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Accursed Legion
Accursed Legion

Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by RugerRino.
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About Accursed Legion
As a member of the Accursed Legion you will have access to our enlistment programs which are designed to maximize your experience in The Elder Scrolls Online. These programs are divided into PvP and crafting, two separate groups that are also highly dependent on one another. Just as the Crafting Corps creates weapons, armor and rations for our PvP players, the Legion Army works to protect our crafters and keep their inventory stocked with ingredients. This is all made possible by the use of our Legion Points program. Members can earn Legion Points to spend on specially crafted items from our Crafting Corps.

Legion Points
The Legion Points program is the oil that makes our war machine run smoothly. There are a number of ways in which members can earn points. The point system is designed on a scale to reflect the value of in-game gold currency. As such, one way to earn them is to send unwanted weapons and armor to crafting leads, called Quartermasters, where in turn you will earn the gold value of the items in Legion Points. Anything other than weapons, armor or raw crafting materials are not accepted as trade and do not earn points.

Another way to earn points is by completing Scavenger Hunts. Quartermasters will post a list of ingredients and raw materials required to fill their stock. A bonus multiplier is added to the items on the Scavenger Hunt list. These items can be collected and sent in by the end of the week to receive the bonus points. Empty soul gems can also be borrowed by Quartermasters. You can fill them with grand souls and return them to earn points as well.

Participating in events will also earn you Legion Points. PvP events will be hosted a few times per week. When attended, squad members will be accounted for by their Captains who will relay the information to leadership. Those who participated for the full duration will earn bonus points. Other guild events, such as races or challenges, will be posted on the events calendar and will yield bonus points as described in each event.

Earned Legion Points can be spent on weapons, armor, upgrades and other items created personally by our Crafting Corps. Members can choose the type, style, trait and any other specification they would like for their ordered item. Members must message Quartermasters with their request and will be contacted as soon as possible. As the items are special order, the only way to determine an exact point cost is to create the item requested. However our Quartermasters will do their best to give an estimated cost up front. Once the item is crafted and sent to the player, that member will be deducted the point cost of the item.

The point cost of items crafted by our guild are designed to be at a 10% or greater discount than if you were to purchase that same item at an NPC vendor for gold. To fully disclose, the formula works as follows. The buy/sell ratio at NPC vendors in-game are 30:1 or higher, sometimes reaching 35:1. This means that you purchase items at 30 times the sell cost or more from the vendor. Our formula is set at a constant 27:1 ratio so that all items purchased for points are automatically at a 10% or greater discount than the NPC. On top of that, your item is specially crafted to your request, which is something you'd never find at the NPC store anyway. It's a sweet deal for the buyers, and allows us the flexibility to afford our members the bonus rewards that come with being a Legionnaire.

Accursed Army
The PvP fighting force of the Accursed Legion is made up of squads of 6-8 Legionnaires including a Captain. Generals are in command of 3-4 squads. PvP campaigns will be played in one month intervals, after which the game world will reset and we must again begin a new campaign.

At the beginning of a campaign we will hold our first PvP event, in which everyone who intends to enlist must show up at a chosen location in their designated time slots. Players will be divided into categories where Captains will have the opportunity to draft their squads. Once all squads are created it will be business as usual.

Two hour PvP campaign events will be held three times per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Each day will have multiple time slots to accommodate different players' availability. At each event, members will have the opportunity to earn a Service Medal which counts towards that member's ranking in the guild. Members will also earn a Legion Point bonus for participating in the event. Should a member choose to play multiple time slots of an event, they may earn bonus points for each participation, but only one Service Medal will be awarded per day.

At the beginning of each event, Captains will divvy out rations to their squad members. These rations can include provisions, potions and/or soul gems to be used during the event. We believe that in order to dominate the campaign we must all have an edge on our competition. The difference between winning and losing a siege battle could be a stomach full of food!

Squad members will work together under the direction of their Captain, who relays the orders handed down from his General; coordination is the key to success. As members earn Service Medals they will earn rank and eventually have the opportunity to become Captains themselves. Ten Service Medals will earn you a Medal of Honor and another rank. Earn the rank of Knight and you will have the option to be considered for a Captain position. At the risk of having "too many Chiefs and not enough Indians", our total Captain count will have to stay proportionate to our member count. To ensure this, Captains will be promoted as the need arises. Those eligible and wanting of the position will be selected by a vote of all leadership, including other Captains and Generals. Likewise, Generals will be promoted as needed and will be voted in by other Generals. A Captain must have earned 10 Medals of Honor to be considered for the position of General.

1. Grunt
2. Soldier
3. Warrior
4. Veteran
5. Gladiator
6. Champion
7. Knight
8. Captain
9. General
10. Alpha Dominus

Crafting Corps
At the heart of the Accursed Legion is a crafting system dedicated to providing our members with the best gear and resources. Once per week, the Scavenger Hunt materials collected for Legion Points will be used by the Crafting Corps to build these resources. Participants will be able to take advantage of free Inspiration Points by crafting items funded by the guild bank. Those items will be used in turn as rations and rewards for all members.

Those who wish to participate in the Crafting Corps can do so by joining crafting events on Sundays. At the event, members will be directed to the craft of their choice where the Quartermaster in charge of that trade will be handing out crafting orders. Members will be given materials and a list of items to create and return. Once the order is filled out, the member will receive a Trade Credit.

As members earn Trade Credits, they are working their way towards becoming a Trademaster. Upon obtaining this title, a member will earn the ability to post their personally crafted items for sale in our guild store. Trademasters however, unlike other members, are required to fill out weekly crafting orders as their higher skill level provides the greatest commodity for our resources.

1. No Griefing
While nobody is expected to be a role model citizen, it is important to make sure that everyone gets along at a functioning level. Occasional hazing or ball busting is expected, but remember that not everyone has the same personality or sense of humor. If you have a disagreement with another member it is to be brought up to your Captain. If the issue cannot be settled, you may be moved to another squad. If griefing continues, the offending member may be removed from the guild. If the issue is with your Captain you may report the problem to a General. Griefing by an officer is strictly prohibited and will result in removal from the guild.

2. No Stealing
The guild often trusts its members with merchandise, especially in the area of the Crafting Corps. Members who take materials or soul gems without returning crafted items or filled gems will be considered stealing from the guild. PvP rations taken at the beginning of events without having participated in the event will also be considered stolen. In either case, the result will be immediate removal from the guild.

3. No Cheating
We believe in a philosophy of fair game. There is plenty of fun to be had in playing a game the way it was intended. Therefore we expect our members to avoid using any and all cheats or exploits. Anyone found to have used third party exploits such as gold farming, etc. will be removed from the guild.
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Accursed Legion Comments
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Join us at
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I can write pages telling you why The Accursed Legion is in my eyes the best community on ESO (note I said community not guild or clan). Over two years ago I started a search for a guild to play ESO with I looked here in the US and over seas but found nothing that felt like a match. For me gaming is more than the game it is about friendships making the game more than a pic on a screen more than code, friendships give games souls. At the end of my search to the point of frustration a small guild leader emailed me from one of the sites with now hundreds of guilds, but his idea for ESO was what I was looking for so I joined (like most just to see what everyone was like). Not just to pull his chain but he has build the community like he wanted, now not so small but still personal our community focuses on RP, PVP PVE crafting and every thing in between. This community has, like any other, had its issues like when the game was delayed but built on more than just numbers we not only survived but we grew, we put in the time and made plans. The leaders have build friendships and when the time comes we are not just an army we are not just numbers we are a community with support for our members, unlike others we have no use for gold no use for power we put our members first and all we ask is play the game. We are The Accursed Legion a community of gamers.

If any of this sounds interesting check out our web site at or hit up one of us on Xbox

Xbox IDs DrunkBALLZOUTxx Guild Leader

Pearcev76 and me at RugerRino

we have other officers online IDs on the web site. We welcome questions and we have an open door policy
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The Accursed Legion, when I hear that I think support, why? I see it in the game, the need for different style gamers working on different aspects of the game, supporting each other to benefit the community as a whole by supporting the members and training, planning to WIN. What is the most important part of the game to you, what if I said you could play that way and as a member of The Accursed Legion we would support the other parts of the game. PVP gamers put your points to survivability toward your armor your weapons your fighting skills and when you need to upgrade your armor enchantments weapons need potions meals soulgems we will help you not just by helping you get those thing but by making you the best we can. If your a crafter we work the same for you we will help you do your crafts make sure you are getting the perks you need and the research goes on, even helping you get through the quest and dungeons buy supplying tanks to help you through the PVE sections.The plans are in the works the benefits are better than any other we have found from any other gaming community. Our Officers put members first, we are willing to take the time and work with any member one on one or in a group helping you build your character placing your points even trick and tip we have learned by playing the game on PC (We are a Xbox One Community). If any of this sounds like something you would be interested in please hit us up on XB1 (IDs listed below) or online at which pulls up on mobile or the Internet Explorer on your Xbox. We invite every member to add us as Friends on XB1 and the web site (plz note our website is how we are tracking members and how we are tracking benefits for our members)

DrunkBALLZOUTxx – Guild Leader
PearceV76 – Executive Officer
RugerRino – Crafting Officer
K1NG EMP – Tactics Officer
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