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Abecean Sea Trading Company [XBOX]
Abecean Sea Trading Company [XBOX]

Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Forevergamer87.
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About Abecean Sea Trading Company [XBOX]
(Company History)
Abecean Sea Trading Company was founded in 2E 292.Operating out of our home ports on the Summerset Isles,for years we traded,sold,and shipped goods as far east as Elsweyr to as far north as High Rock and Hammerfell,and even up the Niben River to the Imperial City.When war broke out between the Alliances,we allied with our Aldmeri Dominion and cut off ties with the provinces of the Daggerfall Covenant,Ebonheart Pact,and Cyrodiil.Now we continue to do business all across the Aldmeri
Dominion,equip and outfit it's armies,and aid in relief efforts of it's citizens.Due to the war,the company is expanding rapidly and more crafters,merchants,and traders are desperately needed.Please see the company CEO today!

(Guild Info)

We are mainly a crafting and trade guild but we are going to participate in weekly Social and Roleplaying events as well.Any guild member can have a position crafting and it's strongly urged that you do so! Either on our Guild Store,or the forums on our website,we will provide our crafters and merchants a solid foundation on selling their wares.Want to join just to buy and see what our master crafters have to offer? You're more than welcome to do so! We are open to all races and classes and as long as you're loyal to the Dominion and our Queen,you're welcome to join.Everyone will be accepted as long as we havent reached the member limit.We only have one requirement,no matter your age,please play with a mature and respectful attitude with others.Main purpose of the guild is to play ESO and have fun playing.All non-guild members who are interested in buying are urged to post on the appropriate forum section on our website for order requests,the forums will be open to all.Buyers please notethat at the time of your request,there's a chance of our crafters being unable to complete your order due to insufficient levels,unlearned traits and racial styles etc.This won't be a problem the bigger the guild grows.Anyone that's interested in joining,please reply below and visit our guild page via the link to fill out a brief appication

(What we have to offer)

A organized and friendly community!
Your voices heard! Everyone will have a equal voice within the guild
A constant growing market for crafters and merchants to sell their wares!
A chance to become well known within and outside the guild for your profession and for your gear!
Organized forums for crafters and merchants to post what they have for sale!
Organized forums for buyers to post their order requests which in turned will be picked up by our crafters!
Repeat business!

[Member Positions]

Craftsman-These members primary purpose for joining will be to craft.They buy and sell off the guild store and have access to the guild store and bank

Merchant-Simular to crafters,these members buy and sell also.They will also have access to the guild store

Consumer-These members sole purpose of joining is to buy items from our crafters,merchants,and traders.They will also have acess to the guild store.

(Guild Rules)
Respect and be loyal to our Queen
Respect your guild leader
Respect your fellow guild members
No racism and hate against other players
No sexism against other players
No threating and harrassing other players
No Libel and Slander against the Guild

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I would love to join your guild!!! My GT is Kin6 Ronaldo please add me!!!
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