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Absit Invidia

Started by Tarkil Indoril
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Ebonheart Pact
Absit is my attempt at a Byronic antihero, and I'm unsure how he’ll turn out. Feedback is encouraged.

"He knew himself a villain—but he deem'd
The rest no better than the thing he seem'd;
And scorn'd the best as hypocrites who hid
Those deeds the bolder spirit plainly did.
He knew himself detested, but he knew
The hearts that loath'd him, crouch'd and dreaded too.
Lone, wild, and strange, he stood alike exempt
From all affection and from all contempt" - Lord Byron

Name: Absit Invidia, or so he says.
Race: Imperial.
Gender: Male.
Age: 27.
Origin: Kvatch, Cyrodiil.
Height: 5' 9".
Weight: 171.
Birthsign: The Mage. "The Mage is a Guardian Constellation whose Season is Rain's Hand when magicka was first used by men. His Charges are the Apprentice, the Golem, and the Ritual. Those born under the Mage have more magicka and talent for all kinds of spellcasting, but are often arrogant and absent-minded."
Occupation: Spell-for-hire and pretend nobleman.
Religious point of view: "In all my suffering, not once has a supernatural creature, divine nor demonic, raised a finger to assist me in my times of need. I've come to the conclusion that they simply don't give a damn."
Political point of view: "I serve myself and myself alone, as no man, no mer, no beast, or anything otherwise will aid me."
Moral point of view: "Morality is simply the fallacies of modern civilizations given malignant voice and made binding vice."
Likes: "I respect those who are my equals. Wisdom, intelligence, and the strength to endure and do what needs to be done."
Dislikes: "I do not appreciate incompetence or stupidity, and I feel that using those with these traits to my own ends is justifiable."

(Face, Body, Stance)
Absit has the face of a pale well-bred nobleman; finely chiseled features, soft skin, and a smile that, while convincing, isn't entirely trustworthy. His blue-green eyes complement his light tan skin. His dark brown hair is usually kept short and well-kempt, but is often hidden under the hood of his robes. While his body is somewhat obscured by his robes, it is easy to see his is not a large man by most accounts. When listening or waiting, he often stands in a polite and practiced stance, eyes at attention with hands held in place behind his back.

He wears a rough set of well-worn but clean set of robes, colored in greyscale, the entirety of the cloth only being white, grey, or black. The robe is light, simple, and other than the unusual coloring, unremarkable in just about any way.

(Armaments & Utility)
He wields a thin but sturdy metallic staff topped with a black soul gem held in a white-silver receptacle at its head, enchanted with the ability to exhaust willpower. He does not often carry weapons on his person, preferring to rely on magic to accomplish his goals. If he is forced into melee combat, he'll use whatever is in reach.

Absit is a bitter cynic at heart, and although he is not a malicious person by nature, he is also not a freely-giving beneficiary. He is intelligent, educated, and perceptive, but also prone to arrogance and pointless rebellion. While usually introverted, Absit generally does not hesitate to speak his mind, whether it is the truth, a quip, or just what the other person wants to hear.

Absit is eloquent and persuasive, but has the capacity to be sardonically mocking and cruel. He often has an ulterior motive, and usually either deceives or allures to achieve his ends. He speaks very carefully, enunciating each word.

Absit is very goal-minded, and his thought process shows this. His long-term objectives weighing into consideration as much as the short-term. This is not to say that he is always the pragmatic, and he has been known to lose control whether in rage or misery.

He is both agile and adept in the magickal arts, using mysticism, illusion, and alteration to control mind and material in equal amounts. He prefers to stay hidden through the engagement, manipulating his foes from out of sight or maybe even from among their midst.

(Strengths & Weaknesses in Combat)
As an adaptive manipulator, he excels in taking down large groups of easily-controlled foes. He prefers to speak to his foes beforehand, sowing seeds of fear and anger amongst them, and then using a wide array of utility magick to destroy the chain of command. Due to this, he is not effective when fighting single or small groups of units, especially ones with anti-mage capabilities.

(2E556, Birth)
Born to a little-known and little-loved family of Imperials in the walls of Kvatch, unceremoniously thrust into the turbulent world which he would come to both respect and despise. At a young age it was clear that Absit was not destined for any great achievement nor any kind of nobility. He did not even have a craft to learn, his father being the town drunkard and petty thief. He always wanted something more, and was willing to do what it took to achieve his ends. As he aged he grew progressively more fascinated with magic, excited by the power it promised.

One night, staring into the night sky at the constellation which marked his birth, he came to the conclusion that he did not have to be what he believed he was destined to be; a poor petty thief whose aspirations simply led to the next meal. He wanted more. He felt he deserved more. He'd do anything for it, and so he did.

The next night he burglarized the town's magick emporium, stealing a few simple scrolls and books on learner's magick. The next week, more, replacing what he had read and taking new material as he went. He devoured the knowledge, having little else to dedicate his time. His studies grew less and less simple, growing in complexity and difficulty. But not without the occasional backfire, but only a few times did he cause permanent accidental damage.

On a now-routine heist to the shop he was confronted by the shop manager brandishing an imposing metal staff, an aged Altmer named Arasawye Dierri. He knew what the young Imperial had been doing, and demanded that he accept his rightful punishment. Absit was terrified, and in his fear summoned whatever knowledge he had into a single spell, one that would inspire fear in the heart of Herluin. Out of inexperience or panic, his the spell did not have the desired effect. The spell, playing on the Altmeri weakness to hostile magic, did not only cause fear but broke his mind. The Altmer sat in the corner, his imposing demeanor broken in a fit of abject terror.

Absit was not prepared for this. He grabbed whatever things he thought he'd find useful; spell tomes, large amounts of enchanted jewelry, soul gems, a small robe, and the staff that the Altmer had carried. He ran, leaving the only home he ever knew behind. He fled east, following the road signs to the Imperial City.

He sold a share of his ill-gotten adornments upon reaching the city, and purchased entrance into the Arcane University. He managed to pass initial tests, if only just. He never felt at home there, with all those people who held more power than he did, and so he threw himself at his lessons, striving to become better. Learn things that would give him an edge. It was an innocent pursuit, but it grew into so much more.

After he had learned all he could, all the instructors would allow, he left the Arcane University. Sold whatever stolen jewelry he had left save one necklace; a silver ornament, the pendant bearing the seal of Kvatch, a black outline of a wolf’s head on a white background. It was not much more than a shiny trinket, but it was what little he had left of his self-imposed exile. Staff in hand and pendant ‘round his throat.

Years passed. As he grew in strength and knowledge the less desirable points of his personality grew twofold. He became cynical, manipulative, ambitious. His aspirations and delusions of power unmatched began to consume him as he grew in strength. Time has yet to tell if he can be saved from himself, whether by self-discipline or by intervention.

This is how one meets Absit Invidia.

Focus: Illusion.
Major: Alteration, Unarmored, and Mysticism.
Minor: Destruction, Restoration, and Enchantment.

Aspiration: Ever since that fateful night as a child, Absit has always wanted more. More prestige, more wealth, more power. He knows the pointlessness of his pursuit, but cannot help but to try, even if he never feels pleasure from his victories.
Manipulation: Absit has an unconscious need to control those who surround him, and not having control can become increasingly irritating, like being off-balance. He’s used magic to ensure his dominance for so long, he relies on it like a crutch. He knows this weakness, and despises himself for it.

Cynicism: Being the unseen hand often leads you to believe that all others play by the same rules you do. Paranoia? Or just the nature of man? However accurate, he sees the worst in people more often than not.
Discipline: While he is usually reasonable, if not amiable, Absit is not completely in control of himself, much to his displeasure. He is prone to moments of anger, hopelessness, or depression after psychologically traumatic and exhausting events.
Ambition: Absit always has a goal, always a more advantageous position to hold, always a better place to be. He, on occasion, will lose focus of the here and now in the pursuit of the future.

•Absit is a rod monochromat. He is effectively fully colorblind, unable to distinguish colors in any form.
•Absit enchanted his Kvatch pendant many years ago to grant him increased willpower. He feels, true or no, that this clouds his opinion objective of himself and his abilities, furthering his drives and aspirations while silencing the thoughtful introspective parts of himself. When thinking deeply, he will usually take it off, even if only to look upon it once more and remind himself of where he came from, and where he must go.
•Absit is increasingly dependent upon the effects of his "calm" spell, and thus recasts it on himself when effects begin to wear off. If he cannot recast he begins to suffer withdrawals, in the form of instability, shaking, and proneness to panic.
•I plan to use a variety of spells not found in the Elder Scrolls games by using the novel Incident in Necrom as a guide:

“It's a surprisingly useful School,” whispered Massitha defensively. “You see, it's all concerned with magicka's ability to alter the perception of objects without changing their physical compositions. Removing sensual data, for example, to cast darkness or remove sound or smell from the air. It can help by--”-Massitha, "Incident in Necrom".

Doing things such as removing a creature’s ability to see or smell, making yourself appear like another, removing yourself from another’s sight all are seemingly viable examples of how this would be applicable. There are a plethora of fun spells that I just can’t wait to find uses for.
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