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Aaxe Hraldsted

Started by Aaxe
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)

a player character created by AAXE Looking for potential art to go with this concept.

Character Information

Firstname - Aaxe
Surname - Hraldsted
Title - The Frost-fallen Sadomasochist
Sex - Female
Race - Nord Bosmer
Age - 25
Place of Birth: - Chorrol
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Faction - Ebonheart

Character Lifestyle

Affiliations: - Hraldsted Mill, Dark Brotherhood,

Current Residence: - Hraldsted Mill, The Rift

Primary Profession: - Mill-worker

Secondary Profession: - Contract Killer

Challenges for the Character - Joining the mass public, being present during an Aedric based ceremony without feeling like she is burning on the insides, and utilizing magic in a combative mannerism.

Birthsign - The Lover

Religious Views - Favors Daedra over the Aedra specifically, Hircine and Sithis. Despises Molag Bal and Sheogorath.

Politics Views - Does not much care for the politics of the world. She likes to keep to herself and her own some order of things. Yet, she does belive that the world is meant to have a certain balance of life and death that brings a well established order to the world.


Height: - 5' 11"

Build: - Through constantly working a life of hard work since the beginning of her short childhood has given her a body of a less feminine nature traded for a bodice with the strength considered on par of a bear. It makes it much too difficult to find clothing that fits correctly due to her size. Thus she has taken up just enough learning in making her own combinations to suit her own frame. Living out in the middle of nowhere cutting logs does not lend itself to much time to go and enjoy the pleasantries of the more feminine city girls she sometimes bawks at.

Eye Color: - Greenish Blue

Hair Color: - Golden Blonde

Distinguishing Features: - Aaxe's body is littered with numerous piercings most of her own doing but some have been altered from previous meaningful wounds into decorative body art. In an attempt to connect with the spirits of her own ancestors, she has taken her skin and transformed it into a picturesque recounting of heraldry, mixing the Bosmer heritage of her mother, Illyra a former Green Pact member, with her father's Nordic heritage, Throngvir a former member of the clandestine Cult of the Old Ways, a fervent religious order following the Faith of Alduin. Dragon's claws, wings, and fiery breath swirling alongside depictions of thorny vines, a bosmer consuming the flesh of a fallen enemy, and the walking trees of Falinesti.

Description: - Aaxe can be seen wearing during work hours at the mill a common threadbare blouse with woodcutting breeches with stains of wood sap mixed in with hard to make disappear dirt stains that have mixed with greases and oils used to lubricate the gears and pulleys. During her time off travelling the meadows she can be seen with a flower or two in her hair while wafting in the wind side to side enjoying the peaceful machinations of the land. This usually attracts a nearby passerby to join her in the travels until she bonks them in the head unsuspectingly. Upon which, she will promptly hoof the body over to a cave back behind the waterfall of the stream that powers the mill. Tying them up into cages whereby she will become dressed in black torturer's attire stolen off a former Imperial jailer coupled with placing a new piercing into her body or increasing the girth of the insertion incrementally per captive.

On occasion, she has much need of funding to help along the mill in times of economic hardships. This is easily remedied by fulfilling a few contracts every so often for the glory of Sithis through the Dark Brotherhood. It's so much fun watching a body slowly turned to mulch by the saw or feeding the hogs in the back pen as they munch on every bit of existence until there is no trace left of the victim. During these occasions she will don a combination of plated steel perfect for defense and black cloths shrouding the clanking of the steel mixed with red sashes in the perfect color for wiping away fresh blood camouflaging it away.

Character Background

Personality - Always changing and never the same for any occasion. Aaxe does, however, have one single constant in her personality. She wears it publicly. In work clothes, she is a take no bullshit hard-worker that will make you piss your pants because you happen to pick up the wrong tool the first day of your training on the job.

Social Background/Backstory - Running a mill is hard work. Having to do it at age sixteen by yourself is entirely another. Aaxe inherited the Hraldsted Mill on the day of the simultaneous death of both mother and father. Left behind as the only child with such an amount of work led her forward into a a life of seclusion while only visiting the townships rarely. Eventually, it became to much for her in the first few weeks that the livestock all died, the gardens wilted, and the fields stopped growing. Yet, the mill kept turning a small profit just barely enough to survive on almost rotten meat.

The taste was awful. To eat it over and over again without any kind of herbs became a terrible feat to accomplish. Thus she began to take up cooking and hunting other forms of delicacies. Soon she began to adamantly follow in the path of her mother's traditions with an enjoyment of inflicting pain onto others as well as joining her own self in the rituals of near death experiences, in which she believes to a way of absorbing the strength of another's soul into your own.

By the next growing season she had built a local legend of there being a cannibalistic killer in the Rift, among other things. Especially, since there were never any kinds of survivors nor any bodies that had been recovered.

On her eighteenth birthday, the Dark Brotherhood awoke her from her sleep to offer a path to Sithis. She accepted the offer without hesitation by merely shaking the recruiter's hand nodding in silence. Having this opportunity improved her life greatly in nearly all aspects. She soon had restored the mill to its former glory as the fields and livestock became fattened even more so because of the amount of readily available carcasses to feed the hogs' pen.

Life has not been much different once taking up the worship of Sithis. Each time she captures someone she attempts to see just how close to the void she can get by pushing herself into a near death experience. To this day she has been completely unsuccessful, even after attempting to hang herself in the middle of a patch of trees where she had been cut down by a guard of the Rift saving her from certain death. Aaxe became infuriated and killed the man instantly to repay Sithis for the life that was meant to be his.

Best Memory - The day her father placed a blue mountain flower into her blond hair as a child of eight years of age. Walking up slowly to pet the deer in the meadow up the path into the mountains towards the flower, that she will never forget. The Buck licking her in the face as a greeting, as if Hircine himself had placed it there on purpose. Followed by Aaxe brandishing a slow killing cut with the dagger along its neck slowly whispering to the creature as it sulked to the ground quietly without a single bellow in her grasp.

Worst Memory - The day that her stomach had become full at the age of sixteen. On her way home from the Riften market in search of seeds to feed the livestock in the fields that had been wiped out completely by the previous winter, the tool shed had collapsed onto both her parents as they were trying to repair the Northern wall falling prey to the harsh winds of the blizzard that blew up without notice. Practicing her mother's traditional ways of the Green Pact, she could not allow her parents flash to go to waste when she relinquished them of their crushed suffering with the same dagger felt by the buck all those years ago.

Character Skills & Abilities

Skills -
  • Languages - Common (Fluent)
  • Literacy - Common (Average)
  • Swordplay - Two-Handed Mace (Well-established)
  • Seduction - (Decent)
  • Pain Tolerance - (Extremely High Tolerance)
  • Lore: Physiology - Pressure Points (Master)
  • Lore: Physiology - Reflexes (Master)
  • Lore: Green Pact Traditions - Practices and Customs (Vigilant)
  • Lore: Religious Fervor - Worshiping through Infliction (Vigilant)
  • Physical Fitness - Endurance (High)
  • Physical Fitness - Health (High)
  • Arcane Power - Magicka (Low)
  • Arcane Power - Spell Force (Low)

  • Item1-
  • Item2-
  • Item3-descriptions

Thread Tracker

Other Musings
  • placeholder for things like art, music themes, and simply other stuff.
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
I've got to say that this is a very good bio. Well done.

Though what do you mean by "former member of the green pact?" the green pact is not a guild or organization, it is a pact between the Bosmer and Y'frre so that the Bosmer can remain in one permanent form. You cannot simply leave the green pact because it's the reason that Bosmer are bound to their single form and not what they used to be.

One other thing to note should be that never say your character is above average skill in anything (except for skills that won't be seen in-game like languages). If you say your character has extremely high endurance that's a lie because all characters will be starting with base statistics in-game.

The Kynaran Order
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Aldmeri Dominion
Great bio, I would just listen to what Knee said.

Member of the Twilight Seers of Aquilas Domini
Foriel Barkwing- Bosmer Archer
Hodlin Fire-Sword- Nord Warrior
Amaund Storm-Quencher- Breton Mage
Clan Member of the Bromlokiir
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Former, as in mortally dead. On Health, I was merely addressing the fact that she remains in good health (sickness, disease, and illnesses). On Endurance; having a quality work ethic with much efficiency at hard labor. These in this case do not refer to the Stat points found in the games.

This part of physical fitness can be found when actually roleplaying a character in game. They do not use stamina points or health, such as when cutting logs at a mill, blacksmithing, mining, potential of catching a disease.

The same can be said of the following AP-skills. The Magicka refers to an affinity for tapping into it. SF refers to the potential amount of control, forces, and successful chances of the casting.

TBH, any of those three STAT based traits are truly useless in an rp in which you treat everyone as if it were irl standards. It is hard to come back from a wound in which someone pulls your heart out regardless of healing magics attempted. Of course there is Resurrection or becoming a form of undead but, you will still be missing a vital organ. I believe there to be a stronger sense of 'Finality' in rp versus actual gaming though.
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