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AD EU - Healing and Alchemy Services

Started by Faer'veren
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Aldmeri Dominion
-Notices are handed to residents and travellers alike, delivered to homes and establishments and posted on the walls throughout Auridon. It is written in a neat script by an elegant hand, but the parchment is nothing too special.-

"The plague of Phaer has been cured, and doors are opened once more. East of the Mercenary Bunkhouse stands a humble shop and residence belonging to an Altmer known as "Kaetlyn Faer'veren" who is offering her healing services for any man or woman wounded, needing peace of mind or a warm place to rest, mer or not.

Blessed will you be if you seek services of alchemy supplies: potions, ingredients, salves or bandages will be offered for a small fee to all. Questions will not be asked regarding your business.

Appointments are not needed."

OOC: If you would like to roleplay regarding this, please add me in game @Faerveren or here.
The NPC house is "Volatosse's House" in Phaer, used as Kaetlyn's residence and shop.
I would love for this to take off, as I have seen similar such storylines progress beautifully. Please feel welcome to leave comments and (nice) criticism.

Thank you.
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