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Aar Do Faas
Aar Do Faas

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by DrMrCole.
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About Aar Do Faas
Main What to join Ranks
Aar Do Fast
Airs Do Fast, dragon’s tongue for Servants of Fear. We fear no one and nothing. We turn down no challenge put in front of us. We are a part of the Ebon heart Pact and will except all of the three races. We don't take shit from no one. We go out of our way if we want to kill. We will rarely kill an innocent person. But if they get in our way they will die. That is a promise. We kill people who deserve something far worse than death... so we give that to them. We bring out there own fears and make them have a life times of suffering in a couple of seconds. we bring out there nightmare's nightmare, for we are worshipers of Vaermina. We greet our own very kindly but to others we give them a cold shoulder... or a cold dagger. We are a group who will help the needy and anyone who wants help, if the price is right.

Guild history
If you're reading this then you must have been interested. Our guild was first founded in Skyrim by an Argonian. He was a bounty hunter who was looking for a Dunmer woman who killed a noble man in Balmora Morrowind. She fled to Skyrim's Riften and hid in the temple for sanctuary. There the bounty hunter camped out for days waiting for her to come out. He was said he never slept once. He waited in a tree 24-7 for her to come out. The bounty hunter waited outside for about a week tiered, hungry, dehydrated, and annoyed. He finally prayed to the divines for forgiveness and he went inside. He stepped in and had his hand on his dagger. It was told that he killed all of the people in the temple. It was told... but it didn’t happen. He really went inside and saw the woman he was looking for. She was in an orange robe with an amulet of Mara around her neck. She joined the temple.
He took her out back and stood behind the building in the grave yard. He stepped behind her and drew his dagger and cut her bounds. She stood up and backed away. She said nothing, and neither did he. She ran. After that he was kicked out by the guild. He was shamed. He had to complete the job but he didn't. He brought shame to the Dark Brotherhood. They killed his family and burned down his house. He wanted revenge so he took an oath to Vaermina and asked for a weapon to kill all the members of the dark brotherhood in Gideon (black marsh city). He got a dagger with a blade ad white as snow, a hilt as red as blood, and an orange fabric tied around the hilt. But that’s not all he got. After the dagger appeared to him from the depth of Vaermina's plain of oblivion he had a curse put upon him he had the power to absorb someone’s fear and use it to kill his enemy's. He took the dagger and entered the sanctuary with the code fear my brother.
He went inside and found the first member. She ran toward him with sword drawn and he pulled out the dagger and pushed her blade up and grabbed her neck. He then opened his mouth and absorbed her fear. He let go of her and she fell to the ground. She looked down at herself and then started to scream and push off air like something was on her. "Get them off!!! Get them off!!!” She then pulled out her dagger and started to stab herself until she died. He did this to all the members and they all screamed and bled like a pig. And when he was all done he went to wipe the blade but it was still white with no blood on it to be seen. After that he claimed the inn in town to be his and he started up a guild there of his own. He prayed to Vaermina once more and she sent him 5 more weapons. A shield and sword, a staff, war hammer, and a bow and arrows. He gave them to his Generals. With these weapons they were unstoppable. Only the high council of the guild can use these weapons. We are the Aar Do Faas.

Fear nothing and make your enemies fear you...

I will only accept people who don't like to be dicks. No trolls! If you are rude to someone you will be kicked out! We go to play video games to have fun, meet new people, and be badasses! Be mature people! Mature people only. I want people who will take battles seriously, but when we are in the pub or inn they will have an awesome time! I will accept all fighting styles. You must have some Elder Scrolls playing history, and know the basic lore.

Join today!
Hey the only way we can do this is if we get allot of people to join so please do! I hope to see you all very soon. Please look in the tabs to see what I want you to do if you’re interested. Also tell your friends! Let’s get a lot of people for this.
There will also be an official website for the Aar Do Faas. I have not yet finished it yet but there will be one. It will be up hopefully in a couple of days. so look at it please. i work veary hard on it and i hope you will take your time to look at it. Please join! I know you won’t regret it.
Hi there. If you're reading this then you want to join! Well I thank you for that but you’re not in yet. You must give me some info about you before you join. Down below will be a template for you to fill out in the comment section below. I will look through them personally and message you back saying you can join. Then you just need to click the button at this page to join or whatever and I will accept you. I have a web site for us to have. I have started working on it and finished now. i hope you like it.


1) Name (Profile and if you want your real name):
2) First Elder Scroll game that you played:
3) All the Elder Scroll games you played in order from witch you originally played them:
4) Reason I should pick you:
5) Race:
6) Fighting style (main 2 if you have more than one):
7) Gender:


Oh and be honest. Thanks.
Have fun! Hope to see you out there!
1) Guild Master: Me.
2) Generals: An elite group of players who if they become more and more awesome and skilled will move up ranks and help me plan events for us to enjoy.
3) Champion
4) Fighter
5) Bloodger
6) Merc: just beginning, might not get allot of respect. Just another reason to gain rank.
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