zombie fell by the sting of the blade. She had collected a small amount of loot, bows, arrows, potions and some light armor. She had just emptied out another chest when she noticed a rather large hole in the wall, and voices coming from that direction. She silently made her way through the hole, making sure to stay in the shadows. She noticed the Emperor immediately and the other two men who were guarding him.

She noticed a figure lurking in the shadows on a ledge across from her. She tried shooting him with an arrow she found but missed. The group defeated the assailants without her help. One of the Blades seethed his sword, making his way back to the Emperor. “Have you seen that prisoner anywhere?” the Emperor asked, leaning on a pillar to regain his breath and composure. “Do you think she followed us here? How could she?”

Mariil was still waiting in her spot, waiting for them to leave. “Sire we have to get moving now!” one Blade exclaimed, given the dire situation it was suited. “Give me a moment please. I must rest.” Uriel Septim pleaded. Sensing they were not going to depart anytime soon, Mariil gracefully leapt down to there level. “Its that prisoner again! Kill her! She could be working with the enemy!” A guard made his way towards the petite Bosmer, drawing his katana in preparation for attack. “No, she is not one of them. She will help us. She must help us.” The Emperor said, approaching Mariil.

Uriel Septim revealed the recurring nightmares he has had, which have led him to fleeing the Imperial City. And in many instances, his visions have foreseen this very Bosmer lending a great deal of help in saving the world. The Septim questioned Mariil about her Sign, to know of her strength. “I was born under the sign of the Lover.” those born under the Lover can paralyze enemies with a single kiss.

The second-in-command, Baurus, gave Mariil a torch to light their path. The group descended deeper into the ruins leading to the sewers. The four met more and more attackers. As they entered the sanctum, they made their way for the gate but it was closed tight. “I saw a second passage down the hall.” “Its worth a try.” Baurus growled in anger.

As they entered the second door, they realized they were trapped. “Dammit! it’s a dead end! They’ve tricked us! Prisoner, you stay here! Guard the Emperor with your life!” Baurus commanded, running to take out the assassins. Mariil heard the aged man sigh. He turned to her, taking off his pendant. “This is the end for me. Please, take this amulet to Jauffre at Weynon Priory outside of Chorrol. Tell him to help you in anyway possible to find my last heir. Close shut the Jaws of Oblivion! Farewell, savior.” Right as Mariil hid the pendant, an assassin leapt, through a secret passage and stabbed Uriel Septim through his heart!

Mariil drew the Captain’s katana and slew the killer with one stroke. The only surviving Blade, Baurus, ran into the room. He saw the late Septim’s body and a look of anguish befell his face. “The Blades have failed…I have failed.” she barely heard the Imperial sigh. He turned to her, “Where is the Amulet of Kings?! It wasn’t on his body!” he demanded. All Mariil did was show Baurus the pendant. “He gave it to you? Strange, he saw something in you…trusted you. It must be the blood of the Dragonborn. What were his final words?” Baurus asked.

“He wishes for me to take it to Jauffre and to find his last son.” she answered, staying calm the whole time. “There’s another heir? I don’t know anything about it. But Jauffre definitely would know. I am curious, what is your class? I need to make sure you can take care of yourself.” Mariil thought, she was nimble, good with a blade, and she was quick to work with a bow and arrow. “I am a hunter.” she said. “I do not find that surprising, you being a Bosmer, it kind of suites you. So, a few rats and goblins won’t be a problem. Take this key, go through the sewers.”

“What do I do after that?” Mariil asked. “Just as the Emperor said, find Jauffre, and be careful, those assassins could be anywhere! I wish you luck. And thank you for holding on to Renault’s blade. She will be remembered with honor. Now go, before more come!”

Mariil rushed through to the opening, now equipping an iron longsword she found. She also had her arrows slung on her back, ready to take on anything she came across. There were several rats, which fell quickly by her blade. She soon stumbled upon goblins, she was able to sneak up and kill them silently. The young Bosmer took out a goblin shaman, receiving his staff as her reward.

After slaying many more rats and mud crabs, Mariil found the exit leading to the outside world. She pushed the rusty gate open, a loud creaking audible. And soon, the warm sun was embracing her body. A soft breeze swept through her blond hair. She was now in a beautiful area, filled with flowers and trees, a startling contrast to where she just was. Her Wood Elf instincts made her leap for joy, being in such a wonderful place.

“Now, to journey to Chorrol and find Jauffre.” Mariil told herself, walking to the lake. She then saw her reflection. “Hmm, I should get washed up and purchase better clothes. Need to get rid of some loot as well.” she added, noticing the dirt and blood splats on her body.

Mariil was soon inside the Market District of the Imperial City. She sold everything she found, except her longsword, bow and arrows. She bought a nice dress, it was a lovely green. And got armor, leather boots, leather pants and bought a shirt with suspenders. With her new items in tow, she went to the Merchant’s Inn and bought a room for the night.

Mariil set her clothes on the table, which had fruit, venison, wine and other delicious foods on silver platters. And the best part, the big soft bed that was now available to her. “This is a nice room.” she smiled to herself, changing into her pants and pulling her shirt on. Mariil entered the adjacent room, it was a small wash room. Undoing her hair from its messy ponytail, she slowly got into the wash tub filled with warm water.

She could literally feel all the dirt and grime washing away, revealing her softly tanned skin. A little bit later, Mariil got out of the bath, feeling rejuvenated and beautiful. She dried herself off with the cloth provided.

Mariil got back in her clothes and sat down on one of the chairs and poured herself a glass of red wine. She took a sip of the drink, enjoying its bold flavor. “Tamika always delivers!” she exclaimed, softly licking her lips. Using a dagger she found, she skinned the potato, and made her plate. Venison, corn and a potato she also cut herself some bread.

After being in that cell for Nine know how long, she was looking forward to this simple meal, and filling her long empty belly. She picked up the fork and knife, and started cutting the shank of meat. She savored each and every bite. And to finish her small banquet off, was some fruit.

Feeling clean, and having eaten a wonderful meal, Mariil locked her door and laid down on the bed, getting under the covers. After sleeping on a cold stone floor, this was heavenly! “I will fulfill you’re dying wish Emperor. I will make you proud, and protect the heir with my life.” she silently pledged, sleep slowly taking hold.

Entry 1 complete.

Please rate and review! It is greatly appreciated. Took time to write this working alongside with my friend Selena, thank you for reading.
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Suddenly, nostalgic feeling of crawling through the first five minutes of Oblivion. Good work.

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I find this to be an interesting rendition and viewpoint of Oblivion's opening! Having someone's mind to look into concerning imprisonment and freedom gives a refreshing perspective on it.

I think it's difficult however to have dialogue seem natural while maintaining consistency with what the NPCs say within the game, simply due to how interactions are scripted in a way that isn't a two-way conversation between the NPC and player (since the NPC tends to do most of the talking.) Your additional words and slight changes to their dialogue did help though.

I'll look forward to seeing how she will proceed with her appointed task and what decisions she will make in future entries!

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