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A Vampire's Bloody Journal.

Started by Maleus
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Warning this Journal contained rude language, a gory account of a vampires life and possible spoilers from TES V: Skyrim. You have been warned.

17th of Last Seed 4E 201
There isn’t much to do during the daytime any more and even I can’t sleep all the hours the sun is up so I’ve decided to keep this journal to pass the time. First of all I’d like to make note of the hospitality the new friends I’ve made at Mara’s Eye Pond. For smugglers they sure know how to make a good dinner.

I’m also tiring of of my old compatriot attitudes since our patriarch’s demise at the hands of the newly formed “Dawnguard”. They keep telling me to be cautious and that there is safety in numbers. They are cowards and I think I’ll leave them to wallow in their fear while I see what the night has to offer.

18th of Last Seed 4E 201
I’m writing from Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm, I headed here after a visit to Mixwater Mill, Whose owner was nice enough to treat me to a night of fun. I helped myself to dessert while she slept and took some travel coin to help me along the road, not that there are many shops open at night. Once I arrived in Windhelm I shared a midnight snack with a waitress here. Now I must get to bed the sun is gaining more height as I write.

20th of Last Seed 4E 201
What a couple of nights! I met a boy in Windhelm doing the black sacrament and he thought I was a member of the Dark Brotherhood. Ha! It was glorious, I went to the orphanage in Riften and hid in the rafters till they were all asleep. It was a tense few moments at first I thought a little girl saw me climb up, but she didn’t make a sound. I waited for what seemed like hours. I killed the old hag and fed on here assistant. I even managed to get out of Riften before anyone woke up. Just walked right out the front gate.

The only problem was the sun was coming up soon. I managed to reach a ruined fort full of bandits just in time. The lookout was asleep, easy enough to kill, the rest not so much. It was an intense few battle there and a lot of sneaking up and biting necks, but I ended up finding an enchanted battle axe along the way. Big two handed weapons aren't usually my thing but it sure helped when I reached a big dog fighting room full of bandits. They was almost too much, I funneled them through a doorway to even out the numbers, a couple got hit by a trap, It was hilarious. The rest of the bandits went down pretty quietly, but slow, except for the chief he was outside on top of a tower.

By they time I finished his friends inside it was dark so I headed out so see who was keeping watch. He was a big, ugly orc and we were having quite the fight till I knocked him off the wall and broke his legs. He Cried “I yield, I yield!”, but I was having too much fun to hear him. When I finally finished sorting through their bodies, looting and killing the rest of the wolves they kept caged the damn sun was rising again. there was one lock that gave me trouble, I guess I can try and pick that before I go to bed.

21st of Last Seed 4E 201
That bitch from Mixwater Mill! She must have sent those hired thugs after I made off with that gold from her pocket. They would have killed me too If I hadn’t gotten the drop on them first. I’ll visit her after I collect my payment for killing the lady at the orphanage. I Barely made it back to Windhelm before sunrise. What kind of Idiot sends thugs with a signed contract?

22nd of Last Seed 4E 201
I’m back at Mara’s Eye Pond. My old friends are blood starved and it seems they’ve been to scared to leave since we arrived here a week ago, cowards. I also got my payment from the boy for the orphanage job after which I headed straight for Mixwater Mill. She seemed surprised to see me, She was even more surprised when I ripped her throat out with my teeth and drained the blood from her body. Once I got awhile down the road from the mill I met a courier. He gave me a note that said “We Know”. Know what? The courier sure had no idea and I guess We’ll never find out if he was lying or not now. Anyway i think its about midday now so I need to get some rest.

23th of Last Seed. 4E 201.
I woke up in an shack in the middle of the swamp. a member of the Dark Brotherhood brought me here saying I stole a Dark Brotherhood Kill. The damn hag at the Orphanage, I thought I had got away with none the wiser too. Anyway She wanted me to repay the kill. Easy enough, she brought the victims here as well. I killed them all and she invited me to join the Dark Brotherhood. Ha! I don’t want to be told when to kill. No fun in that. Maybe I’ll visit them later but for now I’m having too much fun on my own.

I stopped here in Morthal once I found my way out of the swamp. Odd fellow here named Falion, I think he knows what I am, but he hasn’t said anything, but something about him sends a shiver down my spine. It must be the way he looks at me. I can’t wait to get out of here. As soon as the sun goes down I’m heading for Rorikstead.

24th of Last Seed 4E 201
I arrived in Rorikstead Early in the night, I heard a man named Rorik owns the whole village and It seemed like a good rest stop so I turned him and his breton friend Jouane into my Vampire children. They were angry, but they soon understood that I could kill them both if they refused obey me. And good luck running to the guards telling them I turned them into vampires. Rorikstead will be my rest stop when I head that way from now on. I painted my face with a white skull before I left for Whiterun I didn’t want anyone there recognising me, hopefully it will do the job.

On my way to Whiterun I saw something crazy. A headless spectre riding a ghostly horse. Ha! I might be going mad. I arrived and Whiterun, no one seems to recognise me. not even that old hag I robbed when I was younger, Olava the feeble. Before I went to the Bannered Mare I had lunch with that obnoxious priest Heimskr while he was sleeping. I’ve decided on a glorious plan as well. A member of the dawnguard tried to recruit ME outside of Whiterun! Ha! I accepted his request and will head to their fort tomorrow, such Fun! I’ll enjoy infiltrating their order and tearing it apart piece by piece.

25th of Last Seed 4E 201
I’m in Ivarstead, Got lost going around the Throat of the World, It was a long fun night though. First I destroyed more bandits that tried to extract a toll from me along the road. It was easy enough, I must be getting stronger. Then I fed on a skooma dealer walking the road in the middle of the night. I could taste the skooma in her blood, got me pretty excited. I ran into a saber cat soon after. It snuck up on ME, I guess its a reminder that i’m not the only predator out.

After walking the path for a while I arrived at a farm with a guard out front. I snuck up behind him and drained the blood from his body slowly, he barely put up a fight. I entered the house and guess who I found there feeding on the Dunmer inside. It was Rorik and Jouane. They were doing business in the rift it seemed and stopped for lunch. we were all shocked to say the least, but they assured me things were working out well in Rorikstead and that I would be able to rest there as planned. I sent them on their way and arrived in Ivarstead right before the sun rose. The innkeeper said he didn’t like my eyes, but once I showed him some coin he lightened up. I’m gonna sleep here tonight. But tomorrow I’ll arrive at Fort Dawnguard and set my plan into motion.
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
26th of Last Seed 4E 201
I’m Sitting across from my new bandit friend Kaz Gro Uzol in a cave across from Fort Dawnguard. It was Glorious, hilarious and downright devious. First I walk in next to a farm boy and the “leader” of the Dawnguard is arguing with a Vigilant of Stendarr, Turns out their playhouse got burned down. Boo hoo! Anyway He walks right up to me and I convince him i’m a would be vampire hunter, I can’t believe i didn’t crack a smile when he said the fort was so unguarded “a vampire could walk right in.” It was beautiful. I’m now supposed to meet the vigilant in a cave to look for a vampire artifact. Obviously he won't make it back alive.

After I left the fort day was breaking so I headed to this bandit cave. Same as before take out the guards, Sneak in, kill everyone and take the cave for the day. But There were quite a few of them inside so I decided to sneak past them and turn their chief into another one of my vampire children. He seems grateful for my gift. We feasted on his former companions and he told me he’d make me a Blood-kin of the orc strongholds. A wonderful end to a wonderful night. I hope tomorrow holds even more fun.

27th of Last Seed 4E 201
I walked all night to this cave and when I got here I found that some other Vampires killed the Vigilant of Stendarr I was supposed to meet. I wanted to kill him, but I decided to let bygones be bygones and see what they were after, until they they attacked me that is. After wiping their blood from my sword I headed deeper into the cave which had a huge crypt inside I silently and not so silently took out my competition for the vampire artifacts I was told were hidden here. But after all that work I found a women hidden here. A vampire women, who wants me to take her home. Seems simple enough and who knows maybe she will give me a “reward” once I get her back to her home.

On the way here I ran into another skooma dealer, this one put up a fight. To think that I would be making the stand against the skooma trade, It’s laughable. Their blood is sweet though and gives me enough energy to keep moving. I took their “inventory” this time as well, can’t have someone finding it and having too much fun. I want a bigger rush soon though, I doubt I’ll find something more thrilling than Infiltrating a group of vampire hunters, but I can hope.

28th of Last Seed 4E 201
Glorious! After delivering the vampire women Serana to this huge castle, I was given even greater power as a Vampire Lord. I can’t wait to try it out! This place is great though, they keep people to feed on, a blacksmith and an alchemist, Every vampires dream. I do feel as though it could get boring though. Good thing I’m headed out to fill this Bloodstone Chalice at Redwater Den tomorrow, I wonder how much fun i’ll find on the way.

The only problem is this Lord Harkon. I hate being given orders, but with these accommodations I think I can play the chore runner for a while. I’ll be the last one to laugh here though or my name isn’t Sjorn Darkscowl.

30th of Last Seed 4E 201
What a headache! Redwater Den is well named, I feel like I’m bleeding out of my ears. I traveled by carriage to Riften and walked to the Redwater Den, It was a skooma den to my at the time pleasent surprise. I sweet talked the dealer into a free sample and woke up in a cage! As soon as I stirred they opened the cage and tried to kill me. I showed them though, cut them to pieces and drained the life from their bodies. Blood was just what I needed to clear my head. I proceeded to sneak through the place and slit some throats, No idea what their problem was, but I fixed it.

By the time I reached the spring in the middle a couple of vampire idiots from the castle came out and tried to sheath their swords in my neck. I turned vampire lord and taught them though. I ripped their throats out, filthy milk drinkers. I’m writing this on the carriage ride back, sure wish this blanket wasn’t full of holes, the damned sun is making me sick, or is it the skooma? This was a pain in the neck, no fun at all, I’m swearing off the skooma, It’s not worth the headaches...

31st of Last Seed 4E 201
It seems those two milk drinkers from Redwater Den were sent by two other milk drinkers from the castle that are too weak to fight their own battles. I got the chalice back and I’m in one piece, but It seems thats the way it’s done around here. I told them to come themselves next time they wanted to kill me. Anyway Harkon had a big announcement about blotting out the sun, can’t say I’m against it, he sent everyone to look for a moth priest. Serana says we should look at the College, which is fine since I need to enthrall and convert someone in Winterhold anyway. Hopefully this will be more fun than that last trip.
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